What does it mean to clear the cache on Android

Learn how to clear the cache on your phone in just one minute, a simple instruction! To begin with, you should know that the cache on Android is the data that applications create in the course of their execution. They are necessary for faster operation of these programs. For example, image viewers create thumbnails of images in order to immediately display them in the future, rather than loading the processor every time in order to create miniature copies. In the case of browsers, a cache is needed so that to display a site that was already previously opened in the application, do not load data that usually does not change (for example, images).

Why do I need to clear the cache in Android

What does it mean to clear the cache on Android

Despite the fact that the cache stores useful data that allows applications that created them to work faster and consume less power, sometimes they can cause one significant inconvenience to the user. leading to a lack of space on the drive. This is understandable, because over time there can be a lot of corresponding files, and some of them will be of impressive size.
For example: if, say, 25 applications that are regularly used are installed on the device, then after a month the cache will most likely grow to 7 gigabytes, and possibly more. If the device has only 32 gigabytes of storage, then the presence of such a large amount of relevant data will become a problem. In the end, you will need to clear the Android cache.

Why cache flushing is dangerous

In general. cleaning the cache in android is completely safe, with one exception. you can lose unsaved information in running applications. Therefore, before clearing the cache, you need to save all the important information for you in already running applications.

Types of Cache

The cache in the Android operating system is divided into three types:

  1. Dalvik-Cache
  2. system cache;
  3. application cache.

Dalvik-cache Is the data created by the Dalvik virtual machine. It stores optimized application files that are needed for faster program execution. Those, in turn, are on a special section that is invisible to a user who does not use special applications.
In the system cache stored data programs that are built into Android. In the process, the system creates files in which it writes information that can be reused.
An application cache is a repository of data that was created by third-party applications (for example, downloaded from the Play Market). It may contain: thumbnails of images, images downloaded in a browser, game files, etc.

The main ways to clear the cache in Android

The cache of the system and applications can be cleared in two ways: through the built-in utility and using one of the special programs that are available on the Play Market.
Removing the cache using the built-in utility is a safer way to get rid of the corresponding data. The system is guaranteed not to harm the files that are needed for the programs and the system, as well as user information. When working with third-party applications, in turn, you should be more careful.

How to clear cache on Android manually

Now we turn directly to the question of how to clear the cache on an Android phone.
To delete the relevant data without using third-party software, you will need:

  • go to “Settings” (via the menu or curtain);
  • Find the category “Device” and select “Memory”;
  • Click on “Cache Data”;
  • in the pop-up dialog box, click on “OK”.

After a few seconds (the exact time depends on the amount of accumulated files), the window will disappear, and the value “Available” will increase by the number equal to the number of megabytes / gigabytes that was previously indicated in the “Cache Data”.

How to clear the cache of only one application

Now about how to clear the cache on Android for only one specific application. To do this, you will need to perform the following series of actions:

  • go to the “Settings”;
  • select “Memory”;
  • tap on “Application Data.”;
  • go to the tab “All”;
  • Find and select the application whose cache you want to clear;
  • on the displayed screen, click on “Erase data”;
  • confirm the action by clicking on “OK”.

After a few seconds, the cache data for this application will be deleted.

After deleting the application data, you may need to log in again (for example, in the case of clients of social networks). Therefore, before cleaning, make sure that you have the details of access to the account to which you are going to connect through the application.

Android applications to clear the cache

One of the most popular apps that allow you to clear your cache on Android is Clean Master. This program can be downloaded free of charge from the Play Market. Using it is simple:

  • first you need to download and install it;
  • running, you need to click on the button “JUNK FILES” (“Files in the basket”);
  • on the screen that appears, you must select the applications whose cache you want to clear;
  • click on “CLEAN JUNK”.

This application can be configured to clear the cache at a specified time.
There are also other programs for cleaning the cache, for example, App Cache Cleaner, Power Clean, CCleaner and others.

App cache cleaner. An application that, in addition to clearing the cache in manual and automatic mode (with a specified interval), is also able to transfer certain application data to a memory card. Suitable for those who have little space on the internal drive, but MicroSD is installed.
Power clean Is an application that has many features. Using it, you can not only clear the cache, but also delete old files that have not been used for a long time, speed up the system, cool the processor, etc.
Ccleaner. A mobile version of the famous application for personal computers on Windows. It has similar functionality to Power Cleaner. However, unlike Power Cleaner, its interface is better translated into Russian.

3 more useful articles:

Application Manager. allows you to delete downloaded or system applications. His responsibilities also include: search.

This is a powerful Windows optimization tool. The main function of the program is cleaning. It is supposed to delete temporary files.

Total Commander. file manager for Andorid. Through this program, you can perform a variety of actions with.


2.48 MB cache data. I’m trying to clear the cache data through the settings-memory-cache. I confirm that the cache is cleared (I click ok) and nothing happens, as it was 2.48 and it remained. Through mtelku also not cleaned. Why?

Elena, most likely, 2.48mb is the cache of system applications (the smallest possible), it is cleared only when the device is turned off.

Hello, I do as necessary for cleaning, everything remains as it is now showing 97.3 what to do ?, thanks

Hello Hope!
A cache is the information that is needed to run running applications. Try first disabling applications that you do not use, and then clear the android cache.
By the way, 97.3 mb of cache in android is not so much by modern standards.

I could not clear the cache on the phone using your instructions, although I did everything as it was written, but the cache immediately returned after clearing. In general, a simple reboot helped me!