What The Icons Mean On The Phone Huawei

The icons on the Huawei screen indicate the process or result of any function of the smartphone. They do not appear and do not disappear just like that, but notify the user with a mobile device about the current state of the phone. There are basic ones available all the time, such as availability and network level, battery power, Internet connection. There are those that appear in the field above the desktop less often. NFC status, headphone operation, speedometer and others. Let’s see how they look and what they mean.

What The Icons Mean On The Phone Huawei

Icons on the top of the screen

Each picture has its own meaning and notifies the user about the activity or inactivity of certain processes of the Huawei Honor smartphone. Therefore, users need to know or keep on hand the status and description of each icon in order to be able to correctly interpret them. The most common and often used we have collected in the table:

Vowifi icon on Huawei screen.

Such a symbol indicates that the smartphone has identified an available Wi-Fi network in the location field and connected to it.

What is the Volte icon on Honor / Huawei phones

VoLTE is a godsend for those who value high-quality mobile communications anywhere. This is a technology from a mobile operator, which allows you to significantly increase the capacity of networks. If it is enabled in the settings, this is indicated by a corresponding icon on the status bar.

N icon (NFC)

The N (NFC) icon in the area above the desktop of the Huawei smartphone means that the option is active, and you have the opportunity to pay for purchases with the smartphone through the terminal.

Speedometer icon with arrow.

At the time of background use of the map application and driving along a car route, this is displayed on the display using the speedometer icon with an arrow.

Quick charge

A quick charge notification appears when the user activates this mode in the settings.

Dual charge icon

When the battery is fully charged, a double charging icon appears.


The front or main camera is active, but it works in the background.


The headset is connected to the corresponding jack. Sound is played through the headphones.

Access point

The phone has access to the Internet through an active access point.

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This icon indicates to the user that a timer or stopwatch is on.

Gallery icon

As a rule, the gallery does not appear in the status bar. But if the user has uploaded a snapshot from an external resource, a notification appears at the top that the file has been uploaded to the gallery.

Moon icon

Indicates the active silent mode. Notifications do not come and there is no vibration.

Boot icon

A pedometer that measures the number of steps taken and the total distance per day.

Labels on application icons

If a label appears on the application icon, it symbolizes that this software is involved in some process (saving, loading, archiving, deleting, etc.).

Internet icons

Icons on the top panel of Honor over the Internet: