What System Applications Can I Remove On Android

What System Applications Can I Remove On Android

The user-visible part of Android consists of programs. The interface, the function of sending files via Bluetooth, the gallery or the system settings are separate applications that form the operating system. At the same time, some applications are useless or not used, and therefore can be deleted. What programs and applications can be removed and not harm the android system, we will describe in this article.

What are system applications

System or built-in applications for Android are usually called programs installed by the manufacturer of a mobile device or firmware. Applications are located in the system partition, an analogue of the “C” drive in Windows. At the same time, the section is not accessible to the user for viewing or changing without root rights.

Conditionally built-in applications for android are divided into five categories:

  1. System. are necessary for the operation of the entire Android operating system.
  2. Office. provide the work of SMS, Bluetooth, etc.
  3. Service. applications from Google and from the manufacturer of the mobile device (Samsung, Xiaomi, etc.).
  4. Custom. social networks, browsers, calculator, etc.
  5. Operator. Applications from your mobile operator.

Consider each of the above categories of programs built into an Android phone or tablet, in more detail. Which of these embedded applications can be deleted and what are the risks of damaging the device.

System applications

System applications are used for the normal functioning of the OS. Such programs include the “user interface” and “system settings”. Removing system applications on android leads to a violation of the stability and functioning of the OS.


Utilities include auxiliary applications necessary to provide basic functionality: add / remove programs, work SMS, Bluetooth, etc. Removing applications from this category does not crash the OS, but restricts access to some functions or modules of the device.

Service Applications

User utilities provide access to various functions: you are connected to the Internet, access to an account on a social network, camera, etc. Removing does not affect the performance of the system, only the basic functionality is partially limited, if you do not install an alternative utility. browser, player, etc.

Operator Programs

A package of carrier applications is embedded in devices distributed by mobile operators, such as the United States. Such programs aimed at simplifying user interaction with the operator, but are completely useless in other countries when using a different operator. Removing such applications in no way affects the operation of the device and the system.

Why uninstall system applications

The more applications the manufacturer builds in, the richer and more functional the system turns out, for example MIUI. At the same time, it is more difficult for the user to navigate in the settings or the menu, which contains a significant number of programs.

Owners of mobile electronics use apps differently. Some programs are not used throughout the “life cycle” of an android smartphone. Therefore, such programs are best removed or frozen. Since such applications take up space on the drive and RAM.

What applications can be removed

No implications for smartphone functionality, It is recommended to remove only operator programs. User programs can be deleted if there is an alternative, such as a music player or browser, a third-party calendar or calculator. Or when the program is not used, for example, the tablet is used only for games, and you do not plan to send SMS or use the camera.

Uninstall service applications with caution.. Since it is worth deleting one random service, how other related programs will stop working. It is rational to perform removal in cases when you do not plan to use Google programs and are ready to use the alternative.

Service and system applications for android better not to delete, if there is no idea what this or that application is responsible for.

List of unnecessary applications

Due to the wide variety of smartphones running Android, it is difficult to make a general list of unnecessary applications. Since the names of some services and programs differ within the model range of one manufacturer. The number of applications is different.

Use the program Titanium Backup, subject to the availability of root rights. System applications are displayed in red. White marks the programs installed by the user. Yellow and green are not responsible services.

Do not start with removal, but better with freezing programs that are in the main menu. Freeze or uninstall applications that are not used by you. Pre-create backup copies to restore programs in case of system malfunction. Learn more about backing up applications with Titanium Backup.


Also, do not forget to share in the comments which applications you prefer to delete.

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