What’s in the box with the iPhone 11

iPhone X and iPhone 8 bundled with regular accessories

Now that the iPhone 8 and iPhone X have been announced, more official information about headsets (headphones) is starting to emerge. We know that smartphones are the first from Apple to support fast charging, and now we also know what’s inside the box. iPhone 8 and iPhone X come with the same accessories as before. Apple doesn’t have anything new or extra included, it’s a shame.

iPhone X package contents

  • iPhone with iOS 11
  • EarPods with Lightning connector
  • Lightning 3.5mm Headphone Adapter
  • Lightning USB cable
  • USB power adapter
  • Documentation

iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 8 package contents

  • iPhone with iOS 11
  • EarPods with Lightning connector
  • Lightning 3.5mm Headphone Adapter
  • Lightning USB cable
  • USB power adapter
  • Documentation


If you’ve been hoping for a pair of Airpods with a 999 iPhone X or fast charger, then you’ll be disappointed. Both smartphones come with the same accessories in retail packaging as the iPhone 7. Package includes 3.5mm adapter, charging cable (not USB-C), headphones, and more.

Considering Apple’s sudden transition to USB-C and Thunderbolt 3, it boggles our minds why the company does not supply USB-C cable accessories with its mobile products. At least a cable and charger supporting up to 15W of power is more than enough to calm users down. But it seems that “courage” is nowhere to be seen when it comes to money.?

However, smartphones are the best Apple has made to date. But will the greatness of these smartphones change tomorrow? This remains to be seen. IPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus cost from 46,000 to 65,000 depending on the configuration, while iPhone X costs 79,999, the most expensive price in Russia than in the rest of the world.

iPhone X and iPhone 8 complete set, what will be in the box?

In iOS 11, Apple made it easy to set up a new iPhone with Quick Start, a new system that detects your new device (similar to setting up an Apple Watch or Airpods) and transfers most of your settings and preferences automatically. If you’re wondering what the iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone 8 will be equipped with, then you’ve come to the right place.

iPhone 8 package contents. what’s in the iPhone box?

The iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 8 are unchanged from last year. It includes a standard pair of Lightning EarPods and a Lightning to minijack headphone adapter for connecting other headphones. As with the iPhone 7, the plastic case is gone, just a disposable paper insert.

Also included is a standard square 5-watt USB power adapter and a Light-to-USB-A cable. You will need a USB-C adapter to use your new phones with modern Apple MacBook and MacBook Pro laptops, or with Apple‘s 29W USB-C power adapter (which comes with MacBook and sold separately) and supports iPhone 8 fast charging, can also charge up to 50 percent in just 30 minutes.

Note that just like the iPhone 7, you can also charge the iPhone 8 noticeably faster using the 10 or 12-watt USB adapters that come with iPads (and are sold separately). It’s actually disappointing that Apple still sells its high-end iPods with non-adaptive 5W adapters. Charging them so slowly. a particularly frustrating issue with the Plus models’ large battery.

iPhone 8 hasn’t gotten better than the iPhone 7? Unfortunately the changes are minimal.

The iPhone X, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are the first Apple phones to support “wireless” (induction) charging. Apple previously ditched wireless charging as it wasn’t as useful because you still needed to plug a USB cable into the charging pad, which then transfers power to the device on top of it without requiring a physical connection.

Apple does not include a wireless charging disc in the box (AirPower), and new phones do not work with the existing Apple Watch disc. But since Apple supports the general Qi charging specification, there is a wide range of compatible charging pads. Apple plans to unveil its own AirPower charging pad next year, with unique support for charging up to three devices simultaneously.

iPhone 8 complete set. open the box

The box is covered with a plastic wrap that can be easily removed by pulling on the tab. Apple introduced this packaging last year with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, and it makes it easier to remove. I still remember the last box in which the YouTuber had to use something sharp to rip open the plastic wrap and open the box.

The iPhone 8 Plus is also covered in plastic on the front. After removing the plastic cover, the first thing I noticed was the new Space Gray color. The space gray aluminum casing isn’t as dark as the matte black iPhone 7 Plus, and it also doesn’t shine like previous iPhones. The rear glass is much darker and looks like the black iPhone 7 Plus. It looks amazing.

iPhone 11. Unboxing, Setup and First Look

See iPhone Plus and iPhone 8 Package Contents.

iPhone X and iPhone 8 first launch with Quick Start

Fresh out of the box, the new iPhone 8 and iPhone X boots up and asks you to select your language and region. It then suggests the default settings (where you usually set up a WI-FI network, authenticate, set a password, and then sign in and set up iCloud services). But using Quick Start you can set up your phone much faster.!

On the Quick Start screen, all you have to do is present an existing phone that needs to be recently updated to iOS 11. Your old phone will detect the new iPhone and a panel will appear prompting you to install a new phone. It works the same way as setting up a new pair of Airpods.

After selecting this option, a scanner will be displayed on the new phone, which will copy the settings of your old phone to copy the phone settings, capture it with the camera, and copy the barcode or QR code. After scanning, the new phone will ask for a password from its old phone and then complete the setup.

Once completed, it will let you choose between setting up a new phone or restoring from an iCloud backup or iTunes backup stored on your computer. You can also transfer data and settings from your Android phone. Restore from backups with all your personal data and saved passwords (or just basic settings if your iTunes backup is not encrypted) and starts downloading your downloaded apps.

It seems that Apple will ruin a promising direction

Chances are good that the entire tech industry will follow Apple and ditch the bundled chargers. In addition, the company appeals with its concern for the environment, and this is populism (remember Greta Thunberg).

This is where competitors come under threat. Fast charging is one of the main directions of development among Android smartphones. Qualcomm Quick Charge, SuperVOOC, Warp Charge. these standards have learned to charge the device in less than an hour. And now their development can be hindered: they will not be put in the charging kit, and separately people will take the most affordable adapter, no one will look at the charging speed.

In fact, the industry can kill a promising direction. However, technology companies are business, not ideological improvement of the world. They think about how to sell as many devices as possible, not how to make technology better and make life easier for people. Users are not impressed with fast charging, which means companies will not offer it.

The iPhone SE came out this summer. He comes with a shameful 5-watt charge, and a fast 18-watt charger does not greatly improve the picture: either way, the device fully charges in 2.5 hours. And this did not prevent him from becoming the most popular smartphone in the world in the summer: every fifth smartphone sold is the iPhone SE. In parallel, there is realme X2 Pro on the market. It charges to 100% in 30 minutes and is a niche phone. Means people are not interested in fast charging.

Perhaps this is a step towards a wireless future

This is likely a step towards eliminating wired charging in principle and releasing the iPhone without Lightning. The Apple 18-watt adapter costs 1,990 rubles, for the same, on average, a mat with Qi wireless charging is sold. Companies are left to convince users why wireless charging is cooler than wired, and this has long been in Apple’s plans.

The company has already done this with headphones. In 2016, she abandoned the 3.5 mm jack and showed wireless Airpods, two years later, Bluetooth headphones became the fastest growing accessories, and in particular Apple devices are by far the most popular.

In addition, at the same presentation, along with the announcement of the abandonment of bundled adapters, Apple introduced a line of MagSafe accessories. They can be used to charge smartphones and smartwatches more efficiently. Among them is a wallet case for storing a bank card. it is attached to a smartphone and does not interfere with charging. Magnetic charging, MagSafe Duo charger, with which you can simultaneously charge your smartphone and watch, this is an alternative to AirPower.

This is a hint that wired chargers are not interesting, and wireless ones are developing a culture of accessories. They are more promising from the point of view of technical progress and are more interesting to users, respectively, and attention is focused on them.

There is no charging included with the iPhone 12. The next generation will not have a Lightning connector?

New Apple devices will go on sale without charging included. IPhone 12 and Apple Watch Series 6 models can be charged with existing adapters or purchased separately. It’s about the power supply: there is a wire in the Apple Watch Series 6 box, but there is no charger.

Apple’s official position: users have adapters from old devices, they can also charge new devices. Otherwise, the charges from the previous devices will be thrown away, and this will pollute the environment.

meanings can be discerned behind this decision. In particular, it can turn the game around and change attitudes towards device accessories.

What problems will arise due to refusal to charge?

But back to a reality where wired charging still dominates. Let’s say you bought a smartphone without an adapter. The main issue will be compatibility between fast charging standards.

Let’s say you’ve upgraded to iPhone 12 from the conditional OnePlus 7 Pro. It would seem that it supports fast charging, the new Apple smartphone too, the power supply should speed up. But no. From OnePlus, you still have a Warp Charge PSU, while the iPhone comes with USB Power Delivery. They are incompatible with each other, which means that the accessory will work with the minimum allowable power. 5 watts, and the charging speed will be the lowest possible.

And there are at least six such standards: Quick Charge, Adaptive Fast Charge, SuperVOOC and others. Previously, we did not pay attention to them and used the power supply out of the box, but now we have to either figure it out or suffer. Ideal for Apple so far. sell adapters under your own brand and remind that you should only use them. Fortunately, the company knows how to promote accessories.

Water resistance of iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro: can you shoot underwater and swim?

One of the imperceptible, at first glance, but rather important in practice improvements of the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Max is an increased degree of protection against the ingress of microparticles and water. Despite the unchanged IP68 marking, in fact, the iPhone 11 is better protected and can withstand more aggressive environmental influences.

iPhone 11 Unboxing. What’s Included!

What does the IP68 standard mean??

Smartphone makers are talking about this standard less and less when presenting new devices, and for good reason. The fact is that according to the IPM classification (International Protection Marking, International Protection Marking) IP68 is the penultimate in the list of possible protection levels, and the next (IP69) already implies the possibility of exposing the device to high-temperature water jets under high pressure. Consequently, marketers cannot draw a new label on the box every year, which means that much attention is not paid to this issue.

So, in the IP68 marking there are two numbers, the first of which (“6”) means complete protection against dust getting inside the case, and the second (“8”) indicates the possibility of immersing the device in fresh water to a depth of 1 meter for a period of up to 30 minutes.

How the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro are actually protected from water?

It is known that Apple is always reinsured and indicates the minimum values ​​in various warnings, while they can differ significantly from the critical ones. That is, if the description for the device says that it can be immersed in water to a depth of 4 meters, then, most likely, in fact nothing will happen to it at either 8 or 12 meters deep. Nevertheless, it is definitely not worth conducting such experiments.

The iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max have a maximum long dive depth of four meters, while the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are only capped at two meters.

Similarly, the iPhone 11 can float twice as deep (two meters) and therefore withstand higher pressure than the iPhone XR, which was IP67 protected (one meter for 30 minutes).

Do I need to protect my smartphone from water and dust?

It may seem strange, but many users do not consider dust and moisture protection of the case to be an important advantage over devices that do not have it. Say, not in the pool with a smartphone to swim. In fact, the iPhone can always be dropped, if not into the pool, then into the toilet, a puddle or snow, not to mention the fact that you can “light up” the moisture level sensor of an unprotected smartphone just by falling into a rainstorm. Therefore, when it comes to modern premium-segment devices with a price tag of over500, good moisture resistance should be considered not desirable, but a mandatory attribute.

And if the iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro breaks after water, is the Apple warranty still valid?

No, alas, it does not work. If you still manage to drown your gadget or disable it by getting liquid inside the case, then for the company such an iPhone will be considered irretrievably damaged through the fault of the user and not subject to repair (unless you can prove that moisture protection was violated due to factory defect in production).

Please note that after unintentionally bathing the iPhone, it will not be superfluous to additionally rinse the smartphone with clean running water. Many user complaints are related to problems with the iPhone after contact with the liquid, when in fact the problem lies in other substances that this liquid contained. For example, if you drop your smartphone into a pool of chlorinated water, after drying, the particles of the chemical may remain on the speakers and noticeably distort the sound.

Set. Where is the 18W adapter?

It’s frustrating that with the iPhone 11, the company decided to make the device as cheap as possible on all fronts.

▪️ 18-watt USB-C power adapter: 3.5 thousand rubles
▪️ meter Lightning / USB-C cable: 2 thousand rubles

Inside, the box has become more ergonomic. Apple has moved away from rectangles, even with pieces of paper: they have rounded edges, and it looks really nicer. But that’s all the changes.

Night photo. Doesn’t work everywhere

This is probably one of the strengths of the iPhone 11. It captures awesome footage in low light: a lot of small details appear, the picture becomes brighter and richer. Even in the lowest light, you will see what is in front of you.

But here we are talking only about the main camera of the device. The ultra-wide-angle does not know how to get into the dark, at all.

iPhone 11. Time 22:30, main camera

iPhone 11. Time 22:15, main camera

iPhone 11. Time 22:30, ultra-wide-angle camera

iPhone 11. Time 21:20, main camera

It’s a perfectly balanced iPhone

How great the iPhone 11 feels after the iPhone XS Max. The novelty is lighter than last year’s flagship by 14 grams, and you can feel it.

This is pure subjectivity, but I never liked shovels like the Plus and Max models. I considered 5.8-inch smartphones to be the ideal, and 6.1-inch smartphones. a compromise, for whom 5.8 is not enough, but 6.5 is a lot.

Now I have changed my mind. Due to its weight, the iPhone 11 is as secure and comfortable as possible in the hand. This is definitely not a compromise, but an independent smartphone for everyone.

IPhone 11 Thickness. 8.3mm, iPhone XR Thickness. 8.3mm

There is no “airiness” from the iPhone 11 Pro, but at the same time you don’t think that you are carrying a brick with you in the form of an iPhone 11 Pro Max, as Nikita noted in his review.

And the thickness of the devices plays a role. Due to the denser body, balance is felt, nothing outweighs anywhere. Harmony in all aspects.

Face ID now works at a larger angle

Personally, I did not notice a noticeable increase in the speed of Face ID. The iPhone XS Max with iOS 13 ran as fast as the iPhone 11 with iOS 13.1.1. Brought to face, instant, Smart unlocked. Is that great? Undoubtedly yes. But it already happened, it was just solved by the firmware.

But what iOS 13 failed to achieve was the increased viewing angle. They have become larger in the iPhone 11, although not much. No need to reach for iPhone display to unlock it.

The only thing that didn’t work was that there was still no unlock in the horizontal position.

A trivial example: you are sitting, watching a video on YouTube, I wanted to turn up the volume and accidentally pressed the lock button. Additional action is needed. Take iPhone in hand, turn it and only then continue browsing.

Design you are not ashamed of

I think you all remember how, after the first leaks of the iPhone XR 2, everyone complained about the terrible camera design. No less than iPhone 11 Pro.

If in the “proshka” this was explained by the presence of three lenses, then in the “eleventh” there were 2 of them. Only the telephoto was replaced with a shirik. And you know I like the way it looks in real life.

Apple did the right thing by not painting it black. Now the cameras are not very striking, and the substrate for them is generally transparent, it is almost invisible. Due to what the unit fits harmoniously into the body of the device.

And how I love the centered Apple logo. It seems as if it has always been this way, and he is in his place. At the same time, we got rid of all unnecessary inscriptions.

Yes, in Russia and other European countries there are trash can markings (correct disposal) and CE (certification). But they are almost invisible. To make out the presence of these symbols, you need to carefully look in bright light. Respect that they are as hidden as possible.

There is no matte finish here, the glass remains glossy. It collects absolutely all prints, even if you lightly touch the back panel. I did not notice the difference with the previous generation.

I went before with the iPhone XS Max, everything blundered in the same way. Better or worse did not get better, that’s for sure. So, if you want to keep your Smart in top condition, cover it with a case. Otherwise, you will be constantly annoyed by the abundance of stains on the back panel.

Cameras in iPhone 11 shoot amazing

Perhaps the biggest innovation in the iPhone 11 is the camera. And both in the case of the iPhone XR, and with other models.

Before us are two lenses: a regular 12 MP and an ultra wide angle 12 MP. There is no telephoto in this iPhone, it was left for the iPhone 11 Pro.

I’ll tell you right away about the disadvantages of such a decision.

There is no optical zoom, none at all. The maximum you can use is only 5x digital zoom when taking photos and 3x for video.

There will be slightly less detail in the frame when zooming in.

Actually, this is where the differences between the cameras of the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro end. The other two lenses are absolutely identical:

▪️ Main wide-angle f / 1.8 aperture
▪️ Second ultra wide-angle f / 2.4

With an ultra wide-angle camera, you can capture twice as many objects in photos and videos. Even when shooting a normal video at “super wide”, shaking is hardly noticeable. In this regard, Apple really pleasantly surprised.

What else I liked was the almost seamless switching between cameras. This is the part where Apple just trampled the competition.

Seriously, take any fancy flagship with an ultra wide-angle camera and switch to it from a regular one. You will clearly see the transition between them. IPhone 11 and up don’t have this problem, just zoom in and out.

iPhone 11. Ultra-wide-angle camera

iPhone 11. Portrait Mode

iPhone 11. Portrait Mode

iPhone 11. Ultra-wide-angle camera

iPhone 11. Panorama with ultra-wide-angle camera

And now you can always see what the super-wide head “sees”. When photographing with a regular camera, the black frames around the viewfinder window become translucent. When you take a photo with the main camera, two versions of the image are stored in memory: normal and wide. You can view them through the edit menu.

The front camera has also become a little wider, due to which more than one person is now placed in the frame. And the “selfie” itself looks thinner than when shooting with the main camera. And the video is now captured at 4K60FPS.

Also, the front camera has learned to shoot Slowy. slow motion videos. What for? I don’t know, I couldn’t find the reasons for introducing this function. Unless you shake your cheeks once at the camera and say “ha-ha, cool”. For me personally, this is the first “feature for the sake of feature” in the iPhone. But Apple clearly has big plans for this option, since it even registered a separate trademark.

IPhone 11 review. Impressions in two weeks

I decided not to rush to review the iPhone 11 in order to put together the most complete picture of the usability of a smartphone. Two weeks is quite a normal time to understand about all the advantages and disadvantages of the device.

There are not so many impressions as Nikita Goryainov from iPhone 11 Pro. Practical changes and innovations turned out to be not enough, although no one expected them, since this is a minor update of devices.

Having walked with this iPhone for a couple of weeks, I definitely realized that it would enjoy tremendous popularity. Same as iPhone XR.

What’s in the box with iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max?

We have been waiting for Apple’s presentation for a very long time and now it is over. The company introduced new smartphones iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Over the years, the equipment of the devices has not changed much and you are probably wondering if the contents of the box have changed this time.

IPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max Bundle

I’ll start right away with these models, since they are the top and most desirable at the moment.

For many years, users have been complaining that Apple does not put a normal adapter to charge the device. There will be fewer complaints this year.

It’s because they finally put an 18W USB-C adapter in the box. It is not strange, because the characteristics of the battery have become better and it does not matter at all when you charge the device for half a day.

IPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max Box Contents

For that kind of money, it was a sin not to put a new adapter, but what awaits iPhone 11 users.


The most interesting news about Apple technology and not only.

What’s in the box for the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max?

Running a little ahead, I want to say that there are changes and they can both please and upset you. Now I’ll tell you why.

IPhone 11 Bundle

I want to say right away that the iPhone 11 will be a kind of people’s smartphone and that it will be chosen by the majority of users.

It is relatively inexpensive when compared to the top models and has everything you need today.

Apple has made every effort to reduce the cost of the device. This also applies to the configuration:

IPhone 11 Box Contents

As you can see, the Cupertinians did not dare to add an 18W USB-C power adapter here. Yes, cheaper, but I think many would be willing to pay this difference.

Features of iPhone 11 Pro

The diagonal of the screen is 5.8 inches. On the back there are 3 12MP cameras. The expansion of the front camera is 12 megapixels. The battery capacity is 3046 mAh. The smartphone has an improved screen and lasts longer than the previous model. The gadget has a chipset that allows you to solve any problem. The pro version of the iPhone also has advantages and disadvantages. The advantages include a beautiful design and a triple camera, a powerful processor. The smartphone is waterproof and dustproof. As a minus, it is possible to note the rather overpriced cost and lack of memory.

Smartphone equipment. What is included?

At 11 Pro, the box has a different color. And on the back of the smartphone there are 3 cameras. The pro version contains a 9B 2A charger in the box. It will charge your smartphone in an hour. The cable also has external differences. For the pro version, USB-C Lightning is used. The rest of the equipment is completely the same. In addition to the iPhone 11 Pro, the 11 Pro Max is on sale. The main difference between Max is its impressive size. The rest of the kits are the same.

What’s on sale with iPhone 11

Features and functionality of iPhone 11

iPhone 11 version has a 6.1-inch screen. The expansion of the rear camera is 12 and 12 megapixels. The smartphone lacks NFC. The battery capacity is 3310 mAh. A smartphone costs more than 57,000 rubles. A wide-angle lens and a super-powerful Snapdragon 865 processor have been added as an upgrade. The iPhone 11 has its advantages and disadvantages. The positive aspects include:

  • Heavy-duty housing.
  • Quality camera.
  • Powerful processor and waterproof.

As a minus, it is worth adding low resolution and a weak charge block, also high cost.

Flagship Smartphone Screen

Models of “Apple” gadgets differ in the expansion of the screen. At the moment, the latest models based on Android have such a diagonal. But Apple’s display is more impressive. And iPhone 11 Pro shows off its bells and whistles thanks to advanced OLED matrix.

The design of the 11 and the pro version are very similar. The difference is the number of rear cameras. The case looks pretty futuristic. The iPhone 11 case will be green, red, yellow, black, purple and white. Bright shades are usually chosen by young people. And the pro version smartphone will be available in gold, green, light gray, white and black.

Are you using an Apple smartphone?