What are the Apple of a dozen corporate innovations of the last decade

Apple phenomenon and its industry prospects

Last year, an event occurred on the world IT market, which can be attributed to the category of epoch-making for the industry, but nevertheless not very very noted by analysts and only casually noticed by the public. Apple Corporation closed its next financial year, which ended on September 24, 2011, with a truly outstanding result-sales income of 108.2 billion. Doll., Having overcome the bar in 100 billion. Among the leading world IT companies, only HP (see. Table. 1), but she stepped over the 100-millionth line four years ago. And the unlucking IBM IBM IBM was able to cross this threshold only last year.

As for the key business indicator-net profit (and the purpose of any commercial enterprise is precisely profit, income is more likely a means to achieve the goal), then Apple absolutely stepped forward, overtaking a long-term unconditional leader-Microsoft (25.9 and previously 25.9 23.2 billion. Doll.). Although it should be noted that in relation to the income of Redmond, he still holds the first position.

But the most amazing, of course, is not even absolute values, but relative ones. The growth rate for the last year: 66% of income and 84% of profit! Even startups starting with almost zero business marks can envy such speeds, and for multi.Billion dollar corporations this simply goes beyond the brink of the most daring ideas! And what is important, Apple does not seem to intend to reduce her pace: in the first quarter of her new financial year, she demonstrated even more record indicators: income and net profit amounted to 46.3 and 13.1 billion. Doll., that higher than the same data the statute of limitations, respectively, is 74 and 118%. Given this information, if there is no planetary scale on Earth, it is possible to predict exactly that HP will be among the lagging people from Apple. One way or another, but in early August 2011. Apple became the most expensive company in the world (340 billion. Doll.), in October, its capitalization was already 400 billion. Doll., And in February 2012 it increased to 477 billion. Doll.

What does this financial and business phenomenon mean? What is its reason and that he promises an IT market? I will give my version of the answer to the last question: most likely no revolutionary influence on the development of IT markets will have an Apple activity. Precisely, there will be an influence and will remain, but it will not be a “proportional” growth of her business. After all, Apple, in general, is now at all an IT company (like Google with its also impressive pace and volumes), in any case, in the traditional sense of the IT market I will try to explain this argument. But first you need to see the historical path of development of this Apple.

Apple has opened the advantages of the touch screen

For the first time, Apple was not equipped with touch screens at all. However, the first pancake of innovative manufacturers came out lumpy: the touchscreen did not provide the necessary functionality and experience of a multi-line, which would simplify interaction with gadgets. And only when the release of the “apple” smartphone took place, the convenience of using the touch screen became obvious.

Support for multi.Line functions has done its job. The audience met an innovation with open arms. As a result of this event, manufacturers have been increasing less and less release gadgets with a physical keyboard, and today such devices are extremely rare on store shelves. After all, even the BlackBerry Keyone communicator model, endowed with a keyboard, also has a touch display.

But a small video as Steve Jobs himself represented the iPhone:

Not passable candidates

There are several possible objects for inclusion in this material, but they should be abandoned. For example, iPhone, iPod, and so on, because it is more interesting to consider the “non.Membranous product”. To call the iPhone innovative is reductionism, moreover, to be honest, it is not interesting. You need to dig deeper, find out what its specific details are innovative and why. It is advisable to consider not solid finished products, but their individual features.

The user graphic integration (GUI) was also excluded. He certainly changed the industry, and Apple, of course, played the most important role in the history of these changes. But, as in the case of complex products, to consider GUI one innovation, it may also be too common. It is more interesting to deal with individual elements.

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We also do not consider the IOS system itself (or iPhone OS, as it was called when it appeared). The first iPhone should largely thank Palm OS: applications for the entire screen and the application launch menu, including the ordered series of icons, are very similar concepts, and noticeably differ from how Apple designed Newton. The main innovation of iOS was how she brought together a large number of details and made them brilliantly work in an accessible and understandable manner.

Apple product line: all products from 1976 to today

Steve Jobs went down in history as a brilliant marketer who managed to turn his product into a status attribute of elected and wealthy aesthetes. Laconic corporate identity has become a business card of the company’s products. Under his leadership, the company managed to produce a very real revolution in a digital universe, turning a very “dry” and unpretentious in terms of beauty and design, techno-world-worlds in a real work of digital art. In just a few decades, Apple presented many super innovative, unique and technological products, many of which are successfully sold in the premium market segments.

The assortment line has hundreds of items of hardware and software, service and services. Some products could not be widely known, others are in demand only in a limited circle of customers, while others are well.Known among millions of users of modern gadgets throughout the globe.

  • Iphone smartphones. The first iPhone was announced back in 2007. Since then, the manufacturer has been producing a new version of the device almost annually, focusing on innovation, ease of use and compliance with the latest trends.
  • Laptops, computers and monoblocks Macintosh. Year from year to year, the performance of these devices is growing, and dimensions are reduced. Today you can buy a powerful desktop PC, IMAC. One of the best monoblocks assembled on the principle of “all in one”, MacBook Air. A super.Light and super.Thin laptop designed to solve an impressive circle of tasks at home, in office or road, mini. Compact system unit with OS X, MacBook Pro. Professional, productive laptops with recognizable design.
  • IPOD players. The first digital gadget was released in 2001, becoming one of the best.Selling brand products. The last in the iPod line was the IPOD Touch model.
  • Ipad tablets. When creating the first tablet computer, the manufacturer hoped to create a device that over time could become a full.Fledged replacement for a stationary PC. The line is represented by several series: iPad mini, iPad Air, iPad Pro.
  • Smart watches Apple Watch. The presentation took place in September 2014. Smart watches became the first device in the history of the company, in the development of which Steve Jobs did not participate. The idea of ​​creating a gadget belongs to Tim Cook.
  • Smart. Homepod speaker. The “smart” column has been produced since 2017. It is equipped with impressive functionality and voice control implemented using Siri.
  • Airpods wireless headphones. The new generation of headphones operating on the basis of Bluetooth technology, which allowed to forget about confusing wires once and for all.

The Apple list also includes scanners, printers, television prefixes, computer mice, cameras, keyboards, remote controls and many other devices.

apple, corporate, innovations, last

Innovation and iterations. Two aspects of Apple success

Apple, undoubtedly, is a unique company that produces unique devices. Thanks to its innovation and the huge technical and financial potential, Apple may not adapt to the market trends, but create them yourself. Over, the Cupery giant is so strong that it can afford to create completely new categories of products. Even where competitors had suffered a complete fiasco before him.

However, recently there are more and more talks that Apple has ceased to be an innovative company. The latest Apple products cannot be called either revolutionary or innovative. The company simply improves existing devices, losing to competitors in the capacity of processors, the number of megapixels and the size of the display. All this is true. Apple has ceased to be an innovative company. This is recognized by both numerous fans of the brand and even more numerous ill.Wishers.

What awaits the company that has reached its greatness precisely thanks to the original ideas? Obviously, to be “like everyone else” Apple cannot. That is why, even despite the new records in sales, many predict the company an inglorious end. However, “bury” Apple, at least, premature.

First you should figure out what innovations are inherently. In general, it is the creation of something new. Innovations were the work of Newton, Ford, Tesla, Popov, Mendeleev and so on. That is, innovation is a completely new way to do something. And Apple did it three times over the past 12 years.

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The first innovation of Apple is iTunes that has changed the method of acquiring and listening to music. Before iTunes, people bought music in stores on physical media or downloaded from pirate resources. Now few people will think that in order to buy a song, you need to go to the other end of the city to a specialized store. In addition, Apple has made the process of downloading tracks legal. It is very difficult to evaluate the scale of the changes that ITunes brought. After all, the entire musical industry has actually changed. Its development has gone in a different direction.

The second innovation of Apple is an iPhone that has changed everything. Before the smartphone from the Apple, the mobile devices market was completely different. The leader was Nokia with his Symbian, sensory displays were used only in PDA and bulky communicators, the market for mobile applications as such did not exist. Mobile phones were needed for calls, buttons control seemed almost the only possible option.

The iPhone has become a real media player and a game console, and, most importantly, it had a big display for convenient Internet series. Apple’s smartphone really changed everything. How we use a mobile phone and how we perceive it. It is enough just to see what smartphones were up to the iPhone, and what they became a few years after the installation of the device on the market.

The third innovation of Apple is an iPad that created the tablet market. The tablet computers were before the iPad, but these were completely different devices that differed from the Apple tablet in principle. Cupertinovsky giant proposed a new way of interacting with the Interais, the most logical and simple. Touching objects on the screen. And the iPad is really sold without instructions, since he just does not need it. But the instructions are attached even to the pans.

No company in the world can boast of such a track record. Microsoft has not represented products for a long time that would bring equally large.Scale changes in people’s lives. Samsung has no such innovations at all. Amazon, Tivo and Netflix also made similar revolutions at one time, but their scale was smaller. In a global sense, only Google can be compared with Apple, which once created an innovative search engine and did a lot to develop advertising on the Internet.

Thus, against the backdrop of their own innovations, the latest Apple new items really look pale. The company was cornered due to the fact that too much is expected from it. As a result, for innovation, one has to give out what is not such. After all, Tim Cook simply cannot go out and say: “We made another iPhone, he became a little better”. Therefore, he will say: “This is the new iPhone. He will change everything. Again”.

Apple needs innovations, every year, twice a year. The lack of new ideas can be forgiven for other companies, but not Apple.

Apple’s innovative developments

The Apple-World service is able to repair any complexity, but sooner or later the phone will still have to be changed. In this case, willy-nilly you begin to ask and look at the latest iPhone designs.

The company’s products are known throughout the world and everywhere it is in demand, the degree of trust in it is extremely high. Fans of the brand are infinitely happy with new products and are looking forward to them. Such popularity is partially explained by the own innovative technologies of the corporation.

At the moment, Apple is working on the creation of phones, which will differ from its predecessors with curved displays and an abundance of additional sensors, which will be able to fix the pressure levels.

There are prerequisites for the fact that the screens of the future will differ significant in size display with glass, which will bend at the edges. New phones will become available to the public very soon, so competitors will have to step aside.

Apple will no longer release several phones at once at the same time. All attention will be focused on one model, so it is expected that the new product will be in great demand.

For Apple, innovation is not the main goal, although many people think so. It is important for the corporation that the products are of high quality and the customer’s needs are consistent with the most consistent.

Apple in recent years is out of competition. The company boasts the maximum speed of innovation and the effective use of technological platforms.

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Today the corporation is actively investing in artificial intelligence. We are talking about the image that it will ultimately finish the elements in the photo and even create similar ones independently, and “from scratch”. Apple has long been the permanent leader of the industry.

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From now on, the situation is unlikely to change, since the manufacturer always goes one step ahead, does not save money for innovation and new developments.

Revolution in sales

Ten years ago, analysts were worried that the best days of Apple would pass along with the popularity of iPod, as the company has lost the ability to further innovation. Its main products were Macintosh computers, OS X, IPOD and iTunes operating system. Of course, then this company was far from so large: in 2006, the volume of its sales amounted to a little more than 19 billion (compare with 78.4 billion only for the last quarter).

However, people at that time could not know that Apple would soon commit a cultural revolution, presenting his iPhone on June 29, 2007. His elegant, innovative design has made a coup in the mobile phones market. IPOD was doomed, as the new device combined the functionality of the musical player with the practicality of the phone. Since then, Apple has sold more than 1 billion iPhone; And the peak of sales. 231 million. Came for 2015.

The model range of Apple products during this time has also expanded and now includes not only Mac, iPod and iPhone computers, but also iPad, Apple Watch, Beats, Apple TV, ICLOUD, Apple Pay and much more. The iPhone has so radically changed the Apple business that it now confidently leads the volume of sales among the products of this technical giant. Its share is 63%. The unification of the musical player and the phone led to a decrease in the significance of the iPod to such an extent that the reports of the sales of this device are now included in the category of “different”, which also include Apple TV, Apple Watch, Beats and third.Party accessories. All together, they brought 11 billion revenues out of total 216 billion over the past year.

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apple, corporate, innovations, last

Smart watch

In fact, in this case it is foolish to talk about plagiarism, since Apple Watch entered the market, obviously filled with analogues, the surprise did not occur. If you delve into the archives, you can find mention of a curious device that saw the light in the 1972th year. Pulsar NLC01. A digital wrist gadget from Hamilton Watch Company, which had a memory function, however, for only 24 numbers. He did not differ in outstanding functionality, so the manufacturer, as after half a century of Apple, acted cunningly, introducing customers a version in a building of 18-karatic gold.

And the first really “smart” not only in advertising, but also in fact, were the Seiko Data 2000 watch, released in 1983. A very remarkable device, equipped with a keyboard adapted for wearing on the arm, it was like a small computer and, in fact, it was, but with reservations. Exactly like the first generation Apple Watch, conditionally useful only in the presence of iPhone.


And if you can argue with the item above, because this is a matter of the taste of everyone, then it seems to me to protect Apple in the refusal of 3.5 mm of the audio connector. It is difficult to assume how much this undertaking helped the company to free the interior space in the iPhone 7 and newer, and whether it was worth it at all. And it would seem, but what, in fact, are problems?.Firstly, using the full-time AirPods headset through the Lightning connector, you will not be able to listen and charge your iPhone at the same time, and secondly, the wireless headset tends to discharge. Of course, not one or two companies went after Apple, so that the presence of audio exit in our time is, rather, the advantage of a smartphone than its old age indicator.

Unfortunately or happiness, the main, both positive and negative “innovations” from Apple came to an end. Of course, this article is exclusively subjective opinion. And you can leave your offers in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

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