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All modern phones have a camera that lets you take photos or record video.

Some users have found an additional way to use the built-in camera. as a magnifier. Most sensors have sufficient resolution to zoom in on a particular object and view the smallest details. This feature allows you not to carry a magnifying glass. just turn on the smartphone to read small text or examine the image. The function will be especially useful for visually impaired people.

How to change and rearrange the icons on the Huawei Honor notification panel

As I noted earlier in order to get to the Notifications panel it is enough to swipe down from the top status bar on the Home screen, thus lowering the barrier of the Notifications panel.

In the default settings of the smartphone on the Notification panel are the function icons in the following order:

These options are switched by the “Notification Panel Display Mode” icon located in the upper right corner of the screen.

If you click the Edit Notification Panel icon (in the upper right corner of the screen), a hidden area of the panel opens with additional function icons.

Each user can change the order of the icons if he/she wants, so that the most frequently used function icons are at the top of the screen for quick access.

When adjusting the position of the icons on the HUAWEI (honor) phone Notification Panel, you can:

  • To change the order of the icons: Touch and hold an icon and then drag it to a new location.
  • Add an icon to the visible area of the panel: Drag an icon from the hidden area to the upper display area. After that, press the “BACK” button.
  • Remove icons from the upper area of the panel: To do this, drag an icon from the display area to the hidden area. Then press the “BACK” button.

Below is an example of moving the Do Not Disturb icon from the hidden area of the panel to the second row of icons:

After rearranging the icons, the Notification panel will look like this: now the main function icons in the visible area are located in 3 rows and there are already 11 of them.

On the Notification panel you can also adjust the Brightness of the screen. To do this, simply swipe to the right or left on the brightness scale of the screen. The more to the right of the “engine”. the brighter the screen.

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How to adjust the display of notifications on Meizu after the update

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How to remove unnecessary icon from Android

To get rid of the “eye”, you do not have to change the firmware, everything is much easier. From the phones are removed so:

  • enter the smartphone settings;
  • open the additional functions section;
  • click the Smart Stay row;
  • move the slider next to the item Enabled, deactivating the power indicator.
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It remains to confirm the settings and close this section. The “eye” will not be disturbed any more and you can safely continue to do your business.

You can disable the option in the smartphone settings

Plane icon

This item is for, well, quite newcomers. This icon means the active state of the “In Plane” mode, which deactivates the ability to call anyone, receive calls from others, disables various radio and Wi-Fi modules and the entire network. Useful mode if you do not want to be disturbed, besides, disabling communication modules will help to save battery power.

Many icons on the notification panel have intuitive meanings. But there are icons, the reasons for which are difficult to guess. For example, this icon, which resembles the sign “Brick” from traffic rules: a circle with a minus inside. The background in the circle can be colored white or be transparent. In Honor what this icon appears and how to remove it?

How to remove the eye from the status bar

Once the user has decided that he needs to remove this icon, he can do it in a few clicks. This is much easier than it first appears.

Notice the! The process of disconnecting depends on what kind of phone the user has, what operating system and firmware.

To remove the eye on Samsung phones, you need to do the following:

  • Open the settings and find the “Extras” section.functions.”. Tap on it and go to it;
  • After that, click on the smart disconnect button;
  • Near the active icon, move the slider to the off state so that the indicator automatically becomes inactive;
  • After that, we save the changes and make sure that the device works without an eye in the status bar.

If the user has a different brand of device, you can use the following scheme:

  • To start, we also go to the phone settings and look for one of the main items called “Screen”;
  • After that we go to the “Vision protection” section. It can also be called “Read Mode”;
  • Move the slider to the inactive state in order to disable the option.

Important! Section names and items may vary, depending on the device model and Android firmware installed.

The user can also disable this function in a special notification curtain. It is enough to open it with a swipe from the top down and click on the eye that has appeared. If the function is activated, it is highlighted in a certain color. If not, the function is off.

Once the user has done all the manipulations correctly, the eye will disappear from the status bar. If necessary, using the same algorithm, this function can be activated on the device.

You can see more about Smart Stay in this video

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Why you need to protect your eyesight when using a device?

The answer is simple. The phone sends its rays, thus when you use the smartphone frequently, your eyes are overstretched and your vision drops. Orange can reduce eye strain and avoid vision loss.

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To activate the feature again, you just need to follow the instructions above, just activate the sliders.

Since it is a simple system function, there should be no problem.

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The eye icon appeared on

At the beginning of March 2021. Now every user can monitor this indicator and develop their page or community. If you sell merchandise, read our article on how to do it more effectively. Do you want as many people as possible to see the recording?? Pin it to your wall. With the help of the eye you can understand how people react to a particular publication. As you know, the more reposts and likes have been made, the more you like the publication. You can calculate the conversion rate in likes and reposts and based on these figures understand what kind of content to post.

To calculate the conversion rates, divide the number of likes/reposts by the number of views and multiply the figure by 100%. You will know exactly how popular your posts are. An icon with the number of views is placed absolutely under all posts. It can be seen not only from a PC, but also from a gadget. Web analytics captures the number of views without any additional activity. User does not need to like the entry, leave a repost or comment. Just flip through the feed and the view will be fixed. Thus, popular materials in will become even more noticeable, and only gaining popularity communities and users will be able to develop themselves and make the resource even more interesting and useful.

There is a new eye icon on

The eye icon that appeared in ,

is available to all users who have accounts on the site. It can be found only under the publications that are posted on your wall. Unfortunately, the analytics will not show how many people have looked at your album or saved photos. According to the saved photos VK also came up with a new chip. It is now closed by default for all users. To open it, read our article here:. What to do if there are a lot of views, but no reposts or likes?

There may be several options here. gain some likes and see how people react, maybe they are shy to be the first to show activity. The second option to change the character of publications. Perhaps the post “did not go”, you showed it to the wrong target audience that would have liked it. Conduct a group survey to map participants’ interests and develop a content plan accordingly. The third option is to ignore the lack of approval and continue to make posts. If you are passionate about a topic, you write in an interesting way, you will eventually find your readers. You may have to use paid promotion methods and make a community not only in VK, but Feybsuke and Insta.

Face and iris recognition on the Samsung Galaxy S8 one of the sensational and controversial innovations. As far as this functionality works, is it convenient and can it be used?? I will try to answer these questions based on a month of using the device.

Cellular connectivity

As soon as the user sees the icon with four vertical lines, located in ascending order on the left side of the status window, he should understand that the cellular indicator is in front of him. The more bars, the faster the user can be reached. If there is no connection at all, these four lines may be crossed out, and sometimes a cross appears next to them.

Also, instead of a cross, there may be cellular inscriptions, which you can see more about in this

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They denote the type of connection that is set by the mobile operator.

Why is Eye Comfort mode necessary??

Anyone who uses a Huawei or Honor phone, often notices an icon in the form of an eye. It’s on the top bar of Android. Not far from the system clock and other icons.

Of course, we spend a lot of time in front of our cell phone screens. Even when we go to sleep, we still look at photos in social networks, messages in chat rooms, videos. And also take some time to read e-articles and books. The strain on the eyes is great.

IMPORTANT! The natural white light is the result of combining seven primary colors. It is red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue, purple. Light is also a wave and at the same time a stream of particles. They all go into the human eye and affect that organ.

LCD displays of electronic devices use RGB coding. There are only 3 colors in it. red, green, and blue. There are other colors, too. But they are the result of these three being mixed on the retina. Experimentally, scientists have found that the most harmful to humans when emitted by the color blue.

In particular, American researchers at Oregon State University have proven that the light that emanates from the LED-displays of smartphones, adversely affects the light-sensitive cells of the retina. And if you are constantly in front of the phone display for 12 hours a day, it will lead to the destruction of eye cells and brain neurons. And the human body ages faster.

The results of the work of scientists are known to those who produce mobile electronic devices. And that is why some advanced brands, such as Huawei, continue to develop modern technology. This is necessary in order to achieve a reduction in the harmful effects of cell phones on human health.

IMPORTANT! The specialists of the National Engineering Research Center of Ophthalmic Technology in China and Huawei have developed a smartphone eye protection mode, which is considered unique.

The impact of the phone screen on the eyes in different lighting, depends on parameters such as brightness and temperature of the color Spectra: the light of cold and warm. Specialists took this into account when developing optimal screen brightness and color temperature settings to prevent human eye strain.

How to remove the eye icon on Huawei and Honor

To disable the eye icon on Huawei, you need to go to the smartphone settings panel, find the “Screen” section. Then open the corresponding parameter and uncheck the active mode.

If the image does not disappear after deactivating the tool, just restart your smartphone.

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