What the handset icon on the iPhone means

What does the tube with an arrow on the iPhone mean. The tube with an arrow on the iPhone: what it means and how to remove

A handset icon with an arrow denotes call forwarding. It indicates an active call forwarding process.

Call Forwarding is redirecting incoming calls to another phone number or to Skype, Google Voice. This service is valid even if the phone is turned off. Used to protect against unwanted calls, as well as in the case of a complete discharge smartphone.

Screen appearance, buttons, navigation iPhone 4 (2/30)

In this video tutorial will be considered interace, buttons not navigation in the iPhone 4. our channel.

So. iOS is rich with icons that denote something. In this case, there are both intuitive to any person, and not quite exotic, characteristic only to the mobile operating system of the company Apple.

Updated! As I was rightly corrected in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, I had forgotten about the clock icon. So, these very clocks (located near the battery indicator), tell about one elementary fact. for you to wake up soon. And to sell, our client remains faithfully. is the alarm clock on your iPhone.

Drivers are alerted to the presence of malfunctions of various systems of the car by. It is not always possible to decipher the meaning of such illuminated icons intuitively, because not all motorists are well versed in cars. In addition, on different cars, the graphic designation of one and the same icon may be different. It is worth noting that not every light on the dashboard alerts only about a critical malfunction. Indication of illuminating lights under the icons is divided by color into 3 groups:

Red icons tell about the danger, and if any icon in this color lights up, you should pay attention to the signal of the onboard computer, to take measures to quickly troubleshoot. Sometimes they are not so critical, and to continue driving the car when such icon on the panel is lit, you can, and sometimes you should not.

The yellow lights alert you to a malfunction or the need to do something to operate the vehicle or service it.

The green lights of the designations inform about the service functions of the car and their activity.

Let us give you a list of the most frequently asked questions and decipher what the illuminated icon on the dashboard means.

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How to remove the handset icon with an arrow on your iPhone?

You may have turned it on by accident and wish of course you would have turned it off. I’ll help you with that, just follow the instructions:

    If we use GSM networks. If you don’t know what CDMA is, you probably use GSM. After all, this is the standard of mobile communication used by most smartphones.

In this case to turn off the forwarding just go to Settings. scroll down and find Phone. Forwarding. turn off the slider so that it stops glowing green. If we use CDMA networks. This is a little trickier. Usually such a standard does not even use a SIM card and most often such numbers are used for business.

To deactivate the call forwarding you will need to contact the operator, or find information of this kind on their official site. It’s just that each operator’s method is unique.

This is where we can end the article. After all, now you understand what the arrow tube means and how to get rid of it.

In the iPhone there are many features that most users are not even aware of. It is not uncommon that getting to know such hidden features starts after a user stumbles upon them by accident. For example, at the top of the iPhone screen users sometimes find an icon in the form of a tube with an arrow and not understanding what it means, go to search for an answer on the Internet.

The appearance of the screen, buttons, navigation iPhone 4 (2/30)

This video tutorial will discuss the interfaces, buttons not navigation in the iPhone 4. our channel.

So. iOS is rich with icons to signify anything. In this case, there are as intuitive to any person, and not quite exotic, typical only to mobile operating system from Apple.

Updated! As I was rightly corrected in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, I forgot about the icon depicting the clock. So, this same clock (located next to the battery indicator), says one elementary fact. for you to wake up soon. And sell, our client remains true. it is a clock on your iPhone.

Information icons

can light up differently, there are times when the “wrench car” icon, the “lock car” icon, or the exclamation point icon is lit. About all these designations in order:

When such an indicator lights up (the car with the key

), it informs about engine malfunctions (often a sensor failure) or the electronic part of the transmission. To find out the exact cause will need to produce.

Red lock machine light comes on

, means that there are problems in the operation of the regular anti-theft system and it will be impossible to start the car, but if this icon is blinking when the car stands closed, then everything is normal. the car is locked.

Yellow car indicator light with exclamation mark

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Notifies the driver of the car with a hybrid engine of a malfunction of the electric actuator. Resetting the error by removing the battery terminal will not solve the problem. you need diagnosis.

everyone is used to seeing the light on when some door or trunk lid is open, but if all the doors are closed and the light stays on for one or four doors, the problem is often in the door tamper switch (wire contacts).

Blinks when the Stability Control System detects a slippery road surface and activates to prevent wheels from spinning by reducing engine power and braking the slipping wheel. No need to worry in this situation. But when there is a key, triangle or crossed out skid icon near such indicator, it means that the stabilization system is defective.

Appears on the display when it is time to perform maintenance of the car. Is an information indicator and after the TO its.

Phone handset icon with a “Wi-Fi-ICON

The icon shows that the smartphone is in Wi-Fi Calling mode. It is a technology for talking on the phone, which uses the nearest network “Wi-Fi” instead of the usual cellular network, which is very convenient: in places where mobile communication is “lame”, the signal is picked up by the network “Wi-Fi”, to which your phone is connected. Thus, there are no interruptions in communication. you are not lost to the caller.

This technology was launched by MTS in 2021. Now almost all operators in Russia work with it. It is not charged additionally. you use your “native” tariffs.

Phone with “Wi-Fi” shows that Wi-Fi Calling is enabled on the device

On which phones this icon appears

Previously, Wi-Fi Calling was available only for Samsung (Galaxy S7, S7 edge and other models), now this standard can be used by owners of phones of such brands:

  • Apple iPhone 5c, 5s, 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus, SE, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, X.
  • Google Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL.
  • Nexus 5X, 6P.
  • Nokia 3, 5, 8.
  • Lumia 550, 650, 950, 950XL.
  • Sony Xperia XZ1, Xperia XZ1 Compact.
  • HTC 10, U11, U11 Life.
  • BlackBerry Priv, Dtek 50, Dtek 60, KEYone.
  • Huawei P10, P10 Lite, P10 Plus, P Smart, and some Alcatel, LG, Vivo, Honor models.

How do I disable Wi-Fi Calling?

To make the icon disappear, you will need to turn off the Wi-Fi Calling standard in the settings. How to do it on Android:

  • Go to the settings menu (the gear icon on one of the desktops).
  • In the block for wireless networks, click on “”
  • Look for Wi-Fi Calling in the list and use the toggle switch on the line to disable the option.

Tap on and turn off the corresponding item

The handset with an arrow on the iPhone. what is it?

The first thing. the main thing not to panic. There is nothing wrong with this icon, because its presence on the screen of your iPhone means that you have an active call forwarding.

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If anyone does not know, call forwarding is the ability to forward incoming calls to another number. For example, you can redirect your incoming calls to your other phone.

There are plenty of use cases: you have a dead phone and you know you’re not going to be able to charge it. Or maybe you just don’t want to carry two phones and simply redirect all calls to one.

How to remove the handset with an arrow?

The thing is that the icon shown in the status bar appears when you or your spouse have blocked screen rotation (changing screen orientation). That is, when you tilt the device, the orientation will not change from vertical to horizontal.


The problem may also be caused by the wrong settings in the operating system or BIOS.

Setting up the Wi-Fi on a laptop with Windows 7: connection via a router

To check whether the adapter is enabled in BIOS, you must restart the laptop and press the appropriate key to enter the menu (it varies from model to model, but more often is “num del”). In the “Configuration” section is the Wireless line, which is responsible for the status of the adapter. If it is turned off, you need to turn it on and save your changes with the F10 key.

If the system has stopped displaying the Wi-Fi icon on an old laptop that is still in 802 mode.11g, it is necessary to enter the settings of the router in the operating system and set the automatic mode of operation. In some cases settings may not be saved due to a system error, then you will have to delete the connection and create it again with a new parameter.

Such problem may be caused by the router not being able to connect to the selected ip-address. You will need to change the settings manually.

To do this, connect the cable and enter in the address bar “”, then press Enter. In the window that comes up, make sure that the router’s ability to connect two or more devices to it is turned on. You also need to make sure that the address to which the router connects is not blacklisted by Mac filter. If you cannot connect to the internet with the cable, you have to reset or reboot the router. For less experienced users, it is better to call your ISP and ask them to help reconfigure the router.

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