What Does A Clipboard Mean In A Phone?

What Does A Clipboard Mean In A Phone?

Our smartphones with you. convenient pocket mini-computers. Like them “older brothers”, these gadgets are equipped with a clipboard. location for temporary storage of information and transfer of data (text, content, links) between several applications. In this case, the new copied text or image will supersede the old one (taking its place in the buffer). But where is the clipboard in the phone? We will answer this and other relevant questions further.

Where is the clipboard in the phone?

Clipboard. This is a component of the RAM of your gadget. Therefore, he is in her (“RAM”) root folders. However, on many devices access to them is possible only when the user gets root-rights. Information from the clipboard is stored in the data / clipboard folder.

But you can see it in less complicated ways. Where is the clipboard in the phone “Samsung”? This is a special key on the keyboard. And in some devices, it can also be called in a dialog box. just hold your finger on the text input line.

Why is it needed?

If you are interested in where the clipboard is located in the phone, then you are aware of its functionality. This is a component of the device’s RAM. Depending on the model of the latter, it can accommodate not only text, but also photos,s, audio. Like on a PC, you work with the clipboard on your phone in “copy paste”.

The functions of this share of the gadget’s RAM are very useful when you need to send a friend a phone number, copy a link to an interesting page on the network, share a photo with several friends, send a invitation to a large circle of people for the holiday, and so on.

But we do not advise you to trust the important information to the clipboard. It is volatile, which means that when you turn off or restart the gadget, all data from it is permanently erased.

How to work with him?

When we know where the clipboard is in the phone, we will decide to use it sooner or later. Make it simple:

  1. Hold your finger on the text you want to copy.
  2. The word on which it (the finger) is located is highlighted on both sides by sliders.
  3. Move them, highlighting a piece of text that you want to put on the clipboard.
  4. In the pop-up cloud-window, click on “Copy” (maybe, depending on the gadget model, functions are also available “Cut out”, “Share this”, “To find” etc.) The text is placed on the clipboard.
  5. Now go to the application where you need to insert it.
  6. Hold the line where the cursor is blinking with your finger.
  7. The dialog box appears again. click on “Embed”.
  8. Information from the clipboard has been transferred! By the way, by going to other applications, you can insert it several more times.

If you want to transfer any content to the clipboard, then look for the item “Copy” in the submenu to the photo, track,.

Extended capabilities

If you searched for the clipboard in your LG phone, “Samsung” and any other “Android” versions older than 4.4, we recall that in the RAM of such a gadget at the same time a mass of text elements can be stored for insertion. But she can’t store several photos ors, because the buffer has limited volumes.

So, if you want to know what is stored in your clipboard, then you need to do the following:

  1. Open any application with the ability to insert text. “Messages”, “Notebook”, “Notes”.
  2. Hold the cursor line with your finger.
  3. In the dialog box that appears, tap on “Clipboard”.
  4. All information stored there will pop up at the bottom of the display.
  5. By tapping on any piece of text, you can insert it.

Clipboard cleaning

Although this fraction of RAM occupies a small amount, it is sometimes necessary to clean it. You can delete information from here in one of these three easy ways:

  1. In any application with text input, hold your finger on the line with the cursor. In the dialog box that appears, click on “Clipboard”. Hold one of the text fragments that appears until deletion crosses appear in the corners of all the icons. Click on the latter to remove the desired one from the buffer.
  2. Use the app-“janitor” like Clean Master, which, among other things, cleans the clipboard.
  3. Reboot or turn on / off the gadget. The buffer will clear itself.

And if it doesn’t work?

It is extremely rare that the clipboard ceases to function. The problem is associated in most cases with system errors. It’s easy to solve. reboot the device. If this does not help, then you can go to extreme measures. reset to factory settings. But before that, do not forget to backup the data stored on the device!

In the case when hard reset did not bring any sense, the only way out. Contact a service center.

Now you not only know where the clipboard is in the phone “Android”, iPhone, but also how to use it. The functionality on the smartphone, tablet is practically no different from the features “older brother” on a computer or laptop.