VPN Iphone What It Is How To Treat

Recall what happened. Telegram refused to provide keys to decrypt messages to Roskomnadzor. Pavel Durov, the creator of the messenger, refused to open a door for the FSB in the correspondence of users, and after that the Tagansky court decided to block the Telegram. On April 16 last year, the blocking of providers began. In the course of the cyber war, millions of websites and companies were affected. Blocked several million IP addresses, among which belong to Amazon and Google. But Telegram works and resists.

While the network was actively discussing the news, using the service became increasingly difficult. Many just couldn’t get into Telegram, but fortunately, instructions very quickly appeared on how to bypass the lock. When this was more or less sorted out, the problem became smaller. now only individual channels do not work or there are private problems with sending messages. The following methods will allow you to stay on Telegram and receive news from your favorite channels, even if the application is not available on the App Store and Google Play. A few simple manipulations. and you can quickly return to your favorite messenger.

How to bypass Telegram lock on Android and iPhone

Until recently, this method was available only on Windows, but now it can be used to bypass Telegram lock on a smartphone. To do this, open the “Settings” in the application itself and click on “Data and Storage”. After that, go to the “Proxy” (Proxy) and select SOCKS5.

VPN Iphone What It Is How To Treat

After that, all that needs to be done to bypass the Telegram lock on the phone is to enter data in the Server and Port fields.

IP address and port select on Available proxy sites:

This option is now available for Windows, Android and iOS.

This method will not give anonymity, but will allow you to connect to blocked IP addresses. To get around Telegram blocking on iPhone, just install the special Windscribe VPN and Browsec VPN applications.

Setting up a connection is simple. Click the “Connect” button. and now you are already using a server in another country!

On the Windows phone (Nokia Lumiya and others), you can bypass the blocking using the paid hide.me VPN application.

How to bypass a telegram lock on a PC

If you use Telegram on your computer or laptop, you can install the following applications to bypass the lock:

TunnelBear is a simple yet secure VPN program with a premium design.

Hola VPN. gives access to any site. The service is used by more than 151 million people.

Services are available for desktop installation on Windows 7, 10 and Mac.

How to bypass Telegram lock in browser

The easiest way to get around blocking an application on a computer. install the extension in the browser.

  • Rutreker. Opera, Google Ghrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Yandex.Browser;
  • Anonymox. Chrome, Firefox;
  • Privatix. Chrome, Opera, Firefox;
  • Browsec. Chrome, Opera, Yandex.Browser;
  • ZenMate. Chrome, Opera, Firefox.

To bypass the lock can be downloaded to a laptop “Tor”. This is the version of the browser that got its name from The Onion Router. the “onion router”. This network is called bulbous because it involves several levels of encryption that protect user privacy. This system was developed by the US Navy to protect business correspondence and negotiations, now Tor is a non-profit organization and automatically bypasses all locks. You can download it and install it on your desktop “Mac” or “Windows.”

How to bypass Telegram lock: proxy

Telegram developers have added the ability to bypass locks directly into the application, so the specialized TgVPN VPN service will come to your aid. This is a paid service, a month of use costs 5, 3 months. 12. The trial period is free. 2 days. To connect the bot, follow the instructions.

bots through which you can open access to the Telegram:

There is also one free Vee Security service that provides settings for proxies.

Well, if the issue of using Telegram is not fundamental for you, you can find a good alternative among other instant messengers.