What Is The Iphone Now

Face ID or something new.

Insiders have shared information that Apple is planning talks with GIS, which produces the latest touchscreen technologies. The topic of negotiations will be the built-in fingerprint scanner in the display.

The corporation wants to use Qualcomm’s ultrasonic fingerprint sensor. It will be good if they have time to introduce it in iPhone 2020. There is a chance that such an update will only be in the gadgets of 2021. At the moment, modern smartphones may have one of the types of fingerprint sensors under the screen: ultrasonic or optical. Qualcomm is now providing ultrasonic fingerprint sensors to Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note10 smartphones.

What Is The Iphone Now

It is assumed that an updated version of the technology will be created for Apple. At the Mobile World Congress, the Qualcomm director mentioned that new ultrasonic sensors are planned. The company later introduced a fingerprint sensor 17 times larger than the one found in the Samsung Galaxy S10. It is possible that the iPhone 12 will receive exactly this. But such sensors are only compatible with OLED displays, so, most likely, only the more expensive iPhone 12 will receive them.

What will be the memory of the new 12 iPhone.

Rumors have surfaced about the stuffing of a new gadget. Most likely he will get more RAM. It is possible that the new 2020 iPhone will receive 6 GB of RAM. At the moment, Apple has released a smartphone with a maximum RAM of 4GB.

An analyst at Barclays says the base model will get only 3GB of RAM and will be similar in performance to the iPhone 11. But 6GB of RAM will allow you to do many things on your smartphone at the same time. By the way, Apple will still use the Pro and Pro Max prefix in the names of its flagships.

New iPhone 2020 with improved battery.

The flagship iPhone 11 Pro Max has the largest battery ever in an Apple smartphone. The corporation does not think to be satisfied with what has already been achieved and in September of this year wants to present smartphones with even better batteries.

There are speculations that Apple will equip the new 2020 iPhones with larger batteries with increased battery capacities. This will be possible by using a smaller battery protection module. Such a module will free up space in the case of the new flagship for a more capacious battery. It is possible to use the module 50% thinner than in previous smartphones. It is quite possible that such a part will be supplied by the Korean company ITM Semiconductor. Also, this improvement will protect the iPhone 12 from overcharging and quickly discharging, for example, in cold weather. The part will integrate a protection circuit with a MOSFET and a printed circuit board. The company will also provide similar modules to Samsung for their new devices.

It is also possible that the corporation will instead use capacitors from Murata Manufacturing, which also do not take up much space and free up space for a larger battery, namely 6000 mAh. This is 2 times more than it is now. In addition, such capacitors will help control battery consumption much more efficiently. Let’s see what actually happens, but we hope that the battery of the new 2020 iPhone will please us. Due to such improvements, the 2020 iPhone may receive free space not only for a larger battery, but also for new components.

Iphone 12 display.

What will the 2020 iPhone display be? Initially, there were assumptions that the corporation will use LTPO-screens for new models that will be similar in principle to the Apple Watch 5 screens. Always working screens that respond to touch.

Now, insiders have announced the idea that the new 2020 iPhone will receive an OLED display, since the developers believe that the use of LCD screens is already becoming obsolete. Recall that the 11 model has an LCD display.

Rumors are confirmed that the new iPhone 2020 will be released with three display variations. Over, screens for 5.4 and 6.7 inches will be provided by Samsung, and for 6.1-inch models by LG. The latter will be considered a more budget option. The corporation will also revise its preferences for displays and provide users with thinner and better options.

Two of the 2020 iPhones will feature touchpads from Samsung with Y-Octa technology. The 6.1-inch iPhone 12 will not have this improvement. It is possible that flagships receive ProMotion technology with a frequency of 120 Hz.

What will the iPhone camera be in 2020?

We can assume that the iPhone 12 will receive 4 cameras instead of 3. It is hoped that the expensive versions of the new iPhone will have rear cameras with special 3D sensing that will help reproduce or create virtual reality on a smartphone. Budget flagships will retain dual lens technology as in version 11.

Analyst Kuo said the new products could have a virtual reality camera and ToF sensors that would significantly improve portrait mode. Therefore, it is quite possible that this will be realized with the advent of the 4th camera in devices.

Apple iPhone 2020: what will the new iPhone be like when it comes out?

Wondering what the new 2020 iPhone will be like? Then read this article and be the first to know everything about the new product. When the new iPhone 2020 comes out, what features to expect in it, design, and much more are in this material.

Mozilla Firefox advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of Mozilla Firefox are as follows:

Reliability in work. There are plugins that can kill absolutely all browsers except Mozilla Firefox.

  • Security and privacy at the highest level. This is the only browser of its kind that can block the collection of information about a particular user by sites, including Google. This makes it possible not to see annoying ads that are generated at the request of this user.
  • Updating versions takes place in the background.
  • In addition, the widest base of plugins and extensions mentioned above should also be included here.

The disadvantages of Mozilla Firefox are:

Immunity of some modern scripts.

  • High load on RAM.
  • Frequent complaints about slow work, especially at high loads.

From all this, we can conclude that Mozilla Firefox clearly cannot be considered the fastest browser for Windows 7.

What is the fastest internet browser for Windows 7,8,10? Test in 2019

When choosing a program for working on the World Wide Web, many are mainly interested in what is the fastest browser for Windows 7 today.

Although there are just a huge number of other criteria for choosing a browser.


Yet speed is often the deciding factor.

Today you can find and download many self-written browsers, that is, those that were developed by novice programmers, and not by teams of professionals.

So, their main drawback is the speed of work.

It doesn’t even talk about data security and safety.

In any case, today we will analyze all the main characteristics that will help you choose a program for accessing the Internet, and the main one will be the speed of work.

As for how this very speed will be tested, a very simple method will be chosen, which consists in starting the browser or performing other operations on it with a stopwatch.

In particular, the speed will be tested on such operations as launching the browser itself, opening the geek-nose.com site, logging into the Google mail account, launching and installation speed.

Testing will not be carried out on a new computer.

This choice is due to the fact that you want to achieve maximum objectivity of research.

Yes, usually clean machines are used in such tests, but after all, we all do not have the opportunity to reinstall the operating system every month.

This would make it possible to make a completely clean machine out of a used computer.

In general, the conditions will not be as close to reality as possible, they will be quite real. Go!

Useful information:

Pay attention to the DNSCrypt utility. It is a tool that enhances the security of using the Internet. The principle of the program is based on encrypting DNS traffic between the user and the provider.

Advantages and disadvantages of Yandex Browser

The advantages of Yandex Browser are as follows:

The developers pay great attention to security. So the program automatically checks a particular site for suspicion. It has its own criteria for suspicion (Web of Trust), as well as default programs for blocking phishing attacks and ads.

  • Own system for viewing documents in formats such as.Pdf.Doc and others.
  • Own translator.
  • Turbo mode like Opera.

The disadvantages include the following:

Imposing Yandex services, which many users dislike. Although, on the other hand, this is exactly what this browser was created for.
Many people don’t like the interface.

  • Difficulties in setting up. Many functions that are in the same Opera or Mozilla are simply not available in Yandex Browser.

In general, from all this we can conclude that Yandex Browser is far from the fastest and most optimized browser.

Google chrome

This browser was released in 2008 relatively recently.

Its direct progenitor is the Safari browser, which then they also tried to adapt to Windows, but these attempts were unsuccessful; it turned out too slow, and often restarted.

Safari was originally designed for Mac computers. Powered by Google Chrome on its own engine called Chrominium.

Last year, this browser was the first in many polls on the Russian Internet.

You can download Google Chrome on the official website www.Google.ru/chrome/browser/desktop/index.html (a very non-standard link that could be shortened).

There, too, there is a single button that should be pressed.

Number 3. Google Chrome download page

By the way, here, on the download site, you can read the license agreement, as well as set Google Chrome as the default browser and tick the box on sending reports on work to Google.

By the way, many refuse the latter.

To do this, you just need to uncheck the box highlighted in green in Figure 4.

No. 4. License Agreement when downloading Google Chrome

Testing the speed of this browser gave the following results:

  • Browser launch time 4 s;
  • Site opening time geek-nose.com 5 s;
  • Authorization time in the Google mail account 1 s;
  • Start time 1 s;
  • Installation time 1.5 min.

When installing here, by the way, some additional content is downloaded here, which makes the whole process a little longer.

Otherwise, Google Chrome performs really well, but still slightly worse than Opera.

And this despite the fact that it is this browser that many authors of such articles call the fastest.

As you can see, tests in real conditions gave a different result.


This browser was released in 1994. Until 2013, he worked on his own engine, then switched to WebkitV8, which is familiar to many developers, which, by the way, is also used a little in Google Chrome.

According to research on some sites, it is the fifth most popular browser in the world. Users love the mobile version called Opera Mini.

The main advantage of this program is its excellent ability to save traffic. This allows many users to pay less for the Internet.

You can download this browser absolutely free on the official website www.Opera.com/ru.

This site has one big Download Now button, which allows you to start downloading.

# 1. Opera browser download page

For our tests will be taken the latest version at the moment, downloaded from the official site.

Speed ‚Äč‚Äčtests gave the following results:

  • Browser launch time 3 s;
  • Site opening time geek-nose.com 2 s;
  • Authorization time in the Google mail account 1 s;
  • Start-up time 2 s;
  • Installation time 1.3 min (from starting the installer program to closing it).

# 2. Opera browser installation process

By the way, the design of the installation window for this program is very beautiful, but at the same time minimalistic.

The installation process itself takes very little time.

The user only needs to press one button and nothing else he chooses the path, does not read a bunch of license terms, does not watch presentations, and so on.

On the one hand, this, of course, is good, because a simple user does not need all this.

But some will say that this is bad, because who knows what they are writing in the license there.

But since we are evaluating the speed of work, in this regard Opera shows itself perfectly.

Maxthon advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of the Maxthon browser are:

In general, we can say that Maxthon is a very, very multifunctional thing.

On the side there is a toolbar, which contains the same notebook, download manager, tool for working with RSS, as well as several Yandex services.

Its disadvantages can be attributed only to the fact that it also promotes these same Yandex services. But Yandex Browser is still very far from Maxthon!

So every user should definitely try using Maxthon in their work.