What Should Be An Aquarium For A Water Turtle

In this article we will analyze in detail the answer to the question for lovers of turtles: “What should be an aquarium for a water turtle?” To begin with, as soon as you have purchased a turtle, you need to find a suitable home for it, although ideally you should have been aware of this before take care. But suppose such a situation. So what do you think about this? Where will the turtle be most comfortable: in a plastic dune with palm trees, in a bowl or in a spacious glass water area with a shore and backlighting? The answer is obvious.

What Should Be An Aquarium For A Water Turtle

But despite this, there are still "amateurs" who keep turtles on the floor or in a small tank and without the necessary equipment, or even on a free "grazing". However, this is fraught with slow or quick death of the animal, various diseases (especially if you live in a cold climate).

What should be the aquaterrarium for the aquatic turtle?

The entire volume of the aquaterrarium is divided into two parts: 2/3 – water and 1/3 – land. Between them, it is necessary to put a ladder with a rough surface. The volume of the aquarium should be at least 100 liters. Of the necessary devices, it is necessary to install a water heater, an incandescent lamp over land 40 – 60 W, an ultraviolet lamp for reptiles (5% UVB). But the soil for the turtle may not be needed. The temperature on land in the aquaterrarium for most species ranges from 26-28 ° C.

The most common questions that arise on the content of the aquaterrarium:

  1. What is the optimal size of the aquatorrarium for the aquatic turtle? The aquaterrarium should be of a horizontal type and a volume of 80 – 100 liters.
  2. What material is most suitable for the manufacture of aquaterrarium? It doesn’t really matter, but it’s better to choose glass. It scratches less and looks better. It is possible to use a plastic container.
  3. What soil can be used for aquaterrarium? Typically, turtle aquariums do not use soil. But if you really want to, it is better to pour stones and shells larger than the head of a turtle, otherwise she will try to eat them.
  4. Which heating lamp is better to use? For an aquaterrarium, a 40-60 W incandescent lamp, an infrared or ceramic heater or a lamp combined with ultraviolet are suitable. It is better to use ceramic heaters for use, which from contact with water will not burst.
  5. Which UV lamp is better to use? Any ultraviolet lamp for reptiles with 5% UVB, i.e. 5.0. If the percentage of UVB is not indicated on the package, then this lamp should not be taken. Lamp replacement in the aquaterrarium should be carried out once every six months or a year.
  6. What is an ultraviolet lamp for? It serves to simulate the sun’s rays and helps the absorption of calcium, so that the tortoise’s shell is even and firm, and the bones of the limbs grow correctly and do not break.
  7. How to make a shore for a turtle and from what? You can buy a ready-made beach for the turtle, or you can make it yourself. For making sushi, stone, a glued piece of glass or plastic with a ladder at an angle is suitable. Typically, water turtles like to crawl ashore to dry and warm.
  8. Do I need to plant plants in the aquarium? There is no particular need for this. But if you want to plant plants there, then use non-toxic ones. And keep in mind that the turtle will quickly eat them.
  9. Which aquarium filter is best suited? The filter can be both external and internal, but in any case, it should clean the volume 2 to 3 times more than in the aquarium itself. This is necessary so that the filter can better cope with pollution.
  10. Who can keep turtles with?Fish and snails are quite acceptable for living together with turtles, just keep in mind that they will be additional food.
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We hope that in this article you have found the answer to your question: “What should be an aquarium for a water turtle?” And will do everything possible to make your pet feel comfortable.

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