What Aquarium Is Needed For A Red-Eared Turtle?

A spacious and well-equipped aquaterrarium for the red-eared turtle is the key to the successful maintenance of reptiles. Turtles are demanding of housing, so it is extremely important to provide a cozy house for cute pets, otherwise the reptile will fall ill and die. In order for the pet to live a long, carefree life, you should know how to equip the terrarium, and what is included in the design of the aquarium for the red-eared turtle.

Capacity selection

Trachemys are considered aquatic species, therefore, in order to feel safe, they need an aquatic environment. To grow a reptile in captivity, you need a properly equipped aquaterrarium – an aquarium filled with water and owning an island of land, so that the turtle warms up and basks under the rays. When buying terrariums, you should select a container “for growth”, since the turtles are growing rapidly, and soon the pet will become crowded in a small container.

You can choose the appropriate aquarium for the Red-eared Turtle, starting from the following data:

  • For a small pet up to 10 cm in size, a capacity of 50 liters is suitable.
  • Young representatives up to 16 cm will feel comfortable in a reservoir of 80 liters.
  • An aquarium for red-eared turtles with a volume of 150 liters is needed for those pets whose size is up to 25 cm.
  • Formed pets need a capacity of 150 liters or more.

When choosing aquariums, it should be borne in mind that in a small tank, the aquatic environment is more rapidly polluted, which leads to a deterioration of the condition of turtles. In addition to capacity, the aquarium for turtles is equipped with a ventilated roof, tightly adjacent to the tank, so that the pets could not go on a trip.

Conditions of detention

The decision to have an exotic pet requires the owner to take a serious approach and responsibility for the life of a small creature. For normal life, pets need the right arrangement of the aquarium for the red-eared turtle. The following aspects play an important role in the content of reptiles:

  • Isle.
  • Water environment.
  • Water temperature.
  • UV light bulbs.
  • Aquarium filter.
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Before setting up an aquarium for the red-eared turtle, you should find out how much water you need to pour into the tank. As mentioned earlier, reptiles – aquatic animals that need an aquatic environment – it is in the water that exotic pets feel protected and calm. In order for the pets to swim and feel comfortable without any problems, the water level in the aquarium should be at least 0.4 m. The fluid is replaced weekly, updating 30-40% of the volume. It should be noted that water for substitution is previously defended so that harmful substances evaporate. If the terrarium for red-eared pets is equipped with a high-quality filter, a fluid change is performed once every 1.5 weeks.

Trachemies – sedentary pets, which in their free time from swimming prefer to lie on an island – to warm themselves. The dry area should be ¼ of the capacity of the container. In addition to dimensions, it is important to firmly fix the land so that the island does not stagger, can withstand the weight of the pet, and is stable. You can make an island in the terrarium for the red-eared turtle with your own hands, fixing the base and laying out a gentle slope of stones.

How to equip land – rules and recommendations:

  • The land area is made with a smooth shore, which should slowly rise so that pets can easily climb the island.
  • You need to craft the island from natural materials to avoid poisoning the aquatic environment. The surface of the island should be decorated with rough material, otherwise the turtles will slide off. As a coating, you can use a substrate, however, choosing this option, you need to make sure that the soil does not fall to the bottom.
  • If two or more pets live in the aquarium, multiply the area of ​​dry soil so that the turtles can fit. In this case, you can make one island dry and illuminated, and the other wet and dark.
  • A land plot in a terrarium with turtles is located 30 cm below the edge of the tank, otherwise the pets will run away.
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Temperature mode

Temperature conditions in the habitat of turtles:

  • The best water temperature is from 23 to 28C.
  • The surface of the shaded area of ​​land should have a temperature of 23-25C.
  • Intensively lit land – 28-32C.

To create such conditions for pets, reptile owners use heating elements – lamps and heaters. In the first case, the lamp is placed over a dry area in the pond, but sometimes such heating is not enough. Then they use an aquarium heater, which is placed with caution: pets can accidentally touch the wires and get injured.

Ultraviolet lighting

The basic principle of keeping captive turtles is to create a natural environment. In nature, turtles love to bask in the sun, so in an artificial pond you will need:

  • An incandescent light bulb is placed over land to reach a temperature of 23-28C. In the dark, the lights are turned off.
  • The most significant aspect in the maintenance of red-eared turtles is considered to be ultraviolet lighting, with the help of which reptiles assimilate the calcium needed for the fortress of the shell coat. In terrariums, UV lamps should be installed at a distance of at least 30 cm from the soil. The duration of daylight hours is 12 hours.

Note: only UVB and UVA rays can be used.


The health of pets depends on the cleanliness and safety of the aquatic environment, so you can not do without a filter in the aquatorrariums. The device will help the owner to monitor the cleanliness of the aquatic environment without effort, and will allow less frequent water changes.

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In aquariums with red-eared turtles, it is better to install external filtration units, since the internal type device quickly clogs and loses its working capacity. The better the filtering device, the less often you need to replace the fluid in the pond.

Aquarium decoration

Designing an aquarium for turtles is a creative process in which each owner can show imagination and test himself as a designer. However, in the pursuit of beauty, one should not forget about the rules of design, the purpose of which is to create comfortable conditions for pets. How to equip an aquarium for turtles correctly and aesthetically:

  • Decor – when making containers with decorations and decorative elements, objects made from environmentally friendly materials are used. Items with a sharp edge or plastic should not be placed in aquariums. To give the reservoir a picturesque look, pebbles, snags and shelters are placed in the aquariums.
  • Soil – a substrate for the bottom is used in the middle fraction, as small particles of the bug are swallowed. In addition, the small substrate is rapidly getting dirty, and cleaning it is a laborious process.
  • Vegetation – living flora is used in aquariums with young turtles, as adult pets can enjoy grass. It is more reasonable to place artificial vegetation of silk in the container, securing the flowers with weighty objects or weights. Sushi can be decorated with artificial flowers.

The maintenance and care of red-eared turtles requires investment of time and energy from the owner of the reptile, but the work will be rewarded with good health and vigor of the pet. Having got a nice turtle, it is necessary to provide for the reptile a properly equipped house where the pet will grow and develop, bringing joyful moments and moments.

What Aquarium Is Needed For A Red-Eared Turtle?

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