What Is The Latest Version Of Android 2019

Smartphones and tablets are becoming more sophisticated and more powerful, developers of operating systems are trying to keep up. An example of this is the latest version of Android is significantly different from its predecessors. What is the difference and are the latest developments so good?


This is the version of Android, which is represented by more information than in previous ones. Notifications are improved and accessible from the lock screen, as well as from any working application, for which it is enough to swipe down from the top of the screen.

Messages can be viewed from the lock screen, and from there the answer to them is available. Incoming calls do not close open programs, just a kind of widget appears at the top of the screen, which you can ignore or answer the call. By setting up notifications, you can hide information about various events from others. You can also configure the type of ringing tone from various applications and just from different users.

Changes and battery touched:

What Is The Latest Version Of Android 2019
  • all devices based on Android 5.0 have an extended battery life (an average of 1.5 hours);
  • during charging, the screen displays the time until the end of the process;
  • information about the cost of applications has become available.

Regarding security, the smartphone owner can encrypt his data to avoid problems when the device is lost or stolen. This also includes the possibility of using one device with several accounts. logging in under different accounts allows friends or relatives to not share their information with each other. In addition, you can use the guest mode or contact screen, in which only the main set of applications will be available to another user, without personal files.

Changes regarding the media:

  1. The ability to voice search on YouTube and Google Play.
  2. The device can be installed as a gamepad when connected to a TV.
  3. and photos from the gadget can be broadcast on TV.

Advantages and disadvantages

In addition to the already mentioned advantages of this version, you can also specify an improved mode for people with low vision with increased contrast and adjustable display, as well as accelerated inclusion of the device with the ability to fully work with it.

Cons are the following:

  • more powerful applications and increased requirements for the gadget discharge it faster;
  • for some users, the interface seems rather confusing;
  • this version is still incompatible with quite a lot of software.