What is the difference between Sony Smartwatch 2 Sw2

Sony Mobile Communications today introduced the Sony SmartWatch 2 SW2. A watch with many alert functions, an Android user interface and a remote control for the music player in a compact and waterproof case. The Sony SmartWatch 2 is the second screen of your Android smartphone, which not only expands its capabilities, but also offers a number of unique advantages. The device has an elegant design and combines a multifunctional clock, a notification system, a means of connecting to Android applications and a remote control for the phone.

Android open ecosystem

Enhanced support for Android applications is one of the main advantages of SmartWatch 2. Thanks to the support of many special applications, this watch will be your best assistant, wherever you are: on the go, at a meeting or at home.

What is the difference between Sony Smartwatch 2 Sw2

Download the set of applications for SmartWatch, and you will have access to many functions for the use of which you do not even need to remove the phone from your pocket:

  • Manage calls with a simple touch on your wrist.
  • Remote photography (SmartWatch control a special camera application on a smartphone).
  • Remote control presentations using Presentation Pal.
  • Have you decided to go for a run or ride a bike? Use the dedicated SmartWatch app to verify your route.
  • Read previously downloaded e-mails if you are currently unable to connect to your smartphone.
  • Use fitness apps like Runtastic to track your exercise performance.
  • Quickly and easily control music playback and adjust the volume without taking your smartphone out of your pocket.

Due to its small size, the SmartWatch 2 is comfortable to wear, and its protection against water and dust allows you to use this watch on the beach or on the road, in any weather.

Handheld Device Market Growth

Typically, a user picks up his smartphone several times a day to read messages, find out time and news on social networks, use his favorite applications, take pictures, listen to music and play games. Thanks to its wide functionality and convenient touch screen, the SmartWatch 2 watch saves the user from having to remove a smartphone from his pocket in many cases.

“Sony has been proud of its leadership in the smartwatch market since its Bluetooth-enabled
model in 2007,” said Stefan K Persson, Head of Accessories, Sony Mobile Communications.

“While competitors are only releasing first-generation analogues, we are already offering the third generation of devices that take into account the experience of half a million users and apply the best Sony technologies and developments to make interaction with the device as convenient as possible.”

“We see that the portable device market has good prospects. According to analysts, 41 million smart watches will be sold by 2016, Persson continues. “We offer more than 200 unique applications for Sony SmartWatch, the number of downloads of which has exceeded one million today, and also continue to work with developers to make the use of smart watches as convenient and enjoyable as possible.”

Sony’s best in smartwatch

If you have a smartphone or tablet running Android, then the Sony SmartWatch 2 will be the perfect accessory for you.

They are great for viewing alerts (text messages, call information, mail, Facebook / Twitter messages, calendar notes) and will serve as a remote control for your WALKMAN player or other media players. This wireless accessory is ideal for working with devices equipped with a large screen, for example with the recently announced Xperia Z Ultra smartphone, when circumstances do not allow you to get your smartphone.

SmartWatch 2 differs from the first generation SmartWatch in a number of new features (for example, support for NFC technology for pairing devices with one touch), improved design and features, including increased resolution and brightness of the screen in sunlight, longer battery life, more intuitive interface, watch functions and a wide range of pre-installed and recommended applications.

When there is no connection to the phone, SmartWatch 2 work autonomously as an electronic clock. You can read previously received notifications, find out the time, set an alarm and even use the device as a flashlight, for example, to search for keys in the dark.

SmartWatch 2 can be used with any standard 24-mm watch strap and with the new Sony straps, which will be available soon.

Applying a revolutionary design, Sony continues to implement new technologies and offers the widest selection of NFC accessories, from wireless headphones to portable speakers, TVs, SmartTags and SmartWatch watches.

Key features of Sony SmartWatch 2

  • Bright screen (remains available for viewing in bright sunlight)
  • The longest battery life among smart watches (battery level indicator)
  • Water resistant (IP57 compliant)
  • Easy setup (pairing and connecting devices using NFC technology)
  • Functions of an electronic clock when not connected to a smartphone
  • Charging via standard micro-USB cable
  • User Interface Similar to Android Application Interface
  • Enlarged screen and higher resolution (1.6 inches, 220 x 176 pixels)
  • High quality materials (aluminum case and stainless steel strap)
  • Improved compatibility (works with most Android smartphones)
  • Replaceable watchbands. any standard 24mm watchband can be used

Sales of Sony SmartWatch 2 SW2 worldwide start in September 2013.