What Is Installed On My Iphone 7

What Is Installed On My Iphone 7

I was repeatedly asked to review the applications and games installed on my smartphone, so this morning I gathered my thoughts and took it off. Now, in fact, it’s time for such a, since I recently got an iPhone, I managed to install all the applications that I use regularly and vice versa, I did not manage to spoil it with any trash that I download at discounts. So, in this exactly the most necessary applications!

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As if it didn’t care what was installed there at this Khokhlov.

judging by the kament, it’s even more interesting and specifically with this.

Privit! What for a model of a cover for your iPhone, and why should I have a case for iPhone 6S?

Hello Alexander, a very important question for me. Now there is a dilemma: iPhone 6s or samsung s6 edge ?! Have you regretted at least once during this not so long time that you bought an iPhone. If so, then what is clearly the advantage of the second you see now. I personally infuriate in Sams that with free 1.5 GB of RAM, there are no more than 5 applications in my memory, why is that? Why then 4 gigs ?! And they write that after installing many applications, minor freezes happen, etc.

Good afternoon, Alexander! Thanks for the! I downloaded a lot of useful applications for myself.
Will the same on the iPad?

3d touch really needs to push with normal grip (glued slightly down 0.2 mm, 3d is set to the best position). Is Sasha in you like that?

Let’s just say I tried with a glass from a friend and refused. But I never liked the glass, I like the film more)

Sasha, is Space Gray?
There is an opinion that most applications in iOS are decorated in light colors and on the white version (Silver) look somehow more concise and holistic.

Space gray is a very good color, I think I like it most of all)

But on Space Gray, the front panel looks cooler. it is not visible where the screen ends.

I agree. In the case of a dark background of wallpaper. looks gorgeous.
But in light colors, not everything is so simple with Space Gray.
I just can’t decide on the color myself. 🙂