What Is Samsung Notes App

Briefing what is this application on Android and how to disable it? (Samsung)

Hello everyone. This note will be useful to owners of Samsung phones, it is for them that Flipboard has created such a thing as Briefing. So what is it? This is an application or a service that shows you all the information, in fact, the benefits of which are almost zero. Although some users may like it. So what does Briefing show then? Yes, that’s what, this is news, weather, articles of some kind and all this is kind of interesting and convenient, and everything is in this style. However, as practice shows, many users want to know what Briefing is only in order to understand whether it can be disabled or not.

Users write that this is nonsense, that an absolutely unnecessary application, and at the same time has an intrusive nature, gets it out with its notifications! I also found information that Briefing can slow down the operation of a smartphone, whether it is or not, alas, I cannot check, but if it really slows down, then there is nothing surprising, this is a common phenomenon for useless applications, they often slow down the smartphone. And it seems, yes, this application comes embedded on Samsung smartphones and you can’t just remove it, but of course you can use root access, but here you need to be a specialist in this matter, you understand

Earlier, instead of Briefing, there was My Magazine function, there was also some news there.

Another unpleasant joke with Briefing is that this application can be opened by mistake, that is, by accident, and after that there is a delay of one second while the news headlines are loaded. This behavior can only annoy you. Maybe something has already changed and this jamb has been fixed by the developers!

But how can you uninstall Briefing? I don’t know how to delete the application, but to be honest, I don’t really advise you to do this, because there may be problems. All the same, the system application, so to speak, sits somewhere in the bowels of the operating system. But you can try to turn it off! So, look, hold down the smartphone screen on an empty spot and wait a little:

Then slides will appear, you need to scroll to the left to the end:

There will be a slider, on the contrary it can be written either Flipboard or Briefing, well, in general, the slider needs to be moved:

Stop MOBILE! There may be a slider, or there may be a checkbox like this:

That’s it, here you are and disabled Briefing, it remains only to return to the main screen:

What Is Samsung Notes App

But to be honest, I must tell you that you can also get notifications. Well, that is, they may still appear, even if you have disabled Briefing

I have two news, one bad and one good. The bad news is that I won’t show you how to turn off Briefing notifications. The good news is that Samsung itself wrote about it on its website instead of me. So such things, they’d better describe everything there, explain, and I think that you will understand. So, here you can read how to turn off notifications of an application:

Here is an instruction on how to turn off My Magazine / Briefing / Flipboard news (I also recommend taking a look):

Everything is written there very accessible and well, in general it is clearly done, we tried to write so that it was accessible to everyone

But look, this is an example of news:

Well guys and that’s it. I hope you got the information about what Briefing is and I hope that it was useful to you, well, at least a little. Now it remains to wish you good luck


The checkbox can be removed at least a thousand times, Samsung returns it back every time, so this is a Sisyphean work. Brifieng is not in the list of applications, so it is impossible to disable notifications for this application in the settings. We must honestly admit that Samsung managed to impose an application, people here cannot do anything

It’s just super cool))) I finally got rid of this annoying and annoying application.
Now, if only I could find out how from the last Samsung A 2015. Decrypt a folder with information from an embedded note. The so-called memo.Nmm file because j3 of 2017, Samsung does not read it and does not see it to great chagrin, I would pay for decryption.

Thanks you. Thank you so much. Otherwise the intrusive application greatly stirred up. I wish you success in everything.

Thank you very much, now the application is not shown on the phone.

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What is this application?

Samsung Billing. What is it? This is exactly the question that many owners of Samsung smartphones have after the next update. At its core, this application is an analogue of the well-known Apple Pay service, but with some changes. The company spent a lot of time and effort on the development of this application, not to mention the budget. But users took it pretty cool and are trying with all their might to remove it from the smartphone. Meanwhile, it is a very useful program for those who often buy something online.

This application was conceived as a program to pay for purchases in online games and the “Android” market. This is the essence of Samsung Billing. That it is very convenient. Understandably. But it is somewhat alarming that this application takes a certain commission when paying with it for any service. Nevertheless, many actively use the new option and note that it has become quite convenient to make purchases. Especially this option pleased those who play paid games day and night.

How the application works

So how does this program work? The application charges money for the purchase of some content directly from the subscriber’s personal account. Simply put, you pay with your balance. This is the essence of Samsung Billing. What is it? Swindle or Blind Coin? It’s hard to say, but millions of people around the world use this option. And they don’t really complain. Quite the opposite. Those who love paid games (or shareware with paid content) will absolutely love it. After all, you can replenish the game account without leaving it. True, this is how you can go broke.

Why is it better not to use this program?

As with every “alpha” version of any application, this one also has flaws and shortcomings. They are expressed in extremely unstable work, loading the system. In incomprehensible background operations and suspicious program activity. Also, the percentage charged upon payment is not entirely clear. All this makes using Samsung Billing an extremely bad idea. It’s worth waiting for patches and fixes. When the developers patch all the holes and fix the broken processes, then it will be possible to fully use the service. It’s best not to run this app at all just yet. The strangest thing is that if you have already started it, then you cannot stop it. You need to delete. And we described this fascinating process a little higher. He, of course, threatens with the loss of his license, but it’s better this way than feeding the corporation for nothing.

Samsung Billing: what it is, what it is for, how to use it

The Korean company Samsung is at the forefront of mobile technology. Their smartphones based on the Android operating system traditionally occupy the top lines of the rating. But the corporation is not only engaged in the “hardware” of smartphones. Everyone is well aware of their proprietary shell for “Android”, which is much more convenient than the standard system launcher. But now the company, without the knowledge of users, has installed the Samsung Billing application on the devices with the next update. What is this program and why is it needed? Let’s try to figure it out.

Can I uninstall this program?

The trouble is that this is a system application. But there is a way to uninstall Samsung Billing, for which you just need to be rooted on the phone. In order to obtain superuser rights, it is enough to use the Framaroot or Kingoroot program. They will do everything automatically. But it is worth warning that after rutting the device, the warranty is lost. Even if you “rotate” it back, the Samsung service center will not fool you. These smart guys will immediately detect any interference with the firmware. So you do everything at your own peril and risk.

After successfully obtaining superuser rights, you need to install the Titanium Backup program. It is she who allows you to delete system applications. Including Samsung Billing. What this program is and what it is for, we have sorted out a little higher. If you are not a fan of mobile games and do not buy anything on the Market, then you do not need it. You can safely delete. And how to do this with Titanium Backup, you can read in the program itself. It is in Russian. And everything is beautifully painted there.

Those who have already used the new service from Samsung are already actively discussing it in numerous forums and foaming at the mouth prove to each other how wonderful this idea is. All owners of Samsung devices note the extremely fast operation of the application. Payment is made in a matter of seconds. And this is a definite plus. Also, many people note the pleasant and intuitive interface. Some people consider it a plus to have the Russian language (although this is understandable, because the program is integrated into the firmware). Almost everyone agrees that this program makes life easier for users and helps them not to be distracted from their favorite games.

Other users, hoarsely, argue with those who perform glorifying eulogies addressed to the Korean giant. They insist that in this way the company is trying to get as much money out of users’ wallets as possible (and they are partly right). Others say that such an application was specially created to “fool” people, since it is impossible to accurately track what percentage is charged when paying. Also, some note that sometimes the application performs some very suspicious operations, which hints at the constant debiting of some insignificant amount from the subscriber’s personal account. And you cannot call such statements delusional and paranoid. For the application is really some kind of “muddy”.

How to use the app?

In fact, using the application will not raise any questions from anyone. Reasonably executed navigation, Russian language included, intuitive interface. All this makes the use of the program very comfortable. And this is a definite plus. In general, Samsung developers know how to create high-quality programs. But they don’t do very well the first time. That is why it is better to wait for corrective releases. And then use the program to its fullest. Before that, it is better not to use the application.

How to add text

To add text, you need to go to the Samsung Notes application, open the work mode. Further:

  • Create a new note, select an existing one from the list;
  • On the keyboard that appears, type the required text;
  • Save changes.

If you need to make edits, the Rich text panel will help. For entries, you can set any font and color by selecting the options in the panel below.

To switch to handwriting text input, you must click on the icon made in the form of a pen. Incorrect or unnecessary information can be removed with an eraser.

Create notes

After launching the utility, you can start creating your first note. To do this, tap on the icon at the bottom of the window. A window will open where the user can get started.

Samsung Notes: what is this application on the phone

The notepad feature has been around on mobile for a very long time. Even on button models, the simplest applications were installed that allow you to record the necessary information. There was no need to carry a paper notebook and pen. In modern touchscreen smartphones, the notebook reaches a new level, becoming a full-fledged planner and organizer of life. Samsung has developed a proprietary program that is included in the Android firmware. Let’s figure it out: Samsung Notes what this program is, what is the functionality, can it be deleted and how is it more convenient to use.

Download Samsung Notes

If the product is not installed in the standard firmware of the Android version, you can download it yourself. Better to do it in official sources:

  • On the manufacturer’s website;
  • In Google Play.

Note that users point to the incompatibility of the application and the Swype keyboard. Samsung Notes for Windows is available as a free download from Microsoft.

Add images and voice messages

  • On the main screen, where the field for the note is open, right-click the insert menu and select the Image or Voice item;
  • Select the address of the folder from which the file will be inserted.

What is Samsung Notes and why is it needed

Ways to get the program on a smartphone:

  • Purchase a device that already has the application installed. It will be systemic, and its removal is not recommended. In this case, problems may arise in the work;
  • Download the application via Google Play, install. Notes will refer to additional software, its removal will take place without problems if the user no longer wants to use the notepad.

To install, you must have an Android OS (version 5.0 and higher).

  • Creating classic notes. The difference is that the owner can use a whole arsenal of built-in editor tools to personalize their notes: fonts, highlights, pictures, etc.;
  • Alerts. It is enough to set the time, the application will make the reminder melody remember about all the scheduled events;
  • Data protection. Records can be password protected;
  • Advanced text input capabilities: on-screen keyboard, finger, special stylus;
  • A set of tools for self-creation of drawings;
  • The ability to insert third-party files: pictures, audio tracks, etc.

The application work is synchronized with the microphone and camera of the device, storage Samsung Cloud.

Important: the serious functionality of Samsung Notes does not overload the device’s memory.

Facebook and other social networks

The social network Facebook is today the most popular in the world, so it is not surprising that a huge number of users have installed the corresponding mobile application. The mobile client allows you to receive notifications of new likes, post pictures of your food and always stay in touch with your friends. However, in return, this application consumes a huge amount of system resources and significantly reduces the battery life of the mobile gadget. According to the annual App Report 2015 AVG Android App Report, it is the Facebook mobile client that occupies the top lines in the charts of the most voracious programs on the Android platform.

Alternative. Use the mobile version of Facebook in any modern browser. The functionality is not much different, but there are no annoying notifications and a rapidly melting battery.

Transfer photos to notes

Sometimes, when we take notes, the phone is not usable, so Samsung made it possible to transfer handwritten notes to paper or whiteboard. To do this, use the camera via the app.

When you first create a new note by clicking the icon in the upper right corner, the app shows you how to transfer photos from your camera or photos to your phone. If you’ve done this before, you won’t be able to watch this tutorial, so now we’ll show you how.

Transfer photos to notes

On the toolbar, there is a camera icon between a large T, which is needed to enter text using the keyboard, and the cloud. Click on the camera and S Note will open the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Camera app or whatever camera app you have installed. If this is your first time doing this, the illustration will show you how to use the camera capabilities in S Note. Read helpful tips and click OK to clear the screen.

The camera app has five icons:

Flash button press to turn flash on or off.

  • Changing Shooting Mode This button looks like a square with the words AUTO and MANUAL inside. With it, you can switch between automatic and manual mode. This is necessary to transfer the image. You select a page, and the camera only transmits it and does not add anything.
  • Grill with its help you can show or hide viewfinder hints.
  • Shoot button press to take a photo.
  • Gallery tap to open the Gallery and select the one already on your phone that you want to transfer to your notes.

Use flash in dark rooms and manual shooting mode if the camera itself cannot find the borders of the page you want to import. Click on the grid and it will help you align the image.

If you already have the photo you want on your phone, click the camera icon in the S Note toolbar and select the Gallery icon. To take a new one, press the capture button.

After you have taken a picture, the application will try to find the page borders on its own. If it can do this, it will transfer the photo to S Note. If not, it will place the snapshot in S Note for the user to edit.

Importing photos into S Note

Resize however you like by dragging one of the blue circles that are in the corners. The circle above, connected to the line, will rotate. Click on it and drag to expand. The toolbar is reflected at the bottom or top. Slide left and right if you want to see all the editing tools, for example:

  • Properties show basic information about the image and allow users to change the width, height, aspect ratio and fade to the background of the image, so other objects, text or text that appears at the top of the image can be dragged and placed in front of the objects. You can also frame text or add effects such as negative, black and white, sketch, and more.
  • The edit transform turns the picture into lines that the user can edit. The app will do this and show you a line-by-line version of the image (see image below).
  • Crop will crop the note so you can get rid of unnecessary parts of the picture.
  • Cut cuts the picture and you can paste it anywhere else in the note.
  • Copy copies the picture, leaving the original in place so that you can later paste it anywhere in the note.
  • Delete erases the picture from the page.

Antivirus FREE and other antivirus programs

Alternative. If you still have doubts about the health of the gadget, then install an antivirus, scan it, and then remove it.

Ink mode with magnification for easier drawing

S Note has a feature called Magnified Note. She opens a window at the bottom of the screen. What the user writes or draws in this window is reflected on the screen. Move another window to where you type in the note to start drawing or writing. The window has a zoom option that the user can use by pressing and holding the triangle in the lower right corner of the window. Drag the window to enlarge or narrow it. The smaller the window, the more detailed the user will be able to see what is written or drawn.

Ink mode with magnification

The magnification window can move up and down, allowing you to write at the bottom of the screen when the window is over a note. To do this, press and hold the center of the toolbar in the zoom window at the bottom of the screen and slide it up or down.

The buttons on the toolbar are arranged as follows:

Left arrow moves the section to the top left of the note.

  • Right arrow moves right.
  • Arrow in the form of a mirrored letter L moves the window to a new line and shifts to the left, like the ENTER key on a keyboard.
  • Button for moving the panel is the button described above, which moves itself.
  • Up arrow moves the window one line up.
  • Down arrow moves down one line.
  • X closes the panel so the user can draw on the note itself.

There is a blue pentagon in the lower right panel. When you write something in the window and move to the right edge, this blue pentagon sees it and automatically moves the top window to the right. When you get to the end of the page, this thing works like the ENTER key on your keyboard and moves the window one line down and to the left, so the user can start on a new line.

Record the drawing

Want to draw something and show someone else how to do it? S Note will record the drawing process.

To see the note menu, open it and click the three vertical dots on the toolbar. Select Record and a small toolbar will appear on the screen. Click on the red record button and start writing or drawing. Press the button again to stop recording. Play the recording using the corresponding button. You can also delete the note from the toolbar. Save and open it later to show you how to draw when you want to teach someone to draw.

Writing a drawing

The recording toolbar can move. Click and drag the edge of the toolbar to the left and slide it around the screen.

Unfortunately, there is no way to send this file anywhere, you can only view it in S Note.

The Weather Channel and other weather apps

The Weather Channel is an excellent example of how developers manage to build a whole mega-combine on the simplest function of displaying a weather forecast. Here you will see animated wallpapers, weather maps, a bunch of interactive widgets, and God knows what else. All this economy sits in the device’s RAM, knocks on the Internet every five minutes and, of course, consumes the charge of your battery in the most shameless way.

Alternative. Look out the window and you get much more reliable information than what the desktop widget shows. If a forecast is needed, then Google will provide you with the most reliable prediction for the week ahead.

The application is stopped what does it mean?

Of course, when a user sees such a notification on the screen of his Samsung Galaxy, he at least guesses that one of the active programs has failed.

And that means that it would be necessary to restart it, because it is in such a simple way that such problems, as a rule, are solved.

But what to do if the system writes that it is not just the application that has been stopped, but the Samsung Galaxy Application has been stopped, and besides, after the usual restart, the ill-fated sign appears again, and again, and again

Samsung Galaxy app stopped: how to solve the issue without factory reset

If you use any of the mobile brainchilds of the Samsung Galaxy family, then you are probably familiar with all that gamut of vivid and lively emotions that arises when a message appears on the device’s screen that something has stopped in the Galaxy. Here, as they say, we arrived.

In general, they like to stop Samsung Galaxy, moreover, everything: some application is stopped, the process is stopped, then the system interface is stopped.

But we will not talk about sad things, but rather tell you about what to do in case of such sudden stops. So

Message Samsung Galaxy app has stopped

In fact, the Samsung Galaxy App is stopped in this case purely as an example, because, as we said, Galaxy is stopped by anything. Plus, judging by the number of comments on the forums, it is with such a message that different Galaxy have recently begun to delight their owners more often. Nevertheless, in most cases, the method below can be used to deal with this and other similar stops.

First, we note that the message Samsung Galaxy application has stopped (or just some application has stopped) not only indicates the fact of a software error, but, most often, suggests a complete reset of the smartphone (or tablet). It is clear that after such a radical impact, the problem will disappear, but with it the very settings will inevitably disappear, as well as a lot of important data that have not been backed up. In other words, solving one problem, we get a bunch of others.

But you can go the other way, and instead of a complete reset, you can try to uninstall and reinstall only the problematic application and / or clear the cache. This often helps to fix these kinds of problems.

Now, in a nutshell, how to clear the cache of a problematic application in Android OS:

Step 1. Open the settings menu and find the Application Manager (if you do not have a Galaxy, but another Android smartphone, open Applications in Settings);

Step 2. Tap the ALL tab at the top of the screen and find the problematic application in the list (in our case, Samsung Galaxy);

Step 3. Next, in the About the application window, in order, press the following buttons: first STOP, then CLEAR CACHE and last DELETE DATA;

Step 4. Restart the smartphone and remember the procedure in case the Galaxy stops something again.

Key features of the Samsung Members app.

Features of the Samsung Members Samsung Members feature

These and many other opportunities are presented by the smart application Samsung Members, and you, as a user, just need to go through a simple registration and authenticate the application itself.

Program interface.

The interface of the program is made in an unobtrusive business, light snow-white style. Everything is clear, accessible and concise and fully translated into Russian for Russian-speaking users.

Russified interface of the Samsung Members application

Samsung Members app what is this program

Users of Samsung mobile gadgets of the latest versions of Galaxy Not8, S8, S7 and A series devices, no later than 2017, were able to discover an interesting opportunity for their smartphones. This is the Samsung Members app, which acts as a link between the device user and other device users, as well as between the device user and technical support. In simple words, it resembles some kind of forum, but only all communication takes place only in the application. To start communicating in the application, you should go through a simple registration. And what are the features of this application, is it worth using it at all ?! Let’s find out right now!

Samsung Members app what is the program

What is the application for??

The Samsung Members app is primarily a voluminous and most complete application for providing mutual assistance on frequently asked questions from Samsung device owners. You should start using the application as soon as you have purchased a Samsung smartphone in order to avoid an unclear situation. In this case, the Samsung Members application will act as a short instruction manual for you. As noted above, the application was created for communication between users of Samsung devices, for example, to share experience in using Samsung equipment, as well as to communicate with technical support. Therefore, you can ask questions related to using the purchased phone and also send various bugs, errors of your smartphone to the technical support service in order to correct the situation in the future. The application can diagnose the gadget, namely:

  • Inform the owner of the technical condition
  • Assess the operability of RAM
  • Give an estimate of used and free disk space
  • And many other possibilities

In addition, you can use the service to find the nearest dedicated service center for servicing Samsung equipment, to leave a request for device maintenance.


From all of the above, we draw a general conclusion. The application is made specifically for users of Samsung smartphones, this once again emphasizes that the manufacturer thinks and cares about the end user, so the application should be used, it will help solve many of your problems associated with using a smartphone.

Onedrive what is it?

Onedrive is Microsoft’s cloud storage that is installed on all Samsung smartphones through a partnership between the two companies. In addition to OneDrive, Samsung usually comes with Microsoft’s office apps.

The point of OneDrive is that you can store your files on a Microsoft server and share them between devices. Onedrive app is available for Windows, iPhone, Android and other platforms.

Anything you copy to the OneDrive directory on your computer will automatically appear on your smartphone, and will also be available through the web app.

Of course, Microsoft isn’t paying Samsung a lot to make your life easier for free. Initially, the user has a basic tariff of 5 GB, after which the company will ask to switch to a monthly payment for additional gigabytes.

If you don’t need cloud storage, or you use a similar solution from Google (Google Drive app), then you can uninstall OneDrive. The same goes for paid office programs. They can also be replaced with free alternatives from Google or other companies.

What is this app? Description of all standard programs on Samsung smartphones

Each manufacturer pre-installs a certain set of programs on their smartphones, the purpose of which many users do not even know. Why are they needed, is it possible to delete them and is there any benefit from them?

Last time we talked about all the standard applications that come with Huawei smartphones, and this time we’ll talk about Samsung smartphones.

The only remark is that this list does not include applications from the GMS (Google Mobile Services) suite, such as: Google Music, Google, Gmail and a number of others. These applications are standard for any Android smartphone and need no explanation.

What is Samsung Notes?

Samsung Notes is a very powerful and functional note taking application. Mainly comes with smartphones of the Galaxy Note line, but is available for free for all other users.

In this application, you can create text or photographic notes, the program can very accurately recognize handwriting input, and also supports exporting notes to a PDF file, Word document, picture or text file.

All notes can be divided into categories (topics), and some of them can be password protected. When you uninstall an application or change your smartphone, all information in Samsung Notes is retained thanks to synchronization with your Samsung account.

Smart Switch what is it?

Smart Switch is an application designed to quickly and easily transfer all your data from one smartphone to another, for example, from an old device to a new one. With its help, you can easily transfer data such as:

  • Contacts
  • Photos
  • Music
  • Posts
  • Documents
  • Notes
  • The calendar
  • Bookmarks
  • And much more

Data transfer can be carried out both via Wi-Fi and using a USB cable:

But the main advantage of this program is that you can easily transfer data not only from another Android smartphone, but also from iPhone, Blackberry or Windows Phone.

If you do not plan to transfer data or have already set up a new phone yourself, there is no point in this application and you can safely delete it.

Game Launcher what is it?

Game Launcher is a kind of game center from Samsung. This application displays all the games installed on your smartphone. Here, a detailed record of the playing time is kept (how much was spent on games per day, what exactly was played). Also in the application you can see the rating of the players and the rating of the games.

In addition, Game Launcher allows you to change performance settings for each game, manage notifications so they don’t distract from the gameplay, and record while playing. All games can be hidden from the smartphone so that they are displayed only in the Game Launcher application.

You cannot uninstall Game Launcher, however this option is disabled in the smartphone settings.


Penup is not just an application, but a whole social network for creative people. This app is bundled with Galaxy Note smartphones, but it can also be downloaded for free on any other phone.

Here you can paint various blanks, learn to draw and even participate in competitions.

Users around the world rate each other’s work, and can also communicate in the comments. Every 15 days, the main theme is updated in PENUP, on which each person can make his own drawing and compete with other participants:

All drawings and achievements in PENUP are saved on Samsung servers and are also available on the PENUP website.