What Is A White List On The Phone

For quite some time now, modern phones and smartphones have such a built-in function as the “Black List”. the ability to add contacts or numbers to the list of those with whom you do not want to communicate. However, sometimes it is required to protect oneself from everyone except the elite. There is a name for this list. the White List.

Not all phones have the ability to create white lists by default, this also applies to gadgets with Android OS. What are the ways to solve this problem? Firstly, try to use the services of your mobile operator (we have a phone, didn’t you forget?). For example, a megaphone has a “white list”, the service is called so. You can add to this list up to hundreds of any numbers, if you call from another, not listed, you will receive a message about an erroneous call. Everything seems to be fine, but there is one thing. the service is paid. And not all have a megaphone. So let’s try another way.

Android OS provides an opportunity for its users to install a great variety of applications, is it really that among them there is no one needed? Will be found! Whitelist Call Blocker. a program designed just for this (and the name hints already).

So, free download from the play market and install on your device. Now on the screen of your gadget there will appear such a new icon with an old telephone.

However, we will not start it yet. we need to reboot the device. After the reboot, we look at the menu. And there is a pleasant surprise. it is in Russian; the translation is true, not very, but the main thing for us is the functional, right?

What Is A White List On The Phone

So, consider the menu items:

  • Settings:
  • Enable notification icon;
  • Show their subscribers in the history of the subscriber;
  • Enable timer;
  • Enable Logging (for support only).

Everything should be clear here.

  • Change the group list (please select the group you would like to give permission to call you):
  • My contacts
  • Starred in Android;
  • Friends
  • Family
  • Coworkes.
  • We note, for example, the first point. and only those who are in the phone book can call you.

  • Change individual contacts (Please select the contacts that you would like to give permission to call you): And here you can specifically mention those who can call. and not the entire phone book.
  • Timetable.
  • We select what we need, go to the main page and click "Services are turned off". the inscription changes to "Service is activated." And everything is ready. It’s just that you can protect yourself from unwanted calls on your Android. install the application with the functionality of the “White List”. Simple and free.

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    P.S. The phone number of the incoming call (how the device receives it) must be exactly as recorded in the phone book. otherwise an incorrect determination is possible. For example, it is necessary "7", but not "eight" at the beginning of the issue.

    UPD: An error occurred in the application

    It is worth noting that the program may not work correctly on all phone models. For example, we have a ZTE blade a5 pro phone. If you install the Whitelist Call Blocker application on it, add certain numbers to the white list and enable it, then when you call from a number not included in this list, the program gives an error, and the call goes through:

    If such an error is displayed on your phone, then you can try to look for a replacement. For example, Call Blocker. After installation, go to the settings:

    Set "Allow whitelist". Next, add numbers to the white list and that’s it:

    Now everyone who wants to call you from any other number that is not included in the authorized number will not be able to do this. Works great against collectors, for example.

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    To add to the black list you just need to send the phone number to the black list of the Call Blocker application. and the program will do its job, you will no longer receive incoming calls from the blocked number.

    What distinguishes Call Blocker from other blockers is its light weight, low consumption of system resources (memory and processor in particular).

    In addition, we note other features of the Call Blocker application for Android:

    • Quickly add unwanted numbers to the blacklist on your phone
    • Creating a white list (it includes contacts and phone numbers that should not be blocked)
    • Logging locks and other program actions
    • Several modes for rejecting unwanted calls: for example, blacklist or white list, block unknown sources (which are not in the address book), block all contacts without exception

    Call Blocker is free, you can download it from the link on Google Play:

    There is black, it is more clear. And what is “white”? What is it for? Is there any benefit?

    Function "White list" it’s very convenient for those who are very busy. This list includes those contacts that are very important for communication. They will reach you. In other words, the exact opposite " blacklist". As for the benefits, it’s hard to say, someone will really need such a function, someone will not.

    "Black list" is needed so that in this mode people from this list are not called up.

    "White list" needed when you switched the phone to mode "do not call anyone". Then, in this mode, only those who can "white" the list.

    The list of contacts in a person’s phone can be divided into several groups. There are numbers that we often dial, while others, on the contrary, have not been used for several months, but we do not delete them from the notebook. If he talks about lists, then the black function is known to everyone: it is there that the numbers of those from whom the subscriber does not want to receive any information are stored. As for the white list, it is not so simple. Its participants are numbers. which are especially important to you. There is one interesting application called "Call blocker"It is easy to find and download. It will block all incoming calls and SMS, but at the same time, people whose names are on the white list will always be able to contact you.