What to do if I forgot Pin phone code

How to unlock Android if you forgot the graphic key

Being active, this function automatically removes the lock from the screen when at least one of the conditions you specified is met. For example, if the device is at your home or is connected to it via Bluetooth another device.

Perhaps you have set Smart Lock earlier, but forgot about it. In this case, remember the given condition and fulfill it. For example, if you have entered one of the Bluetooth devices in the list of entrusted to your smartphone, turn on the wireless module for both. When the connection occurs, the phone can be unlocked without entering a pin code, password or key.

If Smart Lock has not been configured in advance or you cannot fulfill a given condition, then this method is not suitable.

Go around protection using the Google account

Some devices with old versions of Android (up to 5.0 lollipop) allow to bypass the screen lock using the Google account. But for this, the device must be connected to the network. To check if your smartphone supports this method, enter any password, pin code or graphic key five times.

After five incorrect attempts to enter the screen, the inscription “forgot the password should appear?”Or a similar hint. Click on this inscription and enter the login and password from the Google account, which is the main on your smartphone. After a successful entrance, you can specify a new password or configure another method for blocking the screen.

If you also forgot the password from the Google account, try to restore access to it using the special service of the company.

Use the service from the smartphone manufacturer

Some brands offer the owners of their devices additional unlock tools. For example, Samsung has a Find My Mobile service, with which you can delete a graphic key, a pin code, a password, and even a fingerprint. To do this, your device must be attached to the Samsung account, support the service and be online.

To find out if there are such services for your model, look for this information in the instructions or on the official website of the manufacturer.

Reset the device to factory settings

If other options do not give a result, it remains to return the factory settings. This will lead to the loss of all data, copies of which are not preserved in the Google account and other cloud services. But you can remove the protection from the screen.

Turn off the smartphone and take out the memory card if it was inside. Then try these key combinations in turn until one of them works (you need to press all the buttons and hold them for about 10-15 seconds):

  • Volume reduction key button;
  • Volume.Volume key power button;
  • Volume reduction key button “Home” key button;
  • The volume.Volume control key of the volume enlargement button button.

When the service menu appears on the display, select the Recovery item, and then the Wipe Data / Factory Reset command. If none of the key combinations work or you will see the necessary commands on the menu, look for the reset instructions specifically for your device model.

After that, the smartphone should return to the factory settings within a few minutes. The device can request a login and password from the previously connected Google account, but you will not need to unlock the screen anymore. After entering the old account, the system will restore the settings and data synchronized with it.

All the above.Based methods are suitable not only for smartphones, but also for tablets on Android.

What to do if you forgot the password?

The password installed on the phone can be useful in a variety of situations. He will save from randomly unlocking the phone in a bag or. Protect against excessive curiosity of friends or colleagues, and at the same time save your personal data when the device is theft. And all this, of course, is wonderful. That’s just what to do if you yourself forgot the password?

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In fact, nothing terrible in this case will happen. After you bring the wrong password five times in a row, the smartphone will ask you to wait 30 seconds before the next attempt. Then he will offer a choice of two options. Either try to enter the password again, or drop it.

Click on the button “Forgot the combination?”Or” Forgotten password “. The system will offer you to enter the Google account data, to which this device is connected. That is, the data that you entered during the initial setting of the phone.

Enter the login in the first line (usually it is a mailbox on Gmail.Com, but there may be another mail), pick up the password in the second line. Please note that here you need to enter exactly the password from the Google account, and not the PIN code for unlocking the smartphone.

If you forgot the password from your Google account or cannot remember what mail is a login, then try to use the password restoration page on the company’s official website.

Correct blocking of the smartphone

What does the correct blocking mean? It should be simple and effective. The PIN code is considered one of the most reliable in terms of security, although you can also argue with this. Nevertheless, such lock is used very often and is offered by all manufacturers without exception. And the smartphone can be creep like this:

  • Enter the settings.
  • Open the “Safety” section, find the screen lock tab.
  • Choose PIN. Come up with a number (must contain at least four digits), then enter and confirm.

Everything is very simple, it is only important to abandon the trite of simple numbers: the date of birth, marriage, the number of the car, as well as any others known for the wide environment. This is the only way to guarantee at least some safety.

How to remove locking from a phone or tablet, if I have already tried everything

What to do if I forgot the password on the phone and not one of the listed options has worked?

Reset to factory settings

Even an inexperienced phone user can reset to factory settings. Over, all established programs will be deleted. The general algorithm of action was described earlier. There is no universal instruction, since on each model of the device the discharge is carried out in different ways. The process itself takes 5 minutes.

Reflagging the phone

If the reset could not be carried out, then you will have to reflash the phone, that is, change the operating system. This is a more complex process, so it is better to give the device to the service center.

Galaxy A02s / A02: Forgot Password? Can’t Factory Reset? WATCH THIS!

Deleting system files “Gesture.Key “and” Password.Key “

On devices with ROOT laws, you can delete system files responsible for unlocking the screen and password changing. For work, you will need to download the archive of the AROMA manager. Reload the device and go to the Recovery menu, holding three buttons volume home for home. In the “CWM Recovery” menu, select “Install Zip”.

Click “Choose Zip from Last Install Folder” to view all the latest archives and find files by the AROMA manager.

Open the file manager. Enter the path “/Data/System/” and delete the files: “Gesture.Key “,” Password.Key “,” Locksettings.DB “,” Locksettings.DB-Wal “,” Locksettings.DB-SHM “.

Reload the device. The password will be reset.

Through TWRP Recovery

Teamwin Recovery Project is a modified Android recovery application. Its functionality is wider in comparison with the official application to restore the system. Therefore, on many devices, the program is installed simultaneously with the official application. TWRP allows you to change the firmware, correct systemic errors, discharge data, clean the cache and perform other system tasks. In this case, user files remain unchanged.

Clean the internal memory using Fastboot

Fastboot is an instrument designed for flashing sections. It is intended for quick update in without data recovery mode. It is also used to solve a number of system problems, including unlocking the phone. It is necessary to connect the device to the PC via USB and start the “Fastboot” mode. A program will appear on the PC to perform command tasks. If this does not happen, then the selected phone model does not support Fastboot mode.

We remove the password on phones with MTK processor

The apparatus with the MTK chip should be redesigned using the SP Flash Tool application. This program allows you to install recovery without cleaning the partitions. You can also use TWRP or CWM utility to delete Locksettings files.DB “,” Locksettings.DB-Wal and Locksettings.DB-SHM “. This process was described in more detail earlier.

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PIN, or personal identification number, is a digital code used to prevent unauthorized access to the device. It significantly increases the safety of the user data placed on the gadget. But it has to be introduced every time you need to open a smartphone or tablet. This is not quite convenient, in addition, a set of numbers must be constantly kept in memory, which can fail. In such cases, users are looking for options on how to remove the PIN code from Android.

Face to face with a problem

This is what you are faced with: they want a PIN code from you, but you forgot it (as we assume).

forgot, phone, code

The first thing you need to do is turn off the phone. When it is completely turned off, you start the recovery mode by holding a combination of physical keys. Turning on and increasing volume.

In the case of Samsung Galaxy S6, you need to clamp the power buttons, volume and home. If a conventional combination does not work for your device, google. On this subject there are instructions on the network for almost any device. Once in the recovery menu, use the buttons of increasing and decreasing volume for navigation and select Wipe Data/Factory Reset (highlighted in the picture). Confirm the choice button.

Unlocking the phone using the Internet connection.

This method of unlocking the smartphone screen is also associated using the Google account. The main thing is not only to enter the correct data for entering the account, but also to provide access to the Internet.

How to bypass or rest, unlock a password on a Samsung Galaxy s2, s3, s4

  • Reload the device.
  • After turning on, the “curtain” at the top of the display will appear. Expand it.
  • Tap “Mobile Data” or “Wi-Fi” button.

If the “curtain” does not work out, you can use the system code to provide connection using Wi-Fi:

  • Click on the “Emergency Call” button (it is on the lock screen).
  • Enter the command: ###.
  • Grive the Service Tests/ Service Provider tab.
  • Next. “Wlan”.
  • Follow Wi-Fi.

Reference: If there is no way to access Wi-Fi, you can insert a SIM card with a working Internet connection and enter the Google account.

Other ways to restore password on the phone

There are other options on how to remove the lock from the phone if the pin and the graphic pattern are lost.

Delete a graphic key

Previously, the existing key is discarded in the Android system and then will not be used when unlocking.

  • Adb Run. Installed on PC. Then a mobile device is connected to it via a USB cord. Next, having launched the program, you need to select “Unlock Gesture Key”. “Metod 1”. Then the graphic code will be removed from the Data / System folder. If you select “Metod 2”. It will drop after deleting “System.DB.””
  • Aroma File Manager. Here the graphic key must be removed by transferring the program to the device integration.

Upon completion of the procedure, you can remove the programs from the computer.

The ADB Run Inte Wee is not a beauty

Dissolve the phone

The method works if, instead of Pin, the owner used a graphic pattern. We must wait for a warning about the minimum charge level. Then clicking on a pop.Up window, open power control. It is located in the “Settings” menu, where there will be “safety”.

Then just change the key or completely delete it.

Does not work on all smartphones and versions of the operating system

Through the “emergency call” function

This technique is mainly effective with Sony devices. Step-by-step instruction:

  • Turn on the lock screen and click on the Emergency Call button below.
  • A line for recruiting a number will open. Enter there: “###”. In the menu that appears, select “Service Tests”. “Wlan”.
  • Will connect to the network and restore access to your account in a standard way.

It is recommended to change the method of identification for fingerprint. Instead of a set of numbers or drawing symbols, it will be enough to attach a finger to the specified area of ​​the screen. Reading the print will take a couple of seconds, and an outsider can no longer gain access.

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Using TWRP

Allows you to delete a forgotten password and drawing, leaving personal data as whole. You should download the TWRP application on the phone, then through the file manager to remove the “locks”. Without access to the settings menu, this will turn out on:

  • Chinese mobile devices with MediaTek processors that are stitched through SP Flash Tool.
  • Samsung models flashed with the ODIN program.
  • Other models flashed with Fastboot.

TWRP serves as a recovery analogue. If it was able to load it to a locked device, you need to open the menu and select “Advanced” there:

TWRP service

The procedure is step by step

Open the Data / System catalog and remove the files (perhaps not all) from the list:

  • “Gatekeeper.Password.Key “(indicated as” Password.Key ”in the early Android. Versions);
  • “Gatekeeper.Pattern.Key “(indicated as” gesture.Key ”in the early Android. Versions);
  • “Locksettings.DB “;
  • “Locksettings.Db-wal “;
  • “Locksettings.DB-SHM “.

Having finished, select “Reboot System”. “Do Not Install” if there is no desire to install the official version of TWRP.

Delete data through “Find the device”

Google has developed a special utility “Find the device” that allows you to control the gadget remotely if it is lost / was stolen. The map displays the current location of the smartphone and in the list of available there is “Cleaning the device”.

For its implementation, the Internet should work on a blocked mobile phone.

Open a browser by link https: // www.Google.Com/Android/Find?U = 0. Log in, after which the main page will open and a mobile device belonging to the owner of the account will be shown there.

Search for a device using Google

Allow the system to use geodata by clicking on the “accept” button a pop.Up menu. On the right is a list of available actions:

  • Call. The smartphone will make a signal for 5 minutes even with the sound disconnected, helps to find the device at home or nearby if it is lost.
  • Configure the lock and delete data. Will reset data to factory (starting) settings.

It remains to confirm its decision and wait for the end of the procedure.


Universal method, triggers on all well.Known models of devices. The user deleys the existing OS and puts a new version. Naturally, personal data will also disappear. You will need authorization in the Google account.

For flashing at home, you will need:

  • Custom / global, depends on the established version;
  • USB cable;
  • Necessary drivers with OS;
  • Special skills and knowledge, otherwise the device will become a common piece of plastic.

Inexperienced users are better to entrust the procedure to a specialist if there is no knowledge about the correct sequence of actions or confidence as a result.

Service center

Extreme option if the previous ones did not work. The device should be relatively new, warranty and check survived.

It is worth visiting the service center, the address of which is indicated in the documents. Describe the problem, and the specialist will quickly solve it.

The service is paid, but personal data will be saved. In the absence of a check (the phone was taken for a long time) also visit any repair point of mobile devices. The master will need several minutes, after which he will help to change the identification method in the settings for another, in order to avoid a repetition of the situation.

It is best not to forget the graphic code

Appeal to a specialist in the phone service center.

Tried all the methods, but they did not bring the proper result? It is time to contact the master: to the service center or any proven workshop on establishing gadgets.

Perhaps this will take some time, and this is not free, but you can save all the data on your smartphone and avoid the risk of turning the electronic device into an “expensive brick”.

In this review, we have collected the most popular ways to unlock the phone screen if the owner forgot the password. For most smartphones, there will be enough of them. However, it is better to try to memorize your Pin codes and graphic signs, or write them down somewhere to prevent the occurrence of situations when you have to rack your head with how to unlock your mobile phone.

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