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Expand your TV: Smart TV apps of the year 2020

An overview of the best according to the Zuzako editorial board.com. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and is not a guide to purchase. Consult with a specialist before buying.

Special apps can help make your TV set with Smart TV as useful and feature-rich as possible. They are simplified online versions of computer programs designed to perform certain tasks. Before you download this kind of software, be sure to check the top list of the best apps for Smart TV in 2020, which Zuzako compiled based on expert reviews and user opinions. It includes the most popular programs for games, entertainment, as well as for watching channels and movies.

Standard installation

When an account has been created, all further actions will be carried out through a personal account from the TV menu. The list of available programs is quite large, but it may be slightly different in each region because there are regional

The list of available programs is quite long, but it may be slightly different for each region, as there are regional channels. Despite the variety of TV models, the algorithm for installing applications is generally the same and consists of these steps:

  • Register and sign in to your personal account;
  • Logging into the app store with the remote control;
  • Sorting out the choices offered at your own discretion;
  • Choosing the right program;
  • Familiarizing yourself with its description and cost;
  • Agreement with the manufacturer’s requirements;
  • Downloading, installing and launching.

Speaking of applications designed to watch TV channels and movies online, it is worth noting the presence of such programs that allow users to view videos in 3D. Packages of TV channels directly depend on the provider.

In order to choose the best option for yourself, you need to spend a few minutes for a brief review of the most current offers today.


Gismeteo. bright sunshine or pouring rain?

Purpose : A stable and accurate service that predicts the weather for today and tomorrow, and even for the week ahead.

In addition to the temperature in standard degrees, additional indicators are available such as pressure, wind speed, humidity, possible percentage of precipitation and other subtleties.

Functionality : First of all it’s worth highlighting the splendid design, which visually shows what weather is ahead. the sun hidden behind the clouds, rain or even snow and blizzards will be drawn on the screen.

In addition, there is a search for different regions, and a system of favorite cities available at each launch.

Pros: Updating every six hours, you can see predictions for the next three days and several “phases” at once. night, morning, afternoon, evening.

Based on the information you get, it’s easy to figure out what clothes to take to work and what conditions you’ll have to return home in.

Disadvantages: sometimes the forecasts are far from the truth, sometimes the list of “Favorites” is reset in rare cases, the connection with the weather station is lost, which stops downloading updates.

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Watching torrent movies on Android

To do this, you simply need to download the torrent file. Users who are already familiar with the term torrent, all they need to do is to install on their Android media player an application to download torrents. There are many of them, but we prefer tTorrent, andTorrent or Torrent (there is also a way, watch online torrent movies on Android, we will talk about this further).

When you are done downloading the selected movie, you can simply open it in the video player. The best way to do this is to use VLC or MX Player, as they have an excellent ability to support hardware encoding. Consequently, the film will go smoothly, without a hitch, as they say.

It is fair to say that this method also has limitations:

  • Features of the Android file system does not allow you to upload files larger than 4.4 GB to the device memory. You will have to strain to overcome this problem. But then there is also no absolute guarantee that there will be no glitches a la SD-card falling off (unmounting).
  • Another disadvantage is the limitation of memory size. Practical experience shows that if the memory has a capacity of 4 to 16 GB, it is possible to download one or three films in good quality. After that you need to clean the card.
  • The last in order, but not the last in importance. The user is forced to wait for the end of the movie download by the torrent application. Only then it will be available for viewing. True, there is a nuance here, which is called the Torrent Stream Controller application, but we will talk about it a little later.

Service ivi

In Russia, ivi is one of the most significant repositories of television programs and movies. There are more than 60,000 different files, which are mostly free. Users are encouraged to subscribe, though.

In addition to access to all ivi files without exception, users have the ability to watch movies without commercials. For those who refuse to subscribe, all movies will be periodically interrupted by commercial breaks, just like on regular TV. You can install the ivi widget from your Smart TV app store.

Megogo service

In the CIS countries, this Ukrainian portal is the most popular. Megogo has up to 3,500 movies, almost 1800 cartoons and 850 shows. Some films can be viewed for free, but for some the user will have to pay a n-amount of money. You can install the Megogo widget from your Smart TV’s app store.

Zoomby service

The main advantage of this service is an amazing set of films. It’s fair to say that among them are quite a lot of very low quality movies made at the amateur level. However, most Smart TV-oriented websites suffer from this problem. In any case, fans can find here a lot of interesting things for themselves. There are even 3D films. You can install Zoomby widget from the app store of your Smart TV.

Tvigle service

Also a very popular service. Tvigle gives priority to Russian films, among which there is a large number of classics from the Soviet Union. For your convenience, there is a breakdown of all the files into sections, as many as eighteen. Subscriptions to Tvigle are absent as such, but there is advertising. You can install tvigle widget from the app store of your Smart TV.

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Service oll-TV

This service has a lot in common with Megogo, but there are some notable differences. So oll-TV has close ties in the sports world, and therefore actively cooperates with the broadcast of soccer matches. This allows it to successfully compete with standard television channels. So there are stable broadcasts of matches from the soccer Champions League and Europa League. And they have HD quality. Install the oll-TV widget from the app store of your Smart TV.

Initial Smart TV setup

Almost all manufacturers place a special button on the remote control, by pressing which the user activates the option of Smart TV. So there shouldn’t be any problems with switching it on. Especially if you use a TV Samsung, Sony, Philips, LG or a device from another popular brand.

Practice shows that on devices from less well-known companies it’s much harder to enable the Smart TV platform. You’ll need to go to the menu, and then find the appropriate command in the settings. Detailed guide on how to enable the function is in the user manual.

To use special applications for watching popular movies for free, you need to configure Smart TV accordingly. Connect your TV to the Internet. Insert the cable into the LAN socket or connect to your home Wi-Fi network.

The principle of connecting to the internet is about the same regardless of the TV model. Let’s take Samsung MU6400 as an example. Step by step algorithm for Smart TV setup:

  • Once you activate Smart TV function, by pressing appropriate button on your remote control, the following message will appear on the screen, announcing the necessity to connect to Internet. Press “Next” button.
  • Choose a convenient way to connect to the Internet. If you wish to set up a wired connection, then plug an Ethernet cable into the LAN socket.
  • On the screen you will see a list of networks to connect to. Choose your home network, then enter your password. Press “Done”. Internet connection established.

Setup takes very little time. No need to call experts. Every user can do this simple task.

LeanKey KeyBoard

Sometimes using the best apps for LG, Samsung and many other TVs with Smart TV functions, you come across the same program. This is a slow and difficult input, implemented in the standard remote control.

To somehow solve this problem without having to connect the keyboard, you can install KeyBoard.

This is a very handy virtual keyboard designed for smart TVs. With this app, you can greatly speed up the input of data, numbers and other information in the appropriate fields. In addition, you can use all the available buttons on the remote control, making them quick access keys.

Here each user configures the virtual keyboard for himself.

If a person actively uses all the features of Smart TV, regularly typing some data for the search, registration and other operations, then it is better to immediately switch to this application.

TIP. If you really often type on Smart TV, the best solution would be to connect a wireless keyboard and mouse.

apps, smart

What to do, everyone will decide for himself.

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Top 4 best free Samsung apps for Smart TV

Samsung has developed thousands of applications that can be easily installed on a Smart TV. The Smart Hub section contains a catalog. If you go to Samsung Apps, you’ll see a list by category. Applications from the “Video” category are most popular for TV.

  • “Stream Interactive complements regular TV. Collection contains a large number of Russian TV series, documentaries, TV programs and special reports.
  • Tvigle.Ru contains a large number of Russian movies and TV series, clips and documentaries. Short blocks of ads let you know the latest industry news.
  • The TED Talks app features business channels, music and medical programs, and thousands of technical videos.
  • FandangoNOW is a feature-rich video streaming service. Access to 30 thousand. movies and TV shows. M-Go service purchases are available to FandangoNOW users.

LeanKey Keyboard

Unfortunately, not all Smart-TV-setters and consoles manufacturers have decent visual keyboard. If you are unlucky in this respect, install LeanKey Keyboard. This free on-screen keyboard has Russian and Latin alphabets, is fully controlled by remote control, switches easily between layouts, and allows you to use additional buttons on the remote control, for example, for quick access to menus.

Implosion. Never Lose Hope

Implosion. Never Lose Hope is a role-playing game about saving civilization from alien invaders, the gameplay of which, according to the developers, aims to the level of game consoles. I can’t judge whether it’s true, but if you believe the users, the game’s graphics are really not bad. Voice-over, too, though the translation leaves a lot to be desired.

Implosion. Never Lose Hope is free to install, but some content you may want to buy separately.

Zombie Age 2

Zombie Age 2 is an arcade game that will free your city from the hordes of walking dead. The latter should be chopped into meat with different types of weapons and it earns you points.

This is interesting: Setting up a DLNA server with our ‘Home media server (UPnP, DLNA, HTTP)’ app. Viewing files from your computer on your TV

Installation of the game, as in the previous case, is free, but there is additional paid content.

Auralux: Constellations

Auralux: Constellations. multiplayer, fairly complex strategy, in which you have to become a member of the space battles to save the planet. The game is very exciting, but alas: in it, too, you have to pay extra for some content.

Red Ball 4

Red Ball 4 is a simple arcade game designed for elementary and middle school age, but can also enthrall adults. The essence of the game is to prevent the evil dice make the whole world square.

Zombies in the Fog [Into the Dead]

Zombies in the Fog is an exciting action game with well-developed 3D graphics and great voice acting. The player will, as the name implies, have to fight the crowds of rebellious dead who seek to make him one of them.

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