What To Do If Ipad Is Frozen On Apple

Causes and explanations

All possible causes can be attributed to two broad groups:

  • Errors and malfunctions of the software part (for example, the device freezes during the update);
  • Various physical damage to hardware.

In fact, the problem when the device boots up no further than an apple on the screen is a fairly common problem among service center customers. If your ipad 4 freezes when loading, when updating, reboots for no reason, then this is a clear reason to ask for help.

Software errors are software problems or conflicts between installed applications. As a rule, this occurs after installing applications or a poor-quality flashing. If the wizard identified exactly the problem in the software part, then you can fix the problems within half an hour.

The ipad does not turn off, the apple is on. This may be the result of defects or breakdowns in the tablet’s hardware. In this case, everything is much more complicated, and repair work is more expensive. Hardware damage can result from physical shock or moisture ingress. If the ipad mini freezes after getting into it, you do not need to turn on the device. The best way out is to turn it off immediately and take it to a service center to identify possible problems.

Solving the problem with the iPad freezing during overloads and malfunctions

At the first manifestation of the disease, you do not need to immediately contact the service center. Most iPad crashes are software related and can be easily fixed manually.

What to do if a premium gadget freezes and refuses to respond to touches and convulsive presses on all buttons at once? First of all, you need to calm down and give the iPad some time to “think it over”. This device will take 5-10 minutes. In most cases, it independently goes into normal operation.

You can force quit applications by pressing the “Power” key until the words “Turn off” and “Cancel” appear, then release the key and hold down the Home button for five seconds. After this procedure, applications are abnormally closed and the tablet displays the desktop.

If this option did not work, you should try to force restart the device by simultaneously pressing the “Home” and “Power” keys holding them in this position for 8-10 seconds. When the Apple logo appears, release the buttons and let the tablet boot.

Prevention is the best treatment

In order to never in the future wonder what to do if the ipad is frozen on an apple, the following rules must be observed:

  • First of all, install only licensed software on your device.
  • Also try to handle the tablet with care and effectively prevent moisture or possible physical damage.

Even the most popular tablet in the world is prone to crashes. It should be understood that Aypad is also a computer. This makes his “diseases” exact copies of the ailments of his older brothers.

Most often, iPad users are faced with the tablet freezing (it literally “hung on the apple”). This is an Apple branded logo that greets every tablet owner when they download it. What to do if the icon is not going to leave the screen?

The constant display of this fruit on the display is depressing for users. In this case, you should not rush to conclusions. There are several ways to get the gadget out of this unpleasant state. The main thing in this business is to figure out why exactly your Aypad “hung on an apple“.

What To Do If Ipad Is Frozen On Apple

Ipad freezes reasons:

  • The most common cause of an iPad freezing is a failure to update the firmware;
  • Incorrect installation of the application may be a good reason for contemplating the Apple logo on a dark background;
  • Software failure in the operating system (especially if it has been recently installed or updated);
  • Getting inside the gadget of dust, liquid or foreign bodies.

Solving the problem of the inability to turn on the tablet

What to do if iPad screen does not light up after repeated attempts to turn it on? Such a turn of affairs is much more serious than if the gadget simply hung “on the apple”, but this issue is completely resolved. Before you panic, you need to connect the iPad to a power source (USB connector) for ten minutes, then try to turn on the device again. The appearance of a red battery icon means a deep discharge of the device, which is completely removable.

The lack of reaction of the tablet to any of the listed options may mean a technical breakdown (it would be better if it just “hung on the apple”). The iPad is considered to be a very reliable device, and such cases are rare. Most often, liquid or foreign bodies get into the gadget through the connectors and inputs; short circuits are extremely rare with these tablets. If moisture gets inside the device, the gadget should be sent for repair as soon as possible. Only a master is able to clean the tracks (contacts) from oxides and replace the failed elements.

If you are faced with a situation where your beloved iPad does not turn on, the “apple” is on and off, do not rush to carry the device to the service center. There are several ways in which it is possible to restore the tablet to work at home.

What are the repair work?

It is impossible to determine what the defect of the hardware part is by eye, as well as to determine the cost of repair. This information will become known only after inspecting the tablet.

In some cases, it is necessary to restore the solder circuits, which will take, at best, several hours after the diagnosis and identification of the problem. If the malfunction is caused by the ingress of liquid into the housing, the operation involves rinsing the parts and then cleaning them from corrosion. Such repairs can take up to several days. There are also cases when the motherboard is completely unsuitable for further use. It is completely replaced. In any case, a prompt appeal to specialists is a good solution, which should not be delayed.

Reboot the device

Another way to restore any Apple smartphones, when the iPad does not turn on, the “apple” lights up and goes out “, is to reboot the device. This is done in three steps:

  • Press the Home and Sleep keys at the same time
  • Hold them for 10-15 minutes until the “apple” logo appears on the display
  • Wait for the tablet to reboot

This reboot method restores almost all Apple gadgets in case of any software failure. This method is often used after installing a tweak from Cydia or a jailbreak, after which the iPad freezes quite often.

Incorrect iOS update

Each IOS update, despite the assurances of the manufacturers, carries certain hidden threats. Of course, the most key errors are fixed in it, the speed of work is also significantly higher than in the previous version.

However, despite the fact that the overall performance of IOS has not changed much, many owners of Apple smartphones complain about its frequent freezes.

Possible reasons

There are many reasons why the iPhone freezes, and the most common reason for such a failure is a conflict between the program code of some application and a part of the active code of the device itself from Applee.

Than 90% of the time an iPhone freezes is due to a software bug. If the problem persists for a long time, or causes you inconvenience, you should contact a specialist. Such a nuisance in a short time can be eliminated by specialists.

Leave iPhone alone

In most hang-up situations, the communicator will automatically return from the hanging state and begin to work normally without delay. If this did not happen, or you urgently need to use the device, go to another method.

: iPhone is frozen

Ways to get an iPhone out of freezing

Despite all the advantages, sometimes an apple smartphone can freeze when too many programs are running at the same time. This is a difficulty that can take the most powerful laptop computers out of trousers, and even a smartphone. Even more so.

How to restart an iPhone if it freezes

Iphone is the most popular smartphone in the world. A huge number of the planet’s inhabitants literally rave about them. The demand for this electronic device is higher and higher every year. This is what determines the constant sales records of iPhones.

Due to the fact that the iPhone is a technically complex device, it is characterized by certain failures. There is nothing strange in this, since difficulties occur with almost any technique. The most common problem when using these smartphones is freezing, the reasons for which are many.

A slowdown or even freezing of an Apple product can happen in a variety of situations:

  • During phone calls;
  • When installing applications;
  • When moving file data, etc.

: IPhone appearance

Often the reason for freezes can be the replacement of the firmware, which can “not weakly” weird. Although installing the standard firmware version on this device may cause it to freeze. In short, the iPhone freezes and many of its owners simply have no idea what to do with it.

Basic signs of device freezing. Not responding to keystrokes, as well as touching the communicator’s sensor.

Dfu reset

This is an option for the most extreme case. It implies the complete removal of all user data. If your device contains valuable content that hasn’t been backed up, it’s best not to make hasty decisions.

The process runs in low-level recovery mode when the operating system does not boot. The transition to the DFU mode is performed on the device connected to the PC, according to the algorithms described above. The only difference is that you need to hold down the Home button or the volume key until iTunes informs you that the device is in recovery mode. In this state, the iPhone screen is completely black, nothing is displayed on it.

If the user knows for sure that a jailbreak, an installed tweak or other application is the cause of the hang, then this is the only way that can solve the problem.

There are situations when none of the above options helps. This means that the problem is hardware-based. You must contact a service center that specializes in the repair of Apple appliances.

How to deal with the situation

So, the owner has a panic: the iPhone is frozen, it does not turn on, what to do. This is the first question to which he wants to know the answer. Therefore, for a start, we offer effective ways to bring a smartphone into working condition.

Problems with iPhone: the device hangs on the apple and does not turn on

Apple technology is of high quality, everyone knows that. Nevertheless, she gets into trouble. Most often, people who are not ready to put up with the manufacturer’s restrictions and who use jailbreak, but sometimes even ordinary users. The most common problem is of the following nature: The iPhone hangs on the apple and does not turn on. Today we’ll talk about what to do and why such a phenomenon occurs.

Force reboot

This is one of the most effective methods for getting out of a frozen state in most cases. We advise you to start resuscitation with him.

Here the algorithm depends on the device model.

  • If you have an earlier version of a popular smartphone, up to and including iPhone 6, then to initiate a forced reboot, you must simultaneously press the power button and Home (home). Hold the buttons for a few seconds until the gadget goes into reboot mode.
  • If the newer iPhone model hangs on the apple and does not turn on, then the algorithm of actions is the same, but other keys will be functional. Here you need to hold down the power button and the volume rocker to decrease the sound.

If everything is done correctly and the device reacted correctly to the start of the forced reboot, then the screen will first go out completely, and then it will show the logo again and the process will start over.

Recovery Mode. Recovery mode

If the first method did not work and the gadget did not recover, it is worth trying the recovery mode. Usually it is used when it is necessary to reinstall the current OS while preserving the user’s content located on the device. Feel free to use this opportunity to reanimate a frozen device. Even if there are data that is not synchronized with the cloud storage on it, they will be completely safe.

First, run iTunese on your computer, make sure you have the latest software, and enable recovery mode on your device. The smartphone model should also be considered here.

  • If the iPhone 7 is frozen, it does not turn on (the same applies to later versions of the gadget), then it is necessary, as in the previous scenario: press and hold the power button and the volume control in the direction of decreasing the sound. As soon as the device turns off, hold down the volume button again and while holding it, connect the device via a USB cable to the computer. Make sure the iTunes logo lights up on the screen and the cable appears. This signals that the connection was successful.
  • If the problem arose in an early model or the iPhone 6 freezes and does not turn on, then the algorithm of actions will be slightly different. We press and hold the “Home” and “Power” buttons, wait for the shutdown. Press “Home” again, hold and connect the USB cable already connected to the PC. We are waiting for the logo to appear on the screen and a notification about the detection of the device in the working window of the program.

After pairing with the device, the program will ask what task should be performed in the current situation. In addition, the software will give recommendations on the choice. We press the “Update” command and wait for the process to complete. As a result, the smartphone should return to working condition.

Possible reasons for freezing

Only a service center can accurately diagnose the cause of the failure of the iPhone. But we bring to your attention a list of the most common problems for which things do not move beyond a black screen with a corporate logo.

The faults are of both hardware and software nature:

  • Failed to update the operating system. At the moment of updating the firmware version, the script is executed incorrectly and the smartphone stops running iOS.
  • This is often the case for jailbreak users. After installing another tweak, a device restart is required, which ends up freezing on the logo.
  • If the iPhone has been disassembled, then the cause may be a breakdown of the power button.
  • Problems when charging the device (possible power surges), breakdown of the controller responsible for the process, problems with the battery. The latter is typical for smartphones that are often subject to falls.
  • Screen freeze due to situational software error.
  • Problems with the motherboard. Usually, in this case, a complete freeze is preceded by short episodes, when the repeated shutdown of the device saves.
  • Memory failure. The storage chip needs to be checked.

These are all common reasons why an iPhone hangs on an apple and won’t turn on. The article contains the most effective methods of correcting the situation, unless it is of a hardware nature. We are waiting for everyone who still has questions in the comments. Share the article and stay with us.

What to do if the iPhone 11 does not turn on, the apple is on and off?

Smartphones have firmly entered the life of a modern person, we spend the whole day, periodically or for a long time looking at the screen of our iPhone. All information is loaded into the phone and is continuously used by us. Images, audio and recordings, contacts, text and voice messages, documents. All this is “securely” stored in our iPhone, with which we are inseparable. But if one system failure occurs, and all data is inaccessible, and even at risk of loss. What to do and where to run, if the iPhone does not turn on, the “apple” lights up on the screen, and then it turns off? In this article, we will look at the main reasons for the iPhone freezing on the Apple logo during boot, so that later you can avoid repeating this situation, and also offer top 3 ways to get out of it.

General way to solve iphone 11 stuck on apple

Next, we will consider each of these methods individually, so that you can choose the one that suits you.

Method 2. Update or Restore iPhone 11 via iTunes.

Using this method may delete data on your phone, so back up your iPhone if possible. If this is not possible at the moment, after restoring the phone, you can use only the last created backup, new files will be irretrievably lost. Before starting work, make sure that you have the latest version of the program installed. To update or restore iPhone using iTunes, follow the steps below.

Step 1. Launch iTunes on your computer. Connect USB cable to PC, but don’t connect iPhone itself yet.

Step 2. Put your iPhone into recovery mode. The methods will vary slightly depending on the model. Let’s consider each of them.

Iphone 8 or later: Hold down the side button and one of the volume buttons and wait for the Power off slider to appear on the screen. Move the slider to turn off your phone. While holding down the side button, connect your iPhone to the pre-connected USB cable. Do not release the side button until the recovery mode screen lights up.

Iphone 7 and 7 Plus: Hold down the side / top button of the device and wait until the Power off slider appears. Move the slider to turn off your phone. While holding down the volume down button, connect the iPhone to the pre-connected USB cable. Do not release the volume down button until the recovery mode screen lights up.

Iphone 6s or earlier: Hold down the Side / Top button and wait until the Power Off slider appears. Move the slider to turn off your phone. While holding down the Home button, connect your iPhone to the pre-connected USB cable. Do not release the Home button until the recovery mode screen lights up.

Step 3. After successfully putting the iPhone into recovery mode, wait until the device displays an offer to restore or update iPhone. Select the Update option to reinstall the operating system and save your phone data. If this option did not work, repeat the previous steps, and then select the “Restore” option. In this case, files and settings will be erased, and the iPhone itself after restarting will need to be restored from a previously created backup or set up as a new one.

If the above methods failed to help, and you do not know what to do if the iPhone does not turn on, but the “apple” hangs, then we offer you the easiest and most effective way to solve this problem.

Why the iPhone 11 won’t turn on the apple is burning?

First, let’s analyze the possible reasons why the iPhone 11 does not turn on, and the “apple” is on the screen.

If the iPhone does not turn on, and at the same time the “apple” is lit on the screen and goes out, then, perhaps, the reason lies in the lack of battery power. To check this version, connect your phone to the charger and after a while try to turn on the iPhone again.

There is a power problem

If, while connecting the device to the charger, there was a power outage, a power surge, then this can cause device errors and cause the iPhone to hang on the “apple”.

Damaged power button

Sometimes during an “unauthorized” disassembly of the iPhone (by yourself, and not in a service center), some parts break down, in particular, the phone’s power button. Then the user may notice that the iPhone is rebooting on the “apple” or the “apple” is on on the iPhone, but it does not turn on. In this case, it is better to contact the service center for diagnostics and replacement of the part.

Damaged motherboard

In this case, the device may still work, but over time, the apple logo will appear on the screen more often, and will soon freeze on it, finally losing its functionality.

There is not enough free space on the phone

During the installation of updates on the iPhone, there may not be enough space available, then the restart cannot be carried out and the phone freezes at the logo.

If the reason is still not in the battery, and mechanical damage has nothing to do with it, you can try to solve this problem yourself. Undoubtedly, you can immediately contact the Apple service center in your city to repair your phone. However, this will most likely delete all of your iPhone’s data, so be sure to back up all files in your device beforehand. If you decide to fix the problem on your own. By choosing one of the methods outlined in this article, you can save both time and money, and also keep your device data safe and sound. So, there are several main ways to solve the problem “iPhone 11 is frozen on the” apple “.

Method 1. Hard (forced) restart of the device.

The first thing to try whenever your iPhone crashes is to reboot your phone. If it is not possible to restart the iPhone in the standard way, then you should use the special keyboard shortcuts of the device to force restart the phone. Depending on the model, the methods for hard resetting your iPhone are slightly different. Let’s consider each of them.

    To restart iPhone 11, X, XS, XR, 8, and 8 Plus:

Step 1. Quickly press and release the volume up button.

Step 2. Repeat this procedure for the volume down button.

Step 3. Press the side button until the Apple logo appears on the phone screen.

To restart iPhone 7:

Step 1. Press the side button and the volume down button at the same time.

Step 2. Hold the buttons until the Apple logo appears on the phone screen.

To restart iPhone 6s and 6:

Step 1. Press the side button and the Home button at the same time.

Step 2. Hold the buttons until the Apple logo appears on the phone screen.

To reset iPhone SE, 5s and earlier:

Step 1. Press the top button and the Home button at the same time.

Step 2. Hold the buttons until the Apple logo appears on the phone screen.

If restarting the device did not help, the “apple” is still on on the iPhone, and it does not turn on, you can try updating the operating system of the device or restoring it to factory settings using iTunes, which is available to every user of “apple” products.

What to do if iPhone stuck on Apple logo

Tenorshare’s ReiBoot is a dedicated application designed to fix any operating system error or glitch on iOS devices. The unique advantage of the program is the minimum effort from the user: you just need to make a couple of clicks of the computer and the seemingly insoluble problem will already be eliminated from your iPhone.

So, let’s look at the very few clicks that you need to make in this program. First of all, download the program from the official Tenorshare website and install it on your computer. Next follow these steps.

Step 1 Run the utility on your PC. Connect iPhone to computer with USB cable and unlock it.

Step 2 In the program window, select the “Enter recovery mode” option. Wait until the iTunes icon appears on the screen of your iPhone.

Step 3 After that, in the program window, click on the option “Exit recovery mode” that has become available. After that, your iPhone will be rebooted normally and available for use.

As you can see, the instruction is extremely simple and does not require any special knowledge or special efforts. At the same time, the result cannot but please. 100% return of iPhone functionality in a matter of minutes. However, in addition to this function, the program has a number of other features that may interest you and encourage you to have this utility in your “desktop” programs.

  • The program supports all iOS devices: iPhone, iPad, iPod, including recently released models such as iPhone 11.
  • The utility is compatible with all versions of iOS, on a computer it works with both Windows and Mac.
  • Can be used to fix a wide variety of iOS system crashes and errors: over 50 different system bugs in total.
  • A unique feature of the utility is the ability to fix the device’s system without losing the data stored on it. An indispensable feature in a situation where it is impossible to make a backup.
  • In addition to updating the system, the program allows the reverse operation. Downgrade system, just as quickly and efficiently.
  • The program can also help in case of problems with tvOS.
  • User-friendly interface, ease of use, tips accompanying the user in the process make the use of the utility pleasant and comfortable.
  • The availability of the program installation in Russian expands the circle of potential users.

Update 2020-05-21 / Update for iPhone 11


Perhaps the error is caused by problems with the hardware. The most common:

  • Contacts are oxidized or motherboard loops come off
  • The USB port is faulty or there was a banal “bite” of the cable
  • Broken power button
  • The battery is worn out
  • Storage Chip Issues.

Experience shows that the main reason for multiple reboots is a short circuit caused by moisture getting inside the phone.

Software FAULTS

The reasons may be system failures or software errors, namely:

  • Using Jailbreak on your phone. In this case, the gadget is susceptible to virus attacks
  • Incorrect IOS updates, software reinstallation, defender programs
  • Any third-party device that gains access to the functions of the kernels carries a potential danger to the device. This can happen, for example, when connecting an iPhone to a computer
  • At the moment the device is turned on, the system scans the health of the hardware components and, if some elements do not respond. The launch stops, and the “bitten” apple freezes on the screen.
  • What to do? Try Hard Reset. Hard reboot. To do this, hold down the Home button and the power button for a few seconds. Spinning gears should appear on the screen, which indicate that the process of rolling back the system to the factory settings has begun. It helps in 90% of cases. However, you should be aware that after a forced reboot, all your personal files will be permanently erased.

    If after Hard Reset no changes have occurred, then the problem is deeper, more serious. You need to take the iPhone for free diagnostics to the Help-My-Gadget service center. Our experts will troubleshoot and fix any Apple device.

    What to do if iPhone is frozen on apple

    Quite often, the owners of Apple gadgets are faced with the following problem: the iPhone does not turn on beyond the apple logo. What does this mean? The device signals to you that a serious error has occurred in the system, which the “brains” of the gadget cannot solve on their own. Most likely, the owner of the phone will have to contact an authorized service center Help-My-Gadget. Professional iPhone repair. Call 7 (495) 725-81-97.

    What causes the iPhone to hang on the “apple”? Below are all possible options that can lead to an “eternal reboot”.

    Repair TIME

    The work is carried out by masters with great practice (experience of 5 years), who have undergone special training at Apple. We will carry out free diagnostics as quickly as possible and eliminate the identified problems. In our service center, the price of an iPhone repair is one of the most affordable in the capital. We use exclusively original components. Warranty for work and spare parts. 3 months.

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