What Is iPhone Orienteering Lock

What Is iPhone Orienteering Lock

What is a gyroscope?

Turning the desktop of any modern gadget can help when working with the device, and annoying, including when it is not necessary. Fortunately, the developers found a way out of the situation. they came up with the possibility of blocking the book orientation.

Imagine you decide to read a book, watch a movie and want to get a larger picture, more horizontal. Should rotate the gadget on its side, and the device automatically rotates the picture, adjusting to a wider format.

Especially for owners of modern iPhones and recently updated iOS firmware, we will take a closer look at how to configure the portrait orientation lock of your gadget.

The auto-rotate function in modern gadgets is provided by a small dashboard, it called a gyroscope. This device helps to view photos,s in a horizontal position.

Using the gadget in this position, it is very convenient to work with programs or conduct third-party manipulations. Nevertheless, applications whose operation involves horizontal mode are launched in this way, regardless of the settings.

Turn iPhone screen rotation on and off

Experienced users can easily find the place where the functional on / off button for portrait orientation is hidden.

However, users who have recently acquired Apple’s trending gadget may get lost in the icons and settings menu. Let us examine in more detail how to enable this function or disable it.

Customization methods

Portrait orientation all iOS firmware versions carried out by pressing the lock button. it looks like a lock surrounded by an arrow. When this feature is enabled, the function button is highlighted in white. To find this function button There are 2 ways.

First. you should get the screen control point by swiping from the bottom up. Thanks to this simple manipulation, the lock button becomes visible. However, the Wi-Fi connection button, the ability to control an audio player and other details are also displayed there.

If it is highlighted grayed out. it means the lock function is off (inactive) and you can rotate the screen in a way that is convenient for watching movies, reading books in a large-scale position or other manipulations.

If she highlighted in white. it works and does not allow the screen to rotate when the device is tilted. That is, turning on the same on YouTube and expanding the gadget to a horizontal position. the picture will remain vertical as before.

And the second way. you need to go to the settings menu, go to the “Basic” section, find the “Switch” function on the side panel and put a mark in front of the “Orientation lock” item. When the button is highlighted in green, the lock function is active.

Accordingly, if it glows gray. then off and you can rotate the device as you like.

Generally, both methods are effective, and which one is more convenient for you is up to you to decide. Sometimes users out of habit control this function through the settings, and some users do not even know about the presence of this function.

Horizontal Screen Mode on iPhone Plus

For larger iPhone models with a Plus mark in the name. a functional lock button works completely similar. However, in such models there is additional functionality that allows you to expand the desktop screen in horizontal mode.

This is convenient enough, because you do not need to “turn” your head each time when you need to open another application in the process. Well, the gadget is also not necessary to twist.

Horizontal mode otherwise called landscape. This mode is available in all Apple tablets and allows you to adjust all the icons and wallpaper to a horizontal view.

In the event that in your iPhone Plus model this mode does not work. should check the settings. It is possible that more dimensional icons and inscriptions are installed on the screen, which just does not allow using this function.

In any case, there is a way! In order to solve this problem, go to the settings, select the menu item “Screen and brightness”, find the sub-item “View” and set the parameter “Standard.” After this procedure, the phone usually reboots. And after rebooting, this function should work.

However, it may happen that all of the above manipulations do not help. This may indicate a breakdown of a small element called a gyroscope.

This part is very sensitive and breaks most often during falls or bumps. In this case, it is better to contact the professionals and fix the problem.