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TOP. 10 applications for Smart TV

Now on almost all TVs the word “Smart” is written, which automatically makes them very smart and capable. In theory, each user knows that the technique with the name Smart should be simple, easy and comfortable, and also to make life easier. In practice, it turns out that everything is not so simple. It is difficult for some to deal with the principles of Smart. TV, others ー Understand which software is better to install. This article will consider all the features of the work of smart equipment and the top 10 best applications for Smart TV will be proposed.

Smart TV ー This is a technology, a special system that integrates into the TV. Its main task is to provide Internet access. With the help of access to the network, it turns out to interact with the entire multimedia space:

The capabilities of the smart TV are wide, but depend on the configuration that the developer offers.

Fortunately, now there are shops where you can download programs yourself. Most of them are designed for the Android operating system and are available for free. To download new programs, you must either go to the store (they are on the menu or on the main screen, the name depends on the TV brand), or download the installation file to the USB flash drive, and with it to transfer it to the TV. It is necessary to ensure that free memory remains in the device for the normal operation of applications.

Best applications for Smart TV with free films

The best application for free viewing of a huge base of films and series on Smart TV and phones with Android operating system.

The Kino application is missing in the official Android app store, so it needs to be downloaded from the developers’ website (https: // kinogom.Pro) using a browser on your TV, or it can be downloaded to a USB flash drive using a computer, pump up to the TV and install it from the flash drive. It is not difficult to do this, but after that you will have convenient access to free news and TV shows in good quality on your TV and with convenient navigation (which is especially important when you control Smart TV from the remote control). Today it is the best free application that has no special analogues.

Fork Player. A universal free application that allows you to watch more than 1000 free channels via IPTV, as well as films and series.

FORK Player has 2 possible installation methods: through the DNS setting in the Internet connection parameters on the TV and through the browser. Suitable for TV TVs LG, Samsung, Xiaomi and others. Detailed video instructions about setting up fork player are in this video on YouTube. Https: // www.Youtube.COM/Watch?V = xhqc00lubqk

Torrent Stream Controller. Free application for viewing channels on TV using Ace Stream technology.

In addition to viewing the channels, it allows you to reproduce any films and series from torrents, without waiting for its full load (in stream mode). An excellent program for those who can use torrents and watch movies in very good quality.

Free application for Smart TV, allowing you to watch movies, TV shows and television channels absolutely free. Lime TV is on Google Play, so you can install it immediately on TV, without using a flash drive and additional complex settings.

For installation, just go to the Play Market on your TV and write in the search line “Lime TV”. In addition, lime can also be installed on the phone with the Android operating system.

Lazymedia Deluxe. Popular application for free quilting films on your Android TV. This service provides access to the most popular torrents and catalogs of sites with pirate content, including sites like Hdrezka and Filmix.

The application on TV will need to be installed from the flash drive, as in some cases higher. You can download it on a 4pda developer page. The free version of the program has all the necessary functionality, it does not have advertising and there is access to films and series as Full HD. Access to 4K content is only in the paid version, which is very inexpensive.

Kodi. This is a full.Fledged media center for your TV that allows films, music, and also work with images. Kodi works on all platforms and supports most modern formats. You can download it in the official Play Market application store on your TV (if you have Smart TV on Android). Samsung and LG will have to be confused for installation on TVs of the company and use the instructions from the Internet.

applications, installed, smart

In Cody, you can also install addons (additions) that will give access to torrent trackers for watching films and services like Twitch.

Kino.Pub. Conditionally free online cinema, which in just 117 per month provides access to a huge number of content: films, series, sports broadcasts, television channels, documentary and much more. A lot of content as 4K.

The only drawback. Kino.PUB is blocked in Russia, so for its installation it will be necessary to use VPN.

Useful application for watching films, TV shows and channels on Samsung and LG TVs. You can download the Samsung App or 4pda application menu

XSMART provides access to a large base of films and series in Full HD format, including all the latest News in 2021, as well as a large list of domestic and foreign TV channels.

Gets TV. Another popular application for Android TV and prefixes, which can be installed from the official application store on Samsung and LG TVs. You can also download an apk file on third.Party sites and install it on any TV with Android OS.

Gets TV has convenient navigation by menu and contains a large high.Quality movie base. To use additional functions, you need to register for the Getstv.Ru and pay for the selected tariff. There is a convenient search for filters with the possibility of filters by genre, years and country.

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Ivi TV. One of the most popular services in Russia, which provides watching films and series on an inexpensive monthly subscription, but a large number of films that can be watched for free are also available. The application is official and it can be downloaded in the Play Market store for TVs of almost any manufacturer, without additional difficulties and instructions

The only minus of the Ivi service. It is paid (all new items and premieres are available by subscription).

Streamers and video bloggers

The modern industry of home television leisure is not limited by only films, television and similar content. With the advent and development of video hosting, whole new genres have appeared. Video blogging, gaming and conversational streaming, as well as a lot of different derivatives. Unconditional world leaders in this segment by the number of active consumers of content-YouTube video hosting and the Twitch direct Internet broadcasts service. The latter, unfortunately, does not have its own application for Smart TV, only unofficial, which are not welcomed by the policy of the company. Therefore, we will only consider the YouTube application, where streamers often lead parallel streams with Twitch.


Youtube itself as a video hosting in special performances does not need. In the modern world, many people have a close acquaintance with him almost from infancy. However, in the context of viewing YouTube on TVs with the Smart TV system, some explanations will be useful.

At the very beginning of YouTube consisted of almost exclusively amateur content. In the future, after removing a rigid restriction on the duration of the video, an explosive increase in the filling of the service occurred. Already professional studios “settled” on this site, and then whole television and radio companies with film studios. The focus of all of the listed YouTube is today. The content is for the most part free, and the viewer “pays” for the use of advertising for use.

Youtube application for Smart TV gives access to video hosting to view content. To do this, you need to activate your account in Google in the application. From this moment on, as the videos views the videos, the service will learn to understand the tastes and preferences of the user, making individual thematic collections and making lists of auto work.

applications, installed, smart

Separately, it is worth mentioning all growing popularity in YouTube of direct broadcasts (streams), which are the basic content of the Twitch platform, and it is not only about game streams. Despite the lack of specific functionality, YouTube restrictions are the only compromise for legal content consumers on Smart TV.

In TV models with Smart TV, popular brands released in 2013 and later, as well as in some models of 2012, the YouTube application is installed by default. There are also separate versions for the Apple TV and Android TV platforms.

In the TVs of earlier releases than 2012, the “native” YouTube application could initially be, but over time it could disappear (and disappeared) as the gap between the modern capabilities of the video hosting and the potential of old TVs increased. There are not many solutions to the problem: buying a new TV, buying a separate prefix, installing third.Party applications at your own peril and risk.


  • Access to the most popular video hosting in the world;
  • Direct broadcasts;
  • For the most part, free content;
  • Default widespread in TVs;
  • For the most part, an intuitive and convenient intensity;
  • Adaptive intellectual adjustment for user tastes.

For Philips

Since 2014, the Philips Smart TVs installed Android TV operating system. Software products download with Play Market. In earlier versions, the following sequence of actions (for the example of IPTV) is needed:

  • In the main menu, open “configuration”.
  • Select “Connection to the network”.
  • Type of connection “wired”, confirm the choice.
  • In the paragraph “Configuration” to enter the section “Network Settings”.
  • Open the “Network mode” and “Static IP address”.
  • In the “IP configuration” tab, select DNS 1 and enter

How to install widgets on the Samsung Smart TV TV

Using Samsung Apps

This is the most convenient way to install Smart TV Samsung applications. Installation algorithm:

What free applications can be installed on Smart TV

The main software is installed on Smart TV already at the time of purchase. However, the loading of additional applications will fully reveal the possibilities of acquisition and adjust it to your interests.

Individual manufacturers who have developed a unique OS allow to download only programs of their own production for their invention.

There are a lot of useful programs, some of which we recommend installing Smart TV for the convenience of using:

Play Market

This application in many TVs is installed even before the purchase, but the hosts of TV with other operating systems (not Android) often face the absence of the Play of the market. Installation is possible if it is compatible with your TV model. In another case, you will have to use the analogue of the application that will work on the purchased Smart TV.

Smart TV remote control

Although the set of “smart” equipment includes the remote control, after downloading the application to the smartphone, you will understand how much it is more convenient to control the TV with its help. The widget is functional and compatible with a huge number of models. Just configure it.


This application is a download leader on the world Internet for many years. Widespread led to the fact that in many “smart” TVs it is established by default. In this video hosting you can find everything you want, and personal channels help to express yourself to millions of people.


In this application, the user can watch your favorite television channels (both all.Russian and local). A program of programs for the current day is provided. You can record the programs viewed, create a playlist from them, watch films and TV shows from the database to 8500 files. The application has an action. The first 7 days of subscriptions to paid channels for free.


Online cinema, in which you can watch films without advertising in paid mode or free, but with advertising pauses. Application files are constantly updated.


Such a widget allows you to control the cloud storage files, in particular, view them on TV.

Twitch TV

For several years now this application has been at the beginning of the list of programs for a “smart” TV. It is indispensable for young people. With the help of such a widget, you can create streams and record them, view other people’s broadcasts, communicate in the chat during the game. The application allows you to subscribe to streamers.

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Leankey Keyboard

When using even the most top applications, Smart TV owners invariably encounter the inconvenience of entering the request. You can connect to the device, keyboard and mouse, but avoiding unnecessary trouble is easier with the Leankey Keyboard Widget application allows you to enter letters and numbers much faster than on a standard remote control.

365 Body Workout

This application can be a pleasant surprise for you, because not everyone is able to present sports on the instructions with the TV. Having installed a widget, the user will find training at home, on street workout. There is information on proper nutrition, set and weight loss, drying, food additives.


The synoptic application allows you to learn weather conditions in the elected regions (with a large number of locations) and around the world. Users note the accuracy of forecasts and a convenient menu. The charms of the program give aesthetic design with beautiful background landscapes.

What free applications can be installed on SMART-TV to watch movies


TOP free applications for Smart TV opens Videobox. With it, you can watch films not only online, but also download them to your TV. The library is huge. To choose from a user both a well.Established classic and fresh news from foreign and Russian directors. In addition, you can choose between different voice acts, including put the original path.

Lime HD TV

Fans of TV channels will appreciate Lime HD TV. Among all applications for Smart TV of this kind, this is one of the best. The program has an intuitive-convertible integer, in which even an elderly person is oriented, as well as convenient navigation, which allows you to quickly find the desired channel. Broadcasts are conducted in the highest quality if you missed your favorite program or movie. You can watch them in the record.

Tubi TV

If you are looking for which free applications can be installed on Smart TV to watch a movie is one of the first options to be considered. American service for watching films and TV shows is popular in Russia. Its main advantage should be considered a library in which over 40 thousand films and series are collected.

Fresh hits appear promptly. By installing Tubi TV to your TV, you can watch new series of your favorite series one of the first. There is one nuance. In the free version only HD resolution is available, FHD and 4K open only when subscription design.


  • For what: View foreign and domestic television channels
  • Advantages: a minimalistic integration, stable work even on televisions with old iron

The rating of the best TV applications for Smart TV continues Freetv. This is a popular program, due to which you can watch over 250 television channels in SD and HD quality for free. Among them are not only Russian, but also foreign.

The developer worked perfectly on the optimization of the application, which is why it operates smoothly, including on old TVs. We note a laconic, but at the same time understandable intese in a separate line, in which even a pensioner will not confuse.


Looking for the best view of TV on Smart TV? Here is a good option. NSTREAMLMOD. An application that can only be installed on Samsung brand TVs. By default, it spreads for a fee, with a 30-day test version, but the program has long been hacked on the Internet. Another pitfall is a little more complex than other applications installation. But in terms of functionality, she wipes his nose to many competitors, allowing you to watch content from torrents without loading.

Peers TV

  • For what: View films and television channels
  • Advantages: installed from an official store, has a rich catalog of channels and video content

Peers TV is located on the equator of the top. This program is perfect for those who do not want to mess with installation. You can download it from the official store, so no fuss with additional permits, searching for the desired APK on the Internet, etc.D.

As for the features of the application, it provides access to television channels, films and series. All content is conveniently sorted by genres, so you can quickly find something in the mood. The main minus, which the owners most often complain about the reviews. New films here appear with a delay.


  • For what: View online traveories
  • Advantages: Lack of loading when viewing in high quality, good optimization for old TVs, frequent updates

A step from hitting the prize pedestal of the top, where the best programs for watching films on Smart TV are collected, a software called Lampa is located. It is not as easy to use as the previous contestant, since the user will need to configure torrserver, but with the exception of this, the application has no minuses.

It is supported on all popular TV models and works normally even on old devices with weak iron. The developer often releases updates, making the application even more pleasant to use. The content base is regularly replenished with new products.

Instalar Apps No Oficiales Samsung smart TV Tizen Studio NU7100 MU6100 QLED Q6FN MU6300 RU7100 NU800

Slynet IPTV

  • For what: watching TV channels, video, listening to radio and music online
  • Advantages: an integration in Russian, an intuitively understandable integral, advanced opportunities, convenient work with content

Slynet IPTV installation will turn a TV into a real multimedia station. The application provides access to almost a thousand television channels that can be watched both on the air and in the record.

How to install new applications on hisense smart tv 55A7200FSVI

In addition, it can be used as a player to play downloaded films and music. It will be convenient to understand the impressive functionality of the software due. If you are looking for how to watch Smart TV for free is what you need.


  • For what: watching movies online or from torrents
  • Advantages: completely free, knows how to work through an external player, is well optimized for control from the remote control

Silver gets a popular free application that has insanely rich functionality and wipes away the nose in this regard for many competitors when compared. Including those that are distributed for a fee. Many will stop searching for the best program for watching TV shows and films by installing Forkplayer. With it, you can watch TV shows, films, television. The only thing required is the Internet connection.

Another feature is convenient control from the remote control, which is rare for programs of this kind. The main drawback is not the easiest installation method, which can scare away an inexperienced user, as well as cut functionality on some OS.

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How to connect the Internet to Smart TV TV

To begin with, the Smart TV cannot be considered “smart” in the absence of high-speed-from 10 Mbps-and sustainable (without failures) Internet connection. If there is an access point to the network, then to connect to it the owner of the TV receiver will be needed:

Further, the process of connecting a TV with the Internet depends on one of the two main methods.

applications, installed, smart
  • We activate the item “Wended”;
  • Introduce the IP address and DNS from our provider;
  • Confirm our actions;
  • Click on the “Ready” button.

Manually will not have to set up access to the Internet if you include an additional router in the circuit, which, after setting up (manual or automatic), will synchronize the signal coming from the provider to the television receiver.

The second method of connecting the Smart TV to the network is carried out through the Wi-Fi access point. This option allows users to connect all their digital devices to the router without using cables and calmly watch an interactive TV on a TV with Smart TV for free and without advertising.

True, it will be possible to connect the television receiver with the Internet without installing additional equipment only if the SMART block of this model has a Wi-Fi module, which can be activated according to the following scheme:

If the TV model does not have a Wi-Fi module, then you can use the wireless method of connecting a “smart” device with a USB-sized to a remote one using a compatible adapter, the list of which is usually indicated in the operating instructions for TV. Using “left” Wi-Fi adapters in this case is not recommended due to the settings too complicated for ordinary user.

Any digital device has its own operating system, the capabilities of which can be significantly expanded due to programs, widgets and applications from official stores and third.Party sources. Smart TVs in this regard are no exception.

Therefore, you can significantly expand the original functionality of your television receiver due to the installation of additional programs, if you know where you can find and download useful and safe Smart TV applications for your device.

The fact is that manufacturers of Smart TVs recommend downloading and installing programs only from official stores:

There are other operating systems. For example, TV owners with ROKY TV OS can use applications designed for iOS and Android.

Therefore, the procedure for the owner of the “smart” TV when downloading and installing programs may vary significantly. Consider these differences on the example of the most popular TV receivers models.

To install a TV application on the Smart TV LG, the user will first have to create on the official website of this South Korean company (LG.COM) Account to create your account and registration of the device.

Only after that, the owner of the Smart TV will get access to the Smart World and Game World stores with applications for viewing IP-television and games:

  • We take a television remote control;
  • Press the Smart TV button;
  • We go to the Smart World or Game World store;
  • Click on the icon of any available program or game.

Content from official LG stores can be free, conditionally paid or paid. In the last two cases, the user will be invited to pay the application in one of the methods convenient for him.

The process of downloading and installing the selected application is automatic, which will be completed after the corresponding message appears on the television display of the television. Immediately after this, the user will be able to find a program or game in the Smart TV menu or using the MY Apps button on the PDU.


The process of installing applications on the “smart” television receivers of this South Korean company is as follows:

Before installing applications on the Smart Television of this company, it is recommended to update the firmware (operating instructions) and a list of pre-installed options. The latter is updated according to the following scheme:

  • Choose a Home key on the PDU;
  • We go to the “Installations” section, located in the upper right corner of the screen;
  • Select the item “Network”;
  • We activate the “Update Internet-Conductive” button;

At the end of the updates process, a message will appear on the screen, offering the user to return to the main TV receiver menu using the Home button on a television remote control. After that, you can proceed to the direct installation of applications.

Just click on the SEN key on the PDU to go to the section with the list of applications and IP-television channels. The full list of applications for TVs Sony is opened in this section with a simple press on the icon with a plus sign inside or button “All applications” in the lower left corner of the screen.

Choose any program, game or widget from this list, and then activate the link “Add to my applications”. After installing the application, the owner of the television receiver will find his icon in the general list of available programs (SEN key on PDU).


If you allocate one best application, it will be YouTube.

applications, installed, smart

This application does not even need to download many modern smart TVs, since it is initially preinstalled by Smart TV.

Youtube without exaggeration is the largest video hosting in the world. Here you can find almost everything you just want. Videos, films, music clips, streams and much more are available here. Youtube is the most popular channel in its segment. It is a fact.

The functionality of the application is constantly expanding, new opportunities are added.

ATTENTION. Smart TV owners from Samsung may encounter problems when installing this application if the TV is released until 2012.

The application is simply not installed on outdated models. Otherwise, there are no complaints about the program, and they cannot be.

By the number of downloads and the number of users among Smart TV owners, the official YouTube application has no competitors. And this is a fact.

Yes, this is the list of good, useful and worthy attention of applications does not end. There are much more of them than some can imagine.

The only question is what a specific user needs, and what advantages or opportunities he wants to get by downloading the program and installing it on Smart TV.

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