We Will Tell You How To Determine The Gender Of The Red-Eared Turtle

Trachemys tortoise is a very cute pet, which requires a minimum of attention and care, it turns out beautifully in the photo and pleases the kids with its friendliness. Therefore, the owners often try to breed these reptiles, crossing them among themselves. The question of determining the sex of the red-eared tortoise in this case plays a very important role. But, this task is far from simple, and its solution is difficult even for specialists.

How to determine the gender?

This is clearly shown in the video.

Then the differences can be seen clearly and most correctly determine the gender of the turtles.

  • Claw length and shape

Adult males who have reached the age of five have long curved claws, pointed at the ends. While in females, the claws are short and not sharp at all. If you look carefully through a magnifying glass, you will notice that their ends are rounded.

This symptom must be considered in conjunction with the rest, since it cannot be considered completely reliable. In some turtles living in a hard terrarium, the claws may simply grind off. In this case, their length and shape will change. And the male can easily be mistaken for a female.

  • Shell differences

How to determine the gender of the red-eared turtle? – plastron will help – carapace.

Nature made sure that the mating of reptiles took place effortlessly, giving the males a concave shape of this part of the shield. It is inside the plastron that the genitals of the turtles are located. And thanks to the V-shape of the abdominal part, the male is firmly fixed during mating on its partner. In females, the plastron is completely flat, has no recesses.

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The shape of the shell itself can also tell who is who. Males flaunt in a narrow elongated shield, while ladies wear more rounded and shorter houses.

In females, the tail is so shorter than the male that it is visible to the naked eye. In addition, the form of this formation is different. The tail of the "boys" has a large thickening near the base and a thin sharp tip. In females, the tail is even along the entire length, without thickenings, the end has a rounded shape.

In the red-eared turtle, the cloaca is located on the tail, and its location can also indicate gender. The anus of males resembles a thin line, located in the lower part of the tail. In females, cesspool is zigzag, similar to half a star, located near the base.

A detailed story on this subject

Additional external symptoms

We Will Tell You How To Determine The Gender Of The Red-Eared Turtle

If you are still in doubt about which gender your pet belongs to, evaluate other definition criteria:

  • The diameter of the hole between the dorsal and abdominal parts of the shell. In females, it is noticeably larger, because it is they who postpone future offspring.
  • Body size. Girls are always larger than boys by about a couple of centimeters. If a female of five years of age reaches 17–19 cm in length, then the male will not grow more than 15. By the age of 6, the length of the female is on average 19–21 cm, and the male is only 16–18.

Behavior features

You can easily distinguish males by their behavior. Boys are more active and curious, they constantly move, try all available objects for a tooth, stick to girls. This is manifested in the fact that the male catches up with a possible partner he likes and tries to bite her neck slightly. The boyfriend invites to pairing with fluttering claws right in front of the eyes of the female.

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Males constantly “nod” their heads like Chinese tangerines.

In addition, the “men” compete with each other, trying to drive the opponent away from their territory or from the female. Things hardly reach a serious fight, but males can push and bite for a long time until one of them retreats, leaving the battlefield behind a more successful rival.

Age determination

It was at this time that it was necessary to determine its gender. How to understand how old a pet is? It’s not difficult to do, knowing her sizes:

  • In a year, the length of the shell is 5–7 cm;
  • at 2 years – 9cm;
  • at 3 years old – from 11 to 14 cm;
  • at 4 years – 13 cm males and 17 females;
  • at 5 years old – 15 and 19cm.

Another way is to count the rings decorating the shell. From 2 to 3 new concentric rings appear in a year. In addition, the older the turtle, the darker the color of its shield, the less greenish stains on it.

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