What Applications Can I Remove From My Phone?

On every Android smartphone there are a lot of programs and services of various kinds. These are applications from the manufacturer, which were installed at the factory, and various third-party software installed already by the owner of the device. But some embedded programs and services are not required for the functioning of the Android system, but are still installed by the developer. Therefore, if desired, the user can disable or delete them. This will be discussed in our review.

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Why install programs on a smartphone, if I can do it myself?

Many users of Android smartphones cannot independently install the program they need for many reasons. Some simply do not know how to install third-party software, while others do not even know that there are such and such programs and they can be very useful. And the majority of users simply do not bother and use, as they say: “What is”. this is what the preinstallation of third-party services on mobile devices is designed for.

What Applications Can I Remove From My Phone?

Manufacturers install programs for the convenience of the user, as if giving him a ready-made device that you can take and use without troubles according to the type of installation of the necessary software. For example, Google, the developer of the Android operating system, installs services on all smartphones, such as Play Market, Gmail, Google, Maps, Docs and so on. This was done to advertise these very developments, and to provide an already finished product, where you can perform basic tasks without reconfiguration.

Can I remove programs and services that I do not need from Google?

Unfortunately, you can’t remove services from Google in a simple way. To remove them, you must obtain root rights on the smartphone, that is, crack the gadget, and this can be difficult and risky. But you can turn off all Google services. This is almost the same as deletion, only a little memory they will still occupy.

After disabling Google services, they will not be able to work, will not consume RAM and battery, they cannot be opened, but they will all be stored in the system exactly. You can turn on this or that service at any time and use it again.

What can be disabled or deleted?

Some system services on Android just hang in the background and are not used by the user in any way. Let’s figure out which applications can be removed or disabled on the smartphone without consequences.

The first thing to understand is that there are several types of preinstalled software, namely:

  • Systemic They are regularly used by the system for comfortable interaction with the owner. They can neither be deleted nor disabled, and it is unnecessary.
  • Services from Google. These services are also pre-installed and come with absolutely every smartphone on the Android operating system. They can be turned off without any problems, if you do not use them all or one of them, since they are independent of each other.
  • From the manufacturer. Such applications are installed by the manufacturer and they can often be removed and disabled, but in some cases this leads to inoperability of some system nodes. You need to be careful with them, so we have prepared a list of all the utilities that can be disabled. Following this list, carefully analyze your archive and clean it from garbage.

Disable unnecessary system services. Here is a list of all system services with a detailed description: