What Internet Speed ​​Is Needed For A Tv

What internet speed is enough?

Today, the Internet is needed in every home no less than water or light. And in every city there are lots of companies or small firms that can provide people with access to the Internet.

The user can choose any package for using the Internet from a maximum of 100 Mbit / s to a low speed, for example 512 kB / s. How to choose the right speed and the right Internet provider for yourself?

Of course, you need to choose the Internet speed based on what you do on the network and how much you are willing to pay per month for Internet access. From my own experience I want to say that the speed of 15 Mbit / s quite suits me as a person who works on the network. While working on the Internet, I have 2 browsers turned on, and each has 20-30 tabs open, and problems arise more from the computer side (to work with a large number of tabs you need a lot of RAM and a powerful processor) than from the speed of the Internet. The only moment when you have to wait a bit is the moment you first launch the browser, when all the tabs are loaded at the same time, but usually it takes no more than a minute.

1. What do Internet speed mean?

Many users confuse the speed of the Internet thinking that 15Mb / s is 15 megabytes per second. Actually 15Mb / s is 15 megabytes per second, and this is 8 times less than megabytes and at the output we get about 2 megabytes the speed of downloading files and pages. If you usually download movies for viewing in the size of 1500 Mb, then with a speed of 15 Mbps the movie will load 12-13 minutes.

Watching a lot or a little of your internet speed

  • The speed is 512 kbit / s 512/8 = 64 kB / s (this speed is not enough to watch online);
  • The speed is 4 Mbit / s 4/8 = 0.5 MB / s or 512 kB / s (this speed is enough to watch online in quality up to 480p);
  • The speed is 6 Mbps 6/8 = 0.75 MB / s (this speed is enough to watch online in quality up to 720p);
  • The speed is 16 Mbit / s 16/8 = 2 MB / s (this speed is enough to watch online in quality up to 2K);
  • The speed is 30 Mbps 30/8 = 3.75 MB / s (this speed is enough to watch online in quality up to 4K);
  • The speed is 60 Mbps 60/8 = 7.5 MB / s (this speed is enough to watch online in any quality);
  • The speed is 70 Mbps 60/8 = 8.75 MB / s (this speed is enough to watch online in any quality);
  • The speed is 100 Mbps 100/8 = 12.5 MB / s (this speed is enough to watch online in any quality).

Many people connecting to the Internet are worried about the possibility of watching online, let’s see what traffic is needed for films with different quality.

2. Internet speed required to watch online

And here you will learn a lot or a little of your speed for watching onlines with different quality formats.

We see that all the most popular formats are reproduced without problems with an Internet speed of 15 Mbps. But to watch in 2160p (4K) format, you need at least 50-60 Mbit / s. but there is one BUT. I don’t think that many servers will be able to distribute of such quality while maintaining such a speed, so by connecting to the Internet at 100 Mbps you can never watch online in 4K.

3. Internet speed for online games

By connecting home Internet, every gamer wants to be 100% sure that his Internet speed will be enough to play his favorite game. But as it turns out, online games are not demanding on the speed of the Internet. Consider the speed that popular online games require:

  1. DOTA 2. 512 kbps
  2. World of Warcraft 512 kbps
  3. GTA online. 512 kbps.
  4. World of Tanks (WoT). 256-512 kbit / s.
  5. Panzar. 512 kbps
  6. Counter Strike 256-512 kbps
What Internet Speed ​​Is Needed For A Tv

Important! The quality of your online game is no longer dependent on Internet speed, but on the quality of the channel itself. For example, if you (or your provider) get the Internet via satellite, then whatever package you use the ping in the game will be much larger than the wired channel at a lower speed.

4. Why do we need the Internet more than 30 Mbps.

In exceptional cases, I could recommend using a faster connection of 50 Mbps or more. Not many providers in your city will be able to provide such speed in full, the Internet to Home company is not the first year in this market and inspires confidence, the stability of communication is all the more important, and I want to believe that they are at their best here. A high speed Internet connection may be necessary when working with large amounts of data (loading and unloading them from the network). Perhaps you are a fan of watching movies in excellent quality, or download large-volume games daily, or uploads or large work files to the Internet. To check the communication speed, you can use various online services, and to optimize the work, you need to perform such actions.

By the way, a speed of 3 Mbit / s and lower usually makes network work a little unpleasant, not all sites with online work well, and downloading files does not please at all.

Whatever it is today in the Internet services market there is plenty to choose from. Sometimes, in addition to global providers, the Internet is offered by small-town firms, and often the level of their service is also up to par. The cost of services in such firms is certainly much lower than that of large companies, but as a rule, the coverage of such firms is very small, usually within a district or two.