What Is Dfu On Iphone 5s

Working with any mobile device is associated with the potential occurrence of various crashes and errors. For example, you can install a problematic application or program that will fail in the future. No one is safe from this.

In this case, it can be very difficult to get the device working properly. In some situations, you even have to turn to service centers for help and pay extra for their work.

If you have an iPhone, don’t worry. Apple has taken care to make life easier for its customers. It developed a special DFU mode. iPhone 4th, 5th and 6th generations support it. Read more about it in the article.

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What it is?

Let’s start by deciphering the name. DFU is, as you understand, the abbreviation for Device Firmware Update, which translates as “updating the device firmware.” It becomes clear: with this mode, you can make the so-called update. make the firmware updated, thus correcting all previously encountered problems and errors.

To update via DFU mode (iPhone 5S, like any other model of this manufacturer, also supports it), you can use a USB cable connected to a PC with iTunes installed. At the same time, you will not see any signs on the screen of the mobile device during the operation of the DFU mode. the iPhone will show just a black “lifeless” screen.

Why is this?

For what purposes did Apple put this mode into effect? Imagine that you suddenly experienced a software failure due to the installation of a third-party application. You cannot control your device using the screen, because it does not respond (or does not respond correctly) to touch, cannot be adequately configured, and simply does not work as it should. What to do in this case?

You need to connect to the computer and update the shell completely to get rid of your iPhone error. DFU mode just allows you to do this. It disables graphics and actually runs at the basic, software level. The user does not see any signs of life on his phone, but the device does not load the “external” operating system (with which an error may appear). Thus, the telephone and computer are connected while the DFU mode is turned on first. iPhone 4 (and not only this model) can be restored at the software level.

How to enter DFU mode?

Once you understand why this mode is needed, we proceed to the instructions for its activation. So, entering iPhone into DFU mode is quite simple. To do this, you need to hold down the phone keys in a certain sequence. First (lasting 2 seconds), you must press the button that returns to the device’s home screen (the so-called Home key), and with it the button with which we unlock our phone every day (Power). After this period of time, release the screen unlock button and continue to hold the home key. As a result, you will see your iPhone screen go blank. DFU mode has obviously been successfully activated.

Software Update

When the smartphone is in this condition, it must be connected to the computer, go to iTunes and just wait until the PC recognizes the phone. There is nothing complicated in this. Soon after the connection, you will see the icon of your iPhone. DFU mode does not affect this in any way, so do not worry about how the device behaves.

Your further actions should be aimed at updating the firmware. This is quite simple to do: go to the panel that displays the status of your device and select the “Update” button. This will allow you to reinstall the operating system on your iPhone. The DFU mode will be canceled only after the end of this process.

An alternative action is a recovery procedure. You can activate it with the corresponding button here on the status bar. With its help, the firmware will not only be updated to a newer version, but all the user’s personal information will also be erased from the phone. iPhone, therefore, will be launched already with factory settings.

If iTunes finds a more recent version of the operating system, the program will offer to install it. Upon completion of the procedure, we proceed to the last stage of work. exit the update mode and restore the normal operation of the device.

Exit DFU

As far as you remember, we entered DFU mode (iPhone 5S, 4 or 6 does not matter), we entered by pressing the key combination Power and Home. So, exit from it is carried out in exactly the same way.

Firstly, you need to hold both buttons for 10 seconds. At this time, the smartphone will not react in any way, so do not be alarmed. this is normal. Secondly, immediately after the action described in the first stage, briefly press the Power key. After a few seconds, you can watch the Apple icon on the device’s screen, after which the phone will start up in normal mode.

What Is Dfu On Iphone 5s

Remember DFU

In general, I would like to give such advice for the future: do not forget about the DFU mode. As soon as your device gives a signal about another error at the software level or the iPhone stops responding to commands, feel free to run this mode. In certain situations, this may be the only correct solution to the problem.