What is the difference between Sony Playstation 3 From 4

The gaming industry has taken a huge step forward in recent years, breaking a long, arduous path. Thanks to the development of computing technologies and the rapid growth in chip performance, developers were able to improve the graphic component of games hundreds of times, and innovations in the game world in the form of contactless touch controllers a la Kinect completely brought the game genre to a new level. The eternal struggle of computers and game consoles for the attention of gamers continues to this day, from year to year Microsoft and Sony present new versions of consoles. So, the latest generation of PlayStation from Sony has made a lot of noise in the gaming world. The “four”, unlike many other game consoles, thanks to the high-quality and powerful hardware gives amazing graphics, but, alas, is not compatible with previous generations of the PlayStation.

PlayStation 3 (PS3). a game console from Sony, released almost 10 years ago. Thanks to the prefix, the user gets the opportunity to listen to music, watch movies, both from storage media and via the Internet, as well as surf the Global Web sites using a browser. In terms of technical specifications, the prefix is ​​morally outdated, but in terms of the number of games released for it, the PS3 has no equal. A version of Slim appeared on sale a few years later, which is distinguished by its compact size and significantly lower weight.

What is the difference between Sony Playstation 3 From 4


PlayStation 4 (PS4). The latest generation of game console, representing the pinnacle of engineering from Sony developers. Powerful hardware, unique games and wide opportunities allow the Quartet to compete with the Xbox One and Wii on equal terms, and in some aspects be even better. The PS4 prefix was introduced in February 2013, while the release of the fifth generation of the console (Sony PlayStation 5) is not yet known.



In the third generation of the console from Sony, a joint brainchild of three companies was installed. the Cell Broadband Engine processor. Engineers at Sony, IBM, and Toshiba worked on it. A single-core processor with eight data processing streams operates at a frequency of 3.2 gigahertz. As a chip in the “troika”, an RSX graphic processor with 256 megabytes of memory operating at a base frequency of 400 MHz (with the possibility of overclocking to 550 MHz) was used.

As for the PS4, this “baby” has a 64-bit AMD Jaguar with eight cores operating at a base frequency of 1.64 GHz, but overclocking up to 2.75 GHz is possible. Together with the AMD Radeon GPU, the console provides stunning graphics and allows you to display both 3D games in Full HD, and games in 4K resolution. The graphics subsystem of the “troika” produces only 400 GFlops, while the GPU PS4 boasts a capacity of two teraflops.

In terms of RAM, the Quartet also overtook its predecessor, increasing the amount of RAM by 32 times. So, in PS3, 256 MB XDR DRAM is installed, and in PS4. already 8 gigabytes of RAM of the latest GDDR5 standard. As you can see, the difference between PS3 and PS4 in terms of hardware is enormous. The company took a huge step forward by launching such a “game monster” on the console market. According to the developers, the PS4 is nine times faster than the PS3.

Interfaces and Design

Despite the fact that PS3 will soon change the top ten, developers for the future equipped it with a large number of different interfaces. So, in the console case you can find 4 USB ports of standard 2.0 (in the new versions only 2 USB), a Gigabit Ethernet interface, as well as wireless standards Bluetooth 2.0 and Wi-Fi (802.11b / g).

The PS4 console has three USB 3.0 ports and an HDMI interface, and the Bluetooth version has been upgraded to 2.1. In addition, a new Wi-Fi standard (802.11b / g / n), support for sound versus 5.1 in PS3, as well as a 3.5 mm mini-jack appeared in the console. In terms of dimensions, the fourth generation is almost two times lighter than the PS3 of the first release: 2.8 kg versus 5 kg. However, the latest versions of the PS3 weigh no more than 2.5 kg. In addition, the PS4 prefix is ​​noticeably thinner than its predecessor.

In addition to everything for the fourth generation of the console, a new DualShock 4 joystick was created with special “chips” in the form of a touch panel, as well as a built-in gyroscope and accelerometer.

Other differences consoles Sony

What is the difference between PS3 and PS4, in addition to hardware and design? Perhaps the main negative difference between the “troika” and the “four” is that the PS4 does not support games from previous generations of consoles. Alas, playing good old Tekken with PlayStation 2 or Uncharted with PS3 will not work. But the gaming industry, represented by developers, quickly occupied a free niche, and a lot of exclusives were released for ATP4 in a couple of years.

The maximum volume of the PS3 hard drive in recent versions reached 500 GB, although versions with a storage medium of up to 80 GB were originally produced. In the PlayStation 4, developers from Sony made it possible for gamers to change the hard drive themselves, and also released versions of consoles with HDD for 1 terabyte. In addition, the power supply, which the PS3 hung on the cable, was moved inside the Quartet’s case.

“Mobilization of the Internet” has allowed gamers using a smartphone to purchase games for PS4, as well as publish their gaming achievements on social networks. The possibility of continuing the game on the PSP Vita and a powerful editor on the latest generation of the console appeared a year after its release. Alas, the PS3 could not boast of this. And the main plus of the Quartet lies in the fact that Sony removed the restrictions by region. Now anyone can play the game, released for the American region, be it Russian or Chinese.