What Aquarium Is Needed For A Red-Eared Turtle?

Aquaterrarium for the Red-eared Turtle – maintenance photo description.

Since the reptile is quite demanding on the place of residence, you need to know how to properly arrange an aquarium for the red-eared turtle. Your pet’s home should be as close as possible to its natural habitat. Only in this case your ward will be healthy and happy in his own way.

Volume of the aquarium for the Red-eared Turtle

You need to approach the choice of an aquarium based on the size of your red-eared pet or (if you have a young individual) immediately take it "for growth". Keep in mind. that in a few years, a tiny turtle the size of a peach bone will turn into an adult individual the size of a saucer.

The optimal size of the aquarium, depending on the size of the turtle:

  • babies from 3 to 10 cm – 50 liters;
  • young turtles from 10 to 16 cm – 80 liters;
  • large turtles from 17 to 25 cm – 150 liters;
  • adult animals – from 150 liters.

In order to prevent the escape of red-eared, the top of the aquatorrarium should be covered with a lid that allows air to pass through

Temperature mode

Recommended water temperature for the Red-eared Turtle is 23-28 ° С. The temperature on the shaded (cold) land island should be 23-25 ​​° С, and on the brightly lit (warm) site – 28-32 ° С. This is absolutely ideal for equipping the temperature conditions that are most suitable for the Red-eared Turtle.

What Aquarium Is Needed For A Red-Eared Turtle?

To create such temperature conditions, heating is required. The main heating is carried out using a special lamp, which is fixed over one of the islands. If the temperature when heating the lamp is insufficient, then additional heating is used.

You can use a heater in the form of a long glass tube that is immersed in water. Particular attention should be paid to its location: the turtle should not have the opportunity to accidentally bite a wire or damage it with a shell.


The health status of the turtle directly depends on the state of water in the aquarium, therefore it must be kept clean. For a terrarium, it is better to use external aquarium filters of any type.

It is undesirable to install internal equipment, as it quickly becomes clogged by suspensions, losing efficiency.

The better the filter works, the less often a complete change of water will be needed.

To maintain ecological balance, a regular weekly replacement of half the volume of water is necessary. Before replacing, water is defended.

Incandescent lamp

A conventional incandescent lamp (energy-saving will not work) is installed over the island at such a distance that the air temperature above this land area is 30-32 ° C. At night, it is turned off.

UV lamp

Some owners of red-eared turtles neglect to install a UV lamp. However, this is a vital part of a reptile’s home. Its absence often leads to the development of diseases fraught with death. Ultraviolet is extremely important for the health of rubella. It has a beneficial effect on metabolism, improves the condition of the carapace and skin of the reptile, and helps the absorption of calcium. A UV lamp is placed at least 30 cm above the shore. It should burn at least 2-3 hours a day.

Aquarium decoration

The main principle of choosing scenery is safety. Do not use objects from environmentally hazardous materials, with sharp corners or edges.

What Aquarium Is Needed For A Red-Eared Turtle?

Soil for the bottom should not be very shallow, as turtles can sometimes swallow it. Also, fine soil is quickly contaminated and poorly cleaned. It is better to use pebbles with a fraction of 5-6 cm.

For young turtles, you can plant green plants and run fish. Adults do not need soil, and they can eat or damage plants and fish.

In an aquarium with red-eared turtles, artificial plants made of plastic or silk will be appropriate. In the ground they are fixed with cargo. On the islands, you can also install artificial vines.

To decorate the terrarium, you can use a variety of driftwood, grottoes, unusual stones and other elements. Driftwood should not be fresh, as they will release harmful substances into the water. It is better to take pieces of wood for a long time lying in the water of a reservoir. The bark must be removed from them.


There are aquariums in which red-eared turtles are strictly forbidden:

  1. Small tortoises up to 50-70 liters. They can be used only for the temporary keeping of animals. If the turtle lives in such a capacity for a long time, then it develops skin infectious diseases, dystrophy and softening of the shell.
  2. Aquariums in which land is made of plastic.
  3. Aquariums in which it is impossible to set the desired temperature, as well as ultraviolet and filtering. The absence of all these conditions leads to diseases and the death of turtles.

Thus, caring for the red-eared turtle, like any other pet, requires some effort. But the terrarium, in which the water is clean, the bottom is picturesque, and the animals are healthy, is a bewitching sight, which is worth the time and effort.

How to equip a terrarium for a red-eared turtle, the presenters of the “Carousel” TV channel will tell:


The very eared soil in their home is not particularly important and needed. Another thing is that owners usually try to decorate the habitat of their pet. Of course, the aquaterrarium should look aesthetically pleasing. But do not forget that not all materials are suitable for this purpose.

What Aquarium Is Needed For A Red-Eared Turtle?

Large stones without sharp edges or pebbles of at least 5 cm in size are suitable as soil. Reptiles can swallow small pebbles, which will lead to serious health problems, and they can be injured on sharp edges.

To use sand as soil is, in principle, not forbidden. The only “but” is that cleaning the water area with sand is not very convenient.

Large shells will not only decorate your pet’s home, but also saturate the water with calcium.

It is forbidden to use various plastic and glass pebbles for aquariums.

Plants in the aquaterrarium

Plants in the house of red-eared planting does not make sense. Your pet will eat them or dig them up without thinking twice. You can try decorating the aquarium with artificial plants that are commercially available, firmly securing them to the bottom. You can do without plants at all, decorating the aquarium with various snags, unusual stones, etc. But keep in mind: driftwood should be taken only by those that have lain in water for a long time. Fresh pieces of wood are not good.

An interestingly designed aquarium for red-eared turtles will add zest to any interior. But do not forget that when choosing scenery, you first need to think about the safety of the pet.

How to equip an islet?

The trapezoid tortoise leads a sedentary lifestyle, spending a lot of time not only in the water, but also on the shore, so in the aquarium you need to equip at least one, or better, several land areas per one turtle (one in a shaded and another in a brightly lit warm place ) On land, the turtle receives oxygen and enjoys UV rays.

What is important to consider?

  • Land should occupy at least a quarter of the total bottom.
  • Land should have a sloping shore, gradually rising from the bottom. Steep cliffs are not allowed. You can build a ladder or a mini-ladder, put a large stone or grotto with gentle walls.
  • The surface of the islands should be made of quality materials and be rough. If there is soil on the island, then it should not crumble into the water.
  • If there are several turtles, then the land should have such a common area that all individuals simultaneously have access to it and can fit.
  • If there are several islands, then some of them may not be completely dry, but covered with water by several millimeters.

The island should be located about 30 cm below the edge of the terrarium so that the animal does not get out and run away.






Equipment for the Red-eared Turtle Aquarium

The maintenance of a red-eared turtle at home implies the arrangement of an aquarium for it – a terrarium in such a content that everything that a reptile needs is there. That is why the equipment for the aquarium of the red-eared turtle must meet all the needs of this rather whimsical animal.

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First of all, the aquatic red-eared turtle needs an island on which it will breathe oxygen and receive light ultraviolet rays. Such an island can be made independently from improvised materials that will not be too consumed in the aquatic environment and thus serve for a sufficiently long period of time.

Lighting equipment must be included in the equipment of the aquarium for turtles, as well as devices that allow you to filter and ionize the water space of your red-eared turtle.

The lighting of the aquarium-terrarium for the reptile should be of two types, namely: the ordinary incandescent lamp (popularly called the “Ilyich’s bulb”) and the ultraviolet lamp that will create the so-called “sun” for your red-eared turtle should be used for heat ultraviolet light.

When choosing a filter, consider the volume of your aquarium. terrarium, as each type of filter has its own suitability framework depending on the size of the aquarium. Filtration of the aquarium-terrarium for the red-eared turtle is necessary because these reptiles form a lot of secretions that should be periodically cleaned from the aquarium-the terrarium for the red-eared turtle.

Water temperature for red-eared turtles. Rubella turtle at home

Many people dream of having a red-eared turtle, which comes from an American freshwater species. However, before you do this, you must carefully familiarize yourself with the basic requirements that must be met in order for the pet to feel good at home. The most important thing is the optimum water temperature for the red-eared turtles, proper care and maintenance. Now we will tell you in detail about how to create the necessary living conditions for a new pet.

What Aquarium Is Needed For A Red-Eared Turtle?

Home Content

When buying a turtle, be prepared for the fact that you will need to take care of it for 30-40 years, because this is how many animals live in captivity on average. The first thing you should take care of is the equipment of the aquarium. Its volume should not be less than 100 liters for one turtle, if there are more, then the capacity should increase in direct proportion. It is necessary to acquire individuals of different sexes, but of the same age. With all this, you need to consider that they need both water and land, since it is there that they like to bask in the sun. Therefore, do not forget to arrange for your pets a small paradise island. By the way, the rise to land should begin from the very bottom of the aquarium. For proper development, you will need an ordinary incandescent lamp and ultraviolet. The second is necessary so that the turtle does not get sick and develops correctly. At first glance, it may seem that the red-eared turtle at home can cause you a lot of difficulties, but this is not entirely true, soon you will get used to everything.

Proper nutrition

What Aquarium Is Needed For A Red-Eared Turtle?

Optimum water temperature for red-eared turtles

How warm or cold the water is in the aquarium must be monitored very carefully. There are many reasons for this. At low temperatures, the animal will cease to eat, therefore, immunity will drop, the turtle will become lethargic, and if it continues this way, it may die at all. If the temperature is too high, there will be nothing good either. In this case, the animal will spend most of the time on land, as it will feel uncomfortable in the water. This is fraught with the fact that growth and activity will slow down significantly. In order to avoid all this, you need to maintain the temperature in the range of 22-28 degrees Celsius. Perhaps a slight deviation of up to 30 degrees, but no more. To do this, you must use an aquarium heater with the ability to adjust the temperature. This is one of the most important content requirements. Do not forget that only the optimum water temperature for the red-eared turtles will make the animal healthy and cheerful.

What Aquarium Is Needed For A Red-Eared Turtle?

A little more about the temperature and purity of water

Remember to ensure that no harmful organic compounds form in the water. They appear due to pollution. For this simple reason, it is necessary to periodically change 30-40% of the water in the aquarium. It is advisable to do this at least once a week, but you can two. Although it is also not necessary to speed up this procedure, because every time the tortoise suffers stress. It is safe to say that these animals are not the most ambitious, so their habitat will be polluted quite quickly. To slow down the process at least a little, install a filter, for example, one that is used when keeping aquarium fish. Since the temperature of water for red-eared turtles should always be constant, when you add a certain part (30-40%), make sure that it is the same as the one in the aquarium. This is done so that the animal does not experience hypothermia or, conversely, excessive temperature.

How to choose the right aquaterrarium

What Aquarium Is Needed For A Red-Eared Turtle?

Often, along with a turtle, fish, snails, etc. live in the aquarium. Therefore, the standard 100 liters will not be enough for us. To solve this issue, it is necessary to increase the space. It is not necessary to do this proportionally, especially if there is one turtle and the rest of the inhabitants. small fish. Although it is not recommended to keep fish and turtles together, as the latter are predators and can easily eat their neighbors. Do not forget that the thickness of the water layer should be at least 40 centimeters. This is done so that the shell is completely covered. A tank with a wide bottom is best. Do not forget that your turtle can escape. To prevent this, you need to close the aquarium with glass or a special cover with backlight.

How to equip a house of turtles?

After we figured out the temperature of the water and the size of the aquarium, everything needs to be properly set up there. To do this is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. First, create land. You can do this in several ways, for example, pour a small handful of special stones. It is desirable that there are no sharp edges, so the animal will not be able to get hurt. Another solution. install the glass at a slope of 45 degrees and stick it with a non-toxic sealant. Pour stones on the glass, and so that they do not roll down, make a special side. You also need to decide whether there will be live plants in the aquarium. In principle, everything that seems edible to the animal will be immediately consumed in the daily diet, the rest of the turtle will simply vomit. Part of the issue is decided by the purchase of ornamental plants or driftwood, which are securely attached to the bottom. If you do everything right, then keeping the red-eared turtles will not be a problem for you.

Trachemys: how to care for and what to monitor?

We have already examined most of the information that, one way or another, relates to the care of this animal. But I would like to touch on a few more important points. First, soberly assess your capabilities. If you are not able to devote at least 10-20 minutes a day to your pet, then it is possible that you do not need to start it. But if you still decide, install a thermometer on the aquarium that will show how hot the water is. Of course, for this there is a regulator on the heater, but you do not need to rely entirely on electronics. More importantly, try periodically comparing photos of red-eared turtles that are considered healthy with your pet. This will tell you a lot. Sometimes the carapace begins to horn and grow. Many grab a stiff brush and begin to rub the turtle to a shine, which is absolutely impossible. This will damage the surface, as a result of which the animal may lose its natural protection.

What Aquarium Is Needed For A Red-Eared Turtle?

What to do when breeding turtles?

Despite the fact that these animals are rarely bred at home, anything happens, and you need to be prepared for this. Firstly, the bottom should be a small layer of soil, since it is there that the female bury her offspring. It is necessary to raise the minimum temperature threshold slightly. Water should be heated to 25 degrees Celsius. only in such conditions will the masonry ripen. You can use sand as a soil or mix it with something else. After the clutch appears, rush to move it to another place, since it is likely that the eggs will be damaged by adults. In a separate aquarium, it is necessary to maintain the temperature of the soil at least 21 degrees. Please note that the red-eared turtle, especially small, requires good nutrition. So you can significantly accelerate its development.

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What Aquarium Is Needed For A Red-Eared Turtle?

So we talked about who the red-eared turtle is, how to care for the pet, and what conditions need to be organized. If everything is done correctly, the animal will not be sick. For example, the content of red-eared turtles at low water temperatures is fraught with pneumonia. It is necessary to raise the degree to 28 or even 30 ° C. If the eyelids and eyes are swollen and turned red, then it is necessary to quickly put the individual into a separate aquarium. It would be preferable to be on land, you can only let it into the water for a few hours a day. Again, if you are a beginner, periodically review photos of the red-eared turtles, kept in optimal conditions, and compare them with your pets. So you can determine if everything is in order. But even with proper care, the carapace of the animal can become soft, resulting in peeling. In this case, it is recommended to give more varied food. You should also be aware that the turtle should not be allowed to walk on the floor, as it can get sick from a draft.

Well, that’s all that can be said about such a pet as the red-eared turtle. Care, water temperature, its purity and other factors directly affect its health, so you need to carefully approach the maintenance of such an unusual pet.

We make out an aquarium for a red-eared turtle

If turtles have been living in your house for more than a year, then a new one should be quarantined for a period of 2-3 months. It is not recommended to lodge adults and newborns together, as they injure each other. Animals of similar sizes can coexist, getting used to the same conditions of detention.

Once in a new environment, the young turtle will adapt in it for several days, while differing in modest behavior. Although some may be aggressive, over-active. Do not forget to feed and observe the general condition of the pet.

What Aquarium Is Needed For A Red-Eared Turtle?

What Aquarium Is Needed For A Red-Eared Turtle?

Making an aquarium for a red-eared turtle

The rubella tortie spends most of its life (25-30 years) in the aquatic environment. A heat-loving, capricious representative of tropical ponds, so you will have to make a high-quality aquarium with your own hands, which will serve it for many years. The content of the turtle involves the installation of an aquarium (aquaterrarium) of 150 liters per adult. In the tank, the water should be 40 cm deep, but proportional to the size of the pet – small turtles do not swim well, water can be less. It is important that it is freely located in the water, and the liquid completely covers the shell. The aquarium should have a lid with openings for air access, so that after swimming, the reptile comes out to land to swallow air and warm up.

In the aquatic environment, you need to monitor the water parameters: water temperature of 22-28 degrees – at a low temperature, the turtle will become inactive, lethargic, refuse to feed and may become ill. River representatives of this species fall asleep in water for the winter, however, it is not necessary to force the pet into hibernation. The acidity and hardness of the water are recommended medium, the animal can live in infused water from the tap. For the settlement of several turtles, a spacious aquarium, at least 200 liters, with a water surface and a coastal embankment is required.

Watch a video about the features of the content of red-eared turtles.

You can maintain cleanliness in the aquarium for the red-eared turtle either with your own hands or with the help of an internal filter, which is often used in aquariums with fish. It is recommended to renew water 1-2 times a week, depending on the degree of water pollution. Turtles eat under water, so turbidity, foam and silt are possible. Harmful organic compounds are harmful to their health. With the accumulation of nitrates and ammonia in water, it begins to emit an unpleasant odor. New water should be the same parameters as the previous one, but in no case should it be fresh from the tap (only infused). To illuminate the pond, you can put an ultraviolet lamp.

Trachemys prefer not only to swim, but also to swim in the sun. Be sure to build a shore, dry land – with your own hands make a small ledge-slide made of pebbles (but not shallow), attaching the stones to each other using aquarium sealant. Do not install wood planks – they quickly get wet, mold, parasites start up in them. Install a lamp over land – thanks to the heat on the body of the turtle, the parasites "die out", it heats up. Water is heated using a special device for heating (some distributors use a tube with a built-in thermostat).

What Aquarium Is Needed For A Red-Eared Turtle?

What Aquarium Is Needed For A Red-Eared Turtle?

What else can you install in the aquarium with your own hands

Rubella can not be kept with aquarium fish, because they will be eaten. Sometimes aquarists make compromises by fencing the aquarium with a vertical glass with water holes. Large gaps should be absent so that the turtles do not crawl into another part of the tank. It turns out that ½ of the nursery is in reptile possessions, and the second is “fish”. Just in it with your own hands you can plant plants for fish, special soil and scenery.

The turtles grow quickly, in the first year of life they reach a size of 22-25 cm, so take care of the large capacity for living in advance. In the interior of the "house" there should be safe decorations: pebbles of medium size (so that the animal does not swallow it), gravel is unsafe to place. In the reservoir should be installed pre-processed driftwood, houses, grottoes, caves. Planting plants is undesirable – turtles are not averse to feasting on them, although some species are suitable for food.

Take a look at the aquarium for red-eared turtles, decorated with your own hands.

How to heat land in the aquaterrarium

In the wild, reptiles either swim in the water, spending most of their lives there, or go on land to breathe air and warm themselves. The same conditions are necessary for them in captivity. The shell should have a temperature of 29-34 degrees, so the lamp should be above the place where the animal is resting. A thermometer will come to the rescue, with it you will check the air temperature on the artificial shore. The lamp, located very close to the skin, will damage the body of the reptile, so be careful when installing lighting.

An ultraviolet lamp is needed to prevent rickets and good absorption of calcium and vitamin B. In the absence of UV light, the animal grows with a curved carapace.

What Aquarium Is Needed For A Red-Eared Turtle?

What Aquarium Is Needed For A Red-Eared Turtle?

Remember that the quality of life of the pet depends on the parameters of the water, the volume of the tank, lighting and regular cleaning. The myth is widespread that these animals grow small in size, if you put them in a cramped space. In fact, this is not true – unlike fish, turtles grow large in any conditions, so a large capacity will be required in advance.

How to equip an aquarium for a turtle :: equipping an aquarium for a red-eared turtle :: Equipment and accessories

How to set up an aquarium for a turtle

Turtle. the most suitable pet for those who are attracted to calm and leisurely creatures. But their content has its own subtleties. For example, both amphibian and land turtles need to create comfortable conditions for maintenance, since they cannot walk around the apartment with a person, just like a cat or a dog. What will be required to keep a domestic turtle?

What Aquarium Is Needed For A Red-Eared Turtle?

You will need

  • For the Red-eared Turtle:
  • – aquarium;
  • – incandescent lamp;
  • – soil (fine gravel or coarse sand);
  • – one or two thermometers;
  • – filter for water purification;
  • – water heater;
  • – sushi islet for relaxation.
  • For a Central Asian tortoise:
  • – aviary or terrarium;
  • – soil (sand with peat);
  • – thermometer;
  • – incandescent lamp;
  • – a container of water.
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Instruction manual

1. The most common varieties of turtles. Red-eared and Central Asian. The first of them is a freshwater inhabitant, the second. land. Representatives of both of these species can be kept in the same apartment, but the conditions for their maintenance are quite different.

What Aquarium Is Needed For A Red-Eared Turtle?

2. If you plan to accommodate a red-eared turtle, you will need an aquarium with a volume of 100-150 liters per individual. It is better to choose a container made of silicate glass, since scratches from turtle claws will be too noticeable on the surface of the aquarium made of organic glass. Pure coarse sand or fine gravel is suitable as soil.

What Aquarium Is Needed For A Red-Eared Turtle?

What Aquarium Is Needed For A Red-Eared Turtle?

4. An incandescent lamp must be installed above the islet so that the turtle that comes out of the water can warm up. Plants should not be planted in the aquarium where the red-eared turtle lives, because they still will not stay there for long. your pet will eat them. Therefore, it is better to use large stones and driftwood to design the aquarium. The turtle will not eat artificial plants (although it will certainly try), but it can dig them up.

What Aquarium Is Needed For A Red-Eared Turtle?

5. The temperature of the water in the aquarium for the red-eared turtle should be 25-30 ° C. To maintain the temperature at the right level, you will need an aquarium heater and a temperature controller. It is also recommended that you purchase two thermometers. one to control the outside temperature, the other to monitor the temperature of the water. In the aquarium, you also need to install a filter for water purification, since the food for the red-eared turtles is a type of perishable.

What Aquarium Is Needed For A Red-Eared Turtle?

6. It is not necessary to pour water into the aquarium, or rather, the terrarium, for the Central Asian tortoise. It will be enough for such a turtle to have in free access a container with water, in which it can lie down if desired, as in a bath. The widespread belief that a land tortoise can live crawling throughout an apartment is fundamentally wrong. Such a turtle needs soil that it could dig, obeying its natural needs, as well as a lamp under which it could bask. There is a great risk that a turtle walking around the apartment will be accidentally stepped on. Drafts are also dangerous, which can provoke a cold. Therefore, it is better to opt for a fairly spacious enclosure, where the turtle will be at rest and safe. As soil for it, sand mixed with peat is suitable. Make sure that the temperature under the lamp is about 25-28C.


It is not necessary to hook in the aquarium to the red-eared tortoise of amphibians of other varieties. The tortoise can eat or injure them.

Do not place the island for the red-eared turtle closer than 30 cm from the edge of the aquarium. otherwise your Tortilla may be tempted to take a walk.

Terrarium for the Red-eared Turtle: necessary equipment

The terrarium for the red-eared turtle must be well and correctly equipped with the help of certain design and equipment. Although the tortoise is considered an aquatic animal, it still requires land, at least a small island. Of course, the water area itself is very important for the animal and must necessarily dominate the land area. That is why red-eared turtles need a terrarium, where they can not only afford to swim freely, but also “sunbathe” on their personal island.

What needs to be provided to the animal?

As a rule, an adult turtle needs at least one hundred and fifty liters of the water volume of its terrarium. To this we add the land area, which is equivalent to about one hundred liters. That is, the terrarium for the red-eared turtle should total two hundred and fifty liters. This calculation is minimal. If you have the opportunity to provide the animal with a larger volume of water, then this is a huge plus. The principle is actually very simple, because the more water the terrarium contains for the red-eared turtle, the more transparent and cleaner it is, it retains the proper qualities for longer, and the turtle will only get better. As a rule, the depth of the water can range from thirty to eighty centimeters. When choosing a terrarium for a red-eared turtle, keep in mind that it’s simply impossible to look away from a tall aquatic terrarium with a floating turtle! This is really awesome. For the maintenance of the red-eared turtle, the total width of its tank should not be less than forty centimeters. As for the fashionable cubic, triangular or angular shapes that the aquaterrarium for the red-eared turtle can have, in such a housing the turtle will be absolutely uncomfortable. Therefore, you should think first of all, of course, about the animal.

Equipment for any terrarium should include the following:

1. Special lamp with a safe UV lamp.

2. A luminaire with a mirror thermal incandescent lamp (40 W).

3. A water heater with a temperature regulator.

4. Accurate liquid crystal thermometer.

5. High-quality filter.

In order to make the basic design of the terrarium, you will need:

1. A rug with beautiful artificial grass, made on a rubber basis. This interior item is glued to the land with silicone glue, which is designed for gluing aquariums.

What Aquarium Is Needed For A Red-Eared Turtle?

2. Background. In order to make it, you can use different specialized films with beautiful images.

3. It is recommended to use not sharp, but large stones for the ground, so that your turtle does not swallow them. The film needs to be cut to the exact size of the rear window and fixed using decorative frames and a special black tape. For exclusive design, you can purchase artificial colored driftwood. They are made, as a rule, of plastic. These snags easily stick to the glass of the terrarium and give the entire underwater landscape a chic three-dimensional look.

4. Terrarium plant. It is a beautiful artificial twig with leaves, a tree or shrub. The plant should be mounted parallel to the filter tube above the water.

What should be in the aquarium with a rubella tortoise?

Maria Firzadova

An aquarium for a red-eared turtle is a small ecosystem that you can create in your home with your own hands. When choosing the size and type of an aquarium, it is necessary to take into account the size of an adult animal and the characteristics of its body. This is a floating reptile, which, in addition to water, is vital for land, where it will bask and receive an ultraviolet tan. Land should be at least 25% of the terrarium. It should be securely fixed, and it is better to stick it to the base of the artificial reservoir, especially if there will be several turtles.

The volume of water in the aquarium is one of the most important points that you need to pay special attention to. Trachemys move and swim mainly underwater, where they feel safe, sometimes spending a long time at the bottom. In addition, the smaller the volume of water, the faster it becomes polluted, as a result of which the terrarium loses its decorative effect, and the turtle can simply become ill. For young individuals up to 10 cm in size, 100 liters of water is sufficient. And taking into account land and airspace, the volume of the terrarium should be approximately 150 liters. As the animal grows, the aquarium for the red-eared turtle will have to be replaced with a larger one. The more water there is in the pond, the longer it will remain clean and transparent, and the more comfortable the turtle will feel. The aquarium for the red-eared turtle needs to be kept clean, since the animal’s health depends on the state of the water. Various filters are used to purify water, which allow maintaining its quality in a normal condition. In terrariums, it is better to use external filters, since the internal ones quickly become clogged with suspensions and lose their effectiveness. In addition, to maintain ecological balance in the aquarium, regular (once a week) replacement of half the volume of water will be required



Turtle living 10 years without an islet in "the usual" aquarium, I’m sincerely sorry.

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