What Does an Iphone 7 RFB Mean

Today we’ll talk about refurbished iPhone (refurbished iPhone), learn to distinguish between manufacturer refurbished and seller refurbished, we will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of CPO iPhone and consider the pitfalls associated with their acquisition.

What Does an Iphone 7 RFB Mean

What is a refurbished iPhone

Apple has been repairing iMac and other devices for many years. But how is this process going? We will tell on an example of iPhone.

If the smartphone is broken or a defect is detected in it, the device will be replaced with a new one under warranty at any official service center. The old device is sent to the factory. This is what Apple does with smartphones replaced under the Trade-in program, and even those iPhones that were returned within 14 days after purchase.

In addition, in recent years, Apple began to actively advocate for environmental issues and launched a program to recycle old equipment called the Apple Recycling Program. a lot of time was devoted to this topic at one of the latest iPhone presentations.

So, the client handed over his iPhone and the smartphone goes to the Apple factory, where he undergoes diagnostics. After assessing the status of the device, difficultly restored devices are disassembled into spare parts, and those that have only minor malfunctions (for example, the display, camera, Home button, etc.) receive new elements (the case, screen and battery are changed in all) , IMEI and serial number.

Seller refurbished

Now that you’ve found out how the iPhone recovery process goes, let’s see how refurbished smartphones differ from used and new devices.

Officially restored iPhones are considered to be used, although they have more in common with new devices. Judge for yourself, the RFB iPhone is being repaired at the Apple factory, getting new cases, batteries and accessories, all the boards and connectors are thoroughly cleaned. And most importantly, CPO iPhone has Apple’s official one-year warranty.

With seller refurbished iPhone, the situation is different. Usually they are assembled in a non-original case, they are equipped with copies of power adapters, Lightning and EarPods, idle parts do not change, but are repaired. Such iPhone may have a different color rendering of the screen, there is a higher likelihood of glare, broken pixels on the matrix and gaps in the case. Although there are sellers who use only original spare parts (they take parts in good condition from broken devices).

The main plus of seller refurbished smartphones is the price. Often, it is lower than manufacturer refurbished, but there are exceptions. In general, unofficially restored iPhones may or may not be lucky. In some cases, used iPhones may be the best choice.

How to distinguish a new iPhone from a restored

The first thing you should pay attention to is the box. The packages of the restored iPhone are different in that they do not have an image or engraving on the smartphone. They are just white, with the model name in the center and the inscription “Apple Certified Pre-Owned” at the bottom.

Second, look at the iPhone model number on the back of the box. The first letter indicates the status of the phone: M. new, F. refurbished. Between the number and model name of the restored device, there must be an abbreviation RFB.

You can check the model number through “Settings”: go to the menu “General” → “About this device” and see the information in the line “Model”.

We also recommend checking the serial number through iTunes and comparing it with the one on the box.

Should I buy a refurbished iPhone

An official manufacturer refurbished iPhone is worth buying if your budget is limited. There are practically no differences with the new device, and accessories can be purchased for the money saved. We cannot recommend seller refurbished iPhone for purchase because Apple is not responsible for their quality. If you decide to buy such a smartphone, choose a trusted seller.

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