What Temperature Should The Water-Eared Turtle Have In The Aquarium

Water temperature for the Red-eared Turtle

Many people dream of having a red-eared turtle as an unpretentious pet, but before making the dream a reality, you should find out the basic requirements that must be met in order for a freshwater creature to feel great in a person’s home or office.

So, what you need to pay attention to:

  • What temperature regime of water to maintain in the aquarium?
  • How to create optimal conditions for keeping a turtle?
  • Rules for keeping the aquarium clean.

What is the optimum water temperature?

It is necessary to control the temperature of the water in the aquarium constantly and carefully. This is due to the following factors:

  • When the animal’s water temperature drops, the appetite disappears, the behavior becomes lethargic, and after that the immunity decreases, if measures are not taken in time, death may occur.
  • Too high temperature of the water leads to the fact that the pet will spend a lot of time on land, because it will feel uncomfortable in the water, as a result, its growth rate and activity will decrease.

To avoid the described problems, the temperature of the water in the aquarium must be kept within 22-28 degrees Celsius, the maximum temperature threshold is 30. An aquarium heater with a temperature adjustment function will help in this difficult and important thing. Additionally, you can install a temperature thermometer for water.

Remember, the optimal temperature regime is the key to health, vitality and activity of the turtle.

We create conditions for keeping a red-eared turtle

Let’s consider what conditions need to be created for the red-eared turtle so that it will please you for many years in a row. In captivity, with good care, this species of freshwater lives 30-40 years. The aquarium is selected taking into account at least 100 liters / per individual, the thickness of the water layer is not less than 40 centimeters. Turtles need both the aquatic environment and the land area (the climb to which should begin from the very bottom bottom), since they are lovers of soaking up the sun (and at home – in the ultraviolet rays – for the proper development of the turtle and as a disease prevention).

What Temperature Should The Water-Eared Turtle Have In The Aquarium

Keeping the water clean

In order to purify water from harmful organic substances, 30-40% of the water in the aquarium should be changed 1-2 times a week, since the habitat of the red-eared turtle is rather quickly polluted.

To slow down the process and the rate of water pollution, you can install a filter that is used for keeping aquarium fish.

Important: since the water temperature level must be constant, without sharp fluctuations, in order to avoid overcooling or overheating of the animal, replaceable water (30-40%) should be brought to the same temperature as in the aquarium. In addition, before changing part of the water at the place of keeping the pet, it is necessary to let it stand for 10 days and only then fill it into the aquarium.

If you are the lucky owner of a female red-eared turtle, and she has laid and buried eggs (her future offspring) in the soil of the aquarium, then the masonry will begin to mature only if the water is warmed up to 25 degrees Celsius and the temperature of the soil is at least 21. Temperature the body of the turtles is characterized by inconstancy – it can significantly exceed the temperature of water and air.

You should know that it is not advisable to let the red-eared bug go for a walk on the floor, as it can become sick from a draft. So, the factors that directly affect her state of health are proper care, optimal temperature and purity of the aquatic environment, so keeping such an unusual pet is a crucial process.

Water temperature for red-eared turtles. Rubella turtle at home

Many people dream of having a red-eared turtle, which comes from an American freshwater species. However, before you do this, you must carefully familiarize yourself with the basic requirements that must be met in order for the pet to feel good at home. The most important thing is the optimum water temperature for the red-eared turtles, proper care and maintenance. Now we will tell you in detail about how to create the necessary living conditions for a new pet.

What Temperature Should The Water-Eared Turtle Have In The Aquarium

Home Content

When buying a turtle, be prepared for the fact that you will need to take care of it for 30-40 years, because this is how many animals live in captivity on average. The first thing you should take care of is the equipment of the aquarium. Its volume should not be less than 100 liters for one turtle, if there are more, then the capacity should increase in direct proportion. It is necessary to acquire individuals of different sexes, but of the same age. With all this, you need to consider that they need both water and land, since it is there that they like to bask in the sun. Therefore, do not forget to arrange for your pets a small paradise island. By the way, the rise to land should begin from the very bottom of the aquarium. For proper development, you will need an ordinary incandescent lamp and ultraviolet. The second is necessary so that the turtle does not get sick and develops correctly. At first glance, it may seem that the red-eared turtle at home can cause you a lot of difficulties, but this is not entirely true, soon you will get used to everything.

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Proper nutrition

What Temperature Should The Water-Eared Turtle Have In The Aquarium

Optimum water temperature for red-eared turtles

How warm or cold the water is in the aquarium must be monitored very carefully. There are many reasons for this. At low temperatures, the animal will cease to eat, therefore, immunity will drop, the turtle will become lethargic, and if it continues this way, it may die at all. If the temperature is too high, there will be nothing good either. In this case, the animal will spend most of the time on land, as it will feel uncomfortable in the water. This is fraught with the fact that growth and activity will slow down significantly. In order to avoid all this, you need to maintain the temperature in the range of 22-28 degrees Celsius. Perhaps a slight deviation of up to 30 degrees, but no more. To do this, you must use an aquarium heater with the ability to adjust the temperature. This is one of the most important content requirements. Do not forget that only the optimum water temperature for the red-eared turtles will make the animal healthy and cheerful.

What Temperature Should The Water-Eared Turtle Have In The Aquarium

A little more about the temperature and purity of water

Remember to ensure that no harmful organic compounds form in the water. They appear due to pollution. For this simple reason, it is necessary to periodically change 30-40% of the water in the aquarium. It is advisable to do this at least once a week, but you can two. Although it is also not necessary to speed up this procedure, because every time the tortoise suffers stress. It is safe to say that these animals are not the most ambitious, so their habitat will be polluted quite quickly. To slow down the process at least a little, install a filter, for example, one that is used when keeping aquarium fish. Since the temperature of water for red-eared turtles should always be constant, when you add a certain part (30-40%), make sure that it is the same as the one in the aquarium. This is done so that the animal does not experience hypothermia or, conversely, excessive temperature.

How to choose the right aquaterrarium

What Temperature Should The Water-Eared Turtle Have In The Aquarium

Often, along with a turtle, fish, snails, etc. live in the aquarium. Therefore, the standard 100 liters will not be enough for us. To solve this issue, it is necessary to increase the space. It is not necessary to do this proportionally, especially if there is one turtle and the rest of the inhabitants. small fish. Although it is not recommended to keep fish and turtles together, as the latter are predators and can easily eat their neighbors. Do not forget that the thickness of the water layer should be at least 40 centimeters. This is done so that the shell is completely covered. A tank with a wide bottom is best. Do not forget that your turtle can escape. To prevent this, you need to close the aquarium with glass or a special cover with backlight.

How to equip a house of turtles?

After we figured out the temperature of the water and the size of the aquarium, everything needs to be properly set up there. To do this is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. First, create land. You can do this in several ways, for example, pour a small handful of special stones. It is desirable that there are no sharp edges, so the animal will not be able to get hurt. Another solution. install the glass at a slope of 45 degrees and stick it with a non-toxic sealant. Pour stones on the glass, and so that they do not roll down, make a special side. You also need to decide whether there will be live plants in the aquarium. In principle, everything that seems edible to the animal will be immediately consumed in the daily diet, the rest of the turtle will simply vomit. Part of the issue is decided by the purchase of ornamental plants or driftwood, which are securely attached to the bottom. If you do everything right, then keeping the red-eared turtles will not be a problem for you.

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Trachemys: how to care for and what to monitor?

We have already examined most of the information that, one way or another, relates to the care of this animal. But I would like to touch on a few more important points. First, soberly assess your capabilities. If you are not able to devote at least 10-20 minutes a day to your pet, then it is possible that you do not need to start it. But if you still decide, install a thermometer on the aquarium that will show how hot the water is. Of course, for this there is a regulator on the heater, but you do not need to rely entirely on electronics. More importantly, try periodically comparing photos of red-eared turtles that are considered healthy with your pet. This will tell you a lot. Sometimes the carapace begins to horn and grow. Many grab a stiff brush and begin to rub the turtle to a shine, which is absolutely impossible. This will damage the surface, as a result of which the animal may lose its natural protection.

What Temperature Should The Water-Eared Turtle Have In The Aquarium

What to do when breeding turtles?

Despite the fact that these animals are rarely bred at home, anything happens, and you need to be prepared for this. Firstly, the bottom should be a small layer of soil, since it is there that the female bury her offspring. It is necessary to raise the minimum temperature threshold slightly. Water should be heated to 25 degrees Celsius. only in such conditions will the masonry ripen. You can use sand as a soil or mix it with something else. After the clutch appears, rush to move it to another place, since it is likely that the eggs will be damaged by adults. In a separate aquarium, it is necessary to maintain the temperature of the soil at least 21 degrees. Please note that the red-eared turtle, especially small, requires good nutrition. So you can significantly accelerate its development.


What Temperature Should The Water-Eared Turtle Have In The Aquarium

So we talked about who the red-eared turtle is, how to care for the pet, and what conditions need to be organized. If everything is done correctly, the animal will not be sick. For example, the content of red-eared turtles at low water temperatures is fraught with pneumonia. It is necessary to raise the degree to 28 or even 30 ° C. If the eyelids and eyes are swollen and turned red, then it is necessary to quickly put the individual into a separate aquarium. It would be preferable to be on land, you can only let it into the water for a few hours a day. Again, if you are a beginner, periodically review photos of the red-eared turtles, kept in optimal conditions, and compare them with your pets. So you can determine if everything is in order. But even with proper care, the carapace of the animal can become soft, resulting in peeling. In this case, it is recommended to give more varied food. You should also be aware that the turtle should not be allowed to walk on the floor, as it can get sick from a draft.

Well, that’s all that can be said about such a pet as the red-eared turtle. Care, water temperature, its purity and other factors directly affect its health, so you need to carefully approach the maintenance of such an unusual pet.

Optimum temperature in the aquarium for the Red-eared Turtle

Trachemis recently attracted us as pets. They are quite thermophilic because they are freshwater inhabitants of the American continent. Caring for them should be appropriate. This material tells about what temperature should be at the red-eared turtles in the aquarium.

The arrangement of the aquaterrarium

Despite the fact that this type of turtles usually gets to its owners at a tender age, do not underestimate their dimensions. An adult can reach a length of more than 30 centimeters. Therefore, it is worth taking care of her home in advance. You should purchase an aquarium with a volume of at least 150-200 liters. Do not forget about the zoning of the aquaterrarium – red-eared turtles need land because they breathe atmospheric air.

Land should occupy ¼ of the total area of ​​the aquarium. For convenience, lay out the appropriate gentle access to land with pebbles and fix them with glue. So the tortoise will be easier to get out of the water. However, do not put small gravel or sharp objects in the container, as this may damage the pet.

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Trachemys tortoise is a cold-blooded animal from the tropics, which needs warmth for normal life. Without a sufficient level, these representatives of the fauna can fall into long-term hibernation, which ultimately leads to their death. The optimum temperature in the aquarium for red-eared turtles is 26-28 ° C. If your lamp is not powerful enough, which cannot warm the entire thickness of the water to the desired temperature, then you should think about purchasing a special water heater.

The optimum temperature for the red-eared turtle and the correct displacement of the aquarium is not all that the owner needs to know about the care. Animals defecate in water, because pathogenic bacteria actively multiply in it. To prevent pet diseases, the installation of a powerful filter and weekly replacement of water in the aquarium with clean one is required. Before topping up fresh water it should be defended for several days.

Adult red-eared turtles need a mandatory dose of ultraviolet light to get the right dose of vitamin D3. In the summer months it is advisable to take them out into the sun, the rest of the time – to illuminate the aquarium with a special UV lamp.

Eating turtles

Of the natural food for red-eared turtles, these types of plants are suitable:

  • Aquarium plants – sagittaria, richia, duckweed, anacharis, spirohora, ludwigia, hornwort, edogonium, vallisneria, cerapopteris and others.
  • Tops of greens – carrots, plantain or dandelion.
  • Tree branches – willow or birch.
  • Indoor flowers – hibiscus, geranium, tradescantia.
  • Fresh vegetables and berries of red or yellow color – bell pepper, pumpkin, melon and others. The exceptions are tomatoes, pineapples, onions, cabbage, garlic, radish and beans.

Sometimes you can feed turtles with earthworms, gammarus (small crustaceans), daphnia, bloodworms, raw or boiled beef and fish, but make sure that the leftover food does not remain in the aquarium for more than an hour – this affects the quality of the water. With pleasure, such animals feast on squid, shrimp and cattle liver. Periodically please your pet with live food so that he can hunt. The creation of conditions close to the natural habitat has a positive effect on the activity of red-eared turtles.

what is the water temperature of turtles

It is strictly forbidden to feed animals with expired food of animal origin or cheap additives of dubious origin. When using frozen vegetables or meat for food, they should first be warmed up to room temperature.

Now you know what water temperature suits turtles, what they eat and how to properly equip their home. If you are a fan of exotic pets, then red-eared turtles are just that option. They will delight you for decades.

Optimum temperature for red-eared turtles

Trachemys are long-lived animals. Even in captivity, surrounded by care and proper care, they are able to live for more than thirty years. However, do not forget that the necessary conditions for their maintenance at home is the correct temperature balance.

Trachemis must be kept in a special aquaterrarium, in which, in addition to water, there will be enough “land” space on which the animal prefers to spend no less time than in water. So what is the optimum temperature for red-eared turtles?

The temperature of the water in the aquarium should be in the range of 22 to 28 degrees. It is unacceptable that it drops below 20. Also, the aquarium water in which the turtle is located needs constant cleaning (at least once or twice a week).

Significant help in this can be provided to you by a special filter, however, to say that its use completely eliminates the need for cleaning. wrong. Also, high-quality lighting will help you maintain the water temperature at the required level. In the daytime, allow the turtle to spend time outdoors as often as possible, at night, replace it with ultraviolet.

In order to more effectively control the temperature of the water in the aquarium in which your turtle is located, you can use a special heater that can be immersed directly in the water.

It is necessary to select an aquarium thermostat at the rate of 1 W per each liter of water. Give preference to expensive high-quality models: because of the need to constantly work, cheap equipment is often subjected to short circuits that can kill an animal. To prevent the animal from breaking the heater, mask it with stones or other decorative elements.

Water temperature is an important indicator on which the life and health of your pet will very often depend. In order to more effectively control the temperature of the water, buy a special thermal sticker or thermometer.

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