Vr Glasses For Smartphone How To Use

In this article, we will tell you about what virtual reality glasses or VR BOX are for a smartphone, and how to use VR BOX.

Today, there are many types of virtual reality technologies in the world, and due to the current level of excitement around technologies, more and more companies are developing solutions that immerse users in a completely new kind of interactive experience.

Thus, the problem of VR technology right now lies in the demonstration of useful content for interactive experience, as well as in the creation of affordable solutions that would allow every person in the world to purchase virtual reality glasses. Thus, it is required to introduce this technology and make it ordinary, so that it is available to everyone, both as entertainment and as a new knowledge.

So, today we’ll talk about special features, specifically speaking about VR BOX virtual reality glasses. In addition, we will look at how reality virtual reality goggles work, and also talk about the TOP 8 best VR applications.

What is VR BOX or virtual reality?

Virtual Reality (Virtual Reality, VR) is a world created by technical means, which is transmitted to a person through his sensations: vision, hearing, touch and smell. At the same time, virtual reality imitates the impact on a person with maximum accuracy, and accordingly, his reaction to what is happening is developed.

For example, when playing a horror game, a person will experience much more sensations in virtual reality glasses than without them. This fact is also emphasized by the statistics of the experiment, in which more than 1,500 people participated, they were invited to play a horror game. As a result, when playing without virtual reality glasses, only 8% of experimental subjects experienced fears, while in virtual reality glasses this percentage increased to 79%.

How do virtual reality glasses work?

Vr Glasses For Smartphone How To Use

It is worth noting that the main reason why the glasses are called VR, that is, Virtual Reality, is that they are equipped with 3D technology, which in turn greatly affects the human subconscious, and therefore is perceived by him as reality.

Let’s explain, when using Virtual Reality mode, the screen of your smartphone will be divided into two duplicate images, as a result of which one picture gets into the left lens and the second picture into the right lens. Thanks to this, our brain sees only one whole picture, but due to a slight movement or displacement, a 3D illusion is created in the game.

At the same time, one should not assume that more expensive analogues are distinguishable from cheap ones and work on a different principle, since the principle is the same. The only difference between cheap glasses and expensive glasses is that you need to insert your smartphone in cheap glasses, while expensive ones have their own electronics and a display.

VR BOX operating principle from a technical point of view

The first thing you will notice, if you ever looked inside of how a VR application works, you probably talked about how everything somehow looks strange on the screen of your smartphone. As a rule, what you see with virtual reality glasses is very similar to when you look into the distance with the help of an old television tube. Sometimes on the smartphone screen you can see a white dividing line that divides the screen into two similar images, but this does not always happen, but depending on the type of application.

The image that you see above, or rather two lenses, is designed to work with the lenses that come with the purchase of VR BOX. Such lenses are by far the most common form of visualization of virtual reality. The same lenses can be seen in more expensive analogs of virtual glasses, such as Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Thus, biconvex lenses in virtual reality glasses occupy the image on the display and distort it, which allows you to fill your field of vision. In this connection, your eye perceives these images as one image, which creates the illusion of depth using stereoscopy.

Why buy VR BOX?

So, if you want to try and immerse yourself in the virtual world for a while, then you should definitely buy these glasses.

But still, let’s note the advantages and disadvantages of today:

  • Firstly, the price of glasses from branded and popular companies such as Sony, Oculus will be around 300-400 dollars, although in practice the price can rise to the range of 500 dollars. Therefore, to give such a serious amount for “Virtual world” nothing else is called “step into the abyss.” After all, it is still unknown what will happen in the future, since in the end the market can forget about such an experimental technology.
  • Secondly, there is very little free game content created specifically with VR technology, most often the creators of such games are indie developers, but even such games lose interest after a couple of sessions. Well, such major game manufacturers as Rockstar, Activision or EA, so far only looking at this platform, and therefore do not yet have any big plans.
  • Thirdly, the cheaper analogue of VR BOX is in no way inferior to the more expensive counterparts. Well, if we talk about the price, then it is only about 15 dollars, while the control panel will definitely be included.

TOP 8 best apps for working with VR BOX

AAA VR Cinema is a player for virtual reality glasses or VR BOX that allows you to play local content stored on your device.

This player is pretty easy to use and easy to use. To view this or that content using the AAA VR Cinema application, you need to place the or on your device, and then use this application to open it, indicating the path to the directory with the. In addition, the application provides the following features:

  • You can watchs recorded in 180 ° and 360 ° degrees
  • There is a function to enable / disable head tracking
  • It supports the ability to connect a NAS, or an additional source of information storage, which can be either network or physical.