What are the LEDs in the TV Lg 32lb561v

  1. Contents of delivery
  2. LG 32LH570U TV: design features
  3. Screen specifications
  4. Image quality
  5. Audio Features Overview
  6. Functionality of LG 32LH570U Smart TV
  7. Connecting external devices
  8. Power supply for the LG 32LH570U TV

The irreplaceable home attribute. TV, has changed beyond recognition in just 15 years. recently, huge boxes with powerful picture tubes and huge antennas stood out against the background of the interior, corns of the eye. All this has long been in the past. Volumetric boxes replaced the flat and stylish screens of modern TVs that fit well into the design of the room, do not take up much space and have a number of new features. The dealer in the field of television remains LG, which produces high-tech products, constantly surprising consumers with various innovations. In our review, we will consider the novelty of 2017, namely the smart TV LG 32LH570U.

Smart TV LG 32LH570U

What are the LEDs in the TV Lg 32lb561v

Given the variety in the configuration of various models and brands of TVs, we will consider this item to know exactly what it is worth looking for in a box. The manufacturer decided not to add variety to the delivery set and limited itself to literally the most necessary:

LG 32LH570U TV: design features

The appearance and shape of the gadget often play a major role in the selection. External data of the LG 32LH570U TV allows you to place it in small rooms. a kitchen or a bedroom. The ideal option is to install it on a small shelf or mount it on a wall. For an accurate understanding of the size, we will clarify the dimensions of the device without a stand:

  • width. 734 mm;
  • height. 438 mm;
  • thickness. 71 mm.

As we can see, the size of the TV will be an ideal solution for small rooms like a study. The weight of the device is 4.5 kg. Note that with the stand, the weight is 4.7 kg and the height is 474 cm. Do not put the LG 32LH570U TV high on a shelf without a reliable mount, especially if small children are at home. An ideal option would be to place it on a special stand, which will add stability to the equipment.

As for the appearance, the TV is made in a laconic style: no unnecessary details, bulky inscriptions, striking buttons. The frames around the screen are thin, have no protrusions, which makes them almost invisible. On the bottom frame is the manufacturer’s logo. Right below the inscription, the power button is equipped from the end of the case. Color solutions that are present on the Russian market:

  • the black;
  • silver metallic.

The rear panel of the TV is not unusual. one-color, with connectors for mounting. The right side of the back surface is equipped with all kinds of outputs, which we will talk about in a separate section.

Screen features of the smart TV LG 32LH570U

Fans of huge displays are unlikely to appreciate this model. The diagonal is 32 inches and most likely is not suitable for creating a home theater. But size is not the point. On the TV, image quality is important. A high-quality screen is one of the advantages of the device. Despite the price tag, the manufacturer introduced its most advanced technologies into the device. This fact makes the LG 32LH570U TV a worthy competitor in the market, but at the same time affordable to the general public. Screen features are as follows:

  1. Type of display. LED.
  2. Matrix. IPS.
  3. Screen resolution. 1366×768.
  4. Viewing angle. 178 (both horizontally and vertically).
  5. Vertical frequency. 60 Hz.
  6. The pixel density is 50 ppi.
  7. Backlight Type: DIRECT.

Let’s consider each of them in order. The type of LED display is an intermediate level between LCD and OLED. Consequently, the quality will be high and the price moderate. The main features of LED displays:

  • wide list of playables;
  • Energy Saving Technologies;
  • high clarity and image contrast

Image quality directly depends on the type of backlight. The DIRECT view used in the LG 32LH570U TV means that the LEDs are placed evenly behind the matrix. This increases the thickness of the TV itself, but makes the backlight uniform and high quality. An important addition will be the function of fine-tuning the screen Picture Wizard III. It allows you to adjust the level of brightness, image clarity, as well as adjust the color gamut and the depth of black. One of the main indicators of high image quality is the graphics processor. The LG 32LH570U TV uses the Triple XD engine. It copes quite well with the load, has at its disposal 2 cores with a frequency of 1.2 GHz. These indicators for excellent work are more than enough.

Summing up, we can safely say that the quality of the screen is at the highest level. The technologies used by the manufacturer are focused primarily on a comfortable image, and not on reducing the thickness of the TV itself.

LG 32LH570U TV picture quality

Thanks to the above technologies, you can easily configure multiple viewing options. The manufacturer also provided a significant number of configuration modes that can be selected depending on the content you are viewing. The Picture Wizard III configuration service will help you complete all your plans. As already mentioned, he is responsible for adjusting the brightness, contrast, backlight, clarity of the picture. There are also 8 image modes:

    “Bright”. brightness, contrast and sharpness increase.

“Standard”. universal settings configured by default.

“Movie”. The device adapts to content to create a more lively picture.

“Sport”. Optimization of settings for images with moving objects, such as players, the ball, etc.

“Game”. LG32LH570U TV works on the speed of image transmission, reducing the chance of freezing pictures during the game.

“Eco mode”. mode with significantly reduced power consumption.

  • “Expert-1”; “Expert 2”. for advanced settings. Designed for ISF professionals, ordinary users are not recommended to change the default settings on their own, as there is a high probability that the image will become much worse.
  • Also take a closer look at the aspect ratio of the LG 32LH570U TV. There are 6 modes in total:

    • 16: 9;
    • source (according to the original size);
    • 4: 3;
    • vertical increase;
    • full increase;
    • auto (definition and automatic adjustment to the content being viewed).

    Readable file formats: 3GPP, VC-1, TS, AVI, MPEG-4, DivX, MP4, Flash, M2TS, H.263 (264.265), QuickTime, MKV. In other words, everything you need is available, but no more.

    LG 32LH570U Smart TV: Audio Overview

    Image is by far the most important indicator of TV quality. But I would not want to hear inaudible sounds with high image quality, listen to dialogs, and experience discomfort from the implausible sounding of special effects. What kind of sound capabilities did the manufacturer prepare for us? It is worth familiarizing yourself with the audio system closer.

    The LG 32LH570U is equipped with two powerful speakers of 3 watts each. Virtual Surround Plus system allows you to create high-quality and surround sound. The settings provide many different settings for the operation of the audio system. Also provides for synchronization of sound through an optical cable. Let’s move on to review the available sound tuning modes. The user has 6 types at their disposal:

      “Standard”, Suitable for ordinary viewing TV shows and talk shows.

    “Music”, Ideal for listening to music or watching live recordings.

    “Movie”, this mode will be ideal for watching high-quality cinema in the style of a blockbuster or thriller.

    “Sport”. Special sound settings for watching sports events.

    “Games”. playing with him your favorite games will be much more interesting.

  • Clear voice iii. The system of the most distinct sound transmission, suitable for a different genre of.
  • Smart TV LG 32LH570U boasts not only many modes, but two advanced technologies that will come in handy:

      Virtual surround. This technology creates a surround sound system for watching movies almost like in the latest digital cinema.

  • Clearvoice. allows you to increase the volume of the main sounds, or vice versa to reduce it. This is very convenient if you want to watch football and not be distracted by the commentator, or listen to the dialogs of the main characters of the film, reducing the sound of special effects.
  • The technologies that the LG 32LH570U TV is equipped with will allow you to forget about problems with sound. The developers took care not only of image quality, but also of decent sound. Watching movies and listening to good quality music is possible thanks to the LG 32LH570U smart LCD TV.

    Functionality of LG 32LH570U Smart TV

    To start using smart TV, you must first configure it according to the following algorithm:

      Through the main menu, select the connection option (cable or Wi-Fi) and execute it.

    Register in the system, since without it it is impossible to use most of the functions.

  • Enter your data.
  • The data exchange system (SmartShare) is represented by three main areas:

    1. Communication with DLNA devices;
    2. WiDi
    3. Miracast

    When choosing this TV model, you also get:

    1. European standards for digital broadcasting DVB-T2 and DVB-C.
    2. The new generation of satellite digital broadcasting is DVB-S2.
    3. CI1.3. interface for connecting electronic modules.
    4. Teletext 2 thousand pages.
    5. Subtitle support.
    6. Digital program guide.
    7. Teletext flof navigation.

    LG 32LH570U TV is smart as much as its budget allows. The device is quite functional, but no frills.

    Connecting external devices to an LG 32LH570U TV

    The TV has a minimum of necessary modules for external connection. Among them:

    • input for antenna;
    • component input;
    • slot CI;
    • line output;
    • HDMI (HDR). 2;
    • USB 2.0. 1;
    • Digital Audio (Optical). 1;
    • SCART (Full). 1.

    The downside is the presence of only one USB 2.0. In general, the set is quite decent.

    Power supply for the LG 32LH570U TV

    Using this TV model will allow you to save a large amount of electricity due to belonging to the energy efficiency class A. The main thing is not to forget about the availability of the corresponding mode and do not forget to turn it on. The device in standby mode and off consumes 0.5 watts, and in economy mode. 25 watts.

    Summing up the results of our review, we can say with confidence that the LG 32LH570U TV has more positive characteristics than disadvantages. By its size, it is suitable for small rooms and will become, more likely, additional in your home.

    The device will be an ideal option for a one-room apartment, where the entire space is optimized to the maximum. In its capabilities, it surpasses many competitors in its price category. The picture and sound quality is at a high level, not to say about the function of SMART-TV. In general, the model creates the impression of a high-quality and high-quality TV.

    Price LG 32LH570U. from 17,000 rubles. And here is a review of the device:

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