Video to the iPhone lock screen

The principle of wallpaper installation with these plugins on the iPhone is similar:

Vellum Wallpapers

The plugin is famous for its large database of high-quality iPhone pictures. Here are not the usual images, but those created by high-end designers. Images are divided into groups based on mood, season, author. Vellum difference. blurred background option. The program is updated daily, but you need a subscription to access all of the drawings. Images can be replaced with new ones at any time by simply uploading the images.

Clarity Wallpaper

than a simple collection of photos for your iPhone. The clarity program is also a photo editor that allows you to work with images in full: view, correct, add effects. The result is a unique background.


This is a service for photographers who want to share their pictures with the world. You can use their photos as a background for your smartphone. Images are downloaded from all over the world. That is why the variety is impressive: you can see the most picturesque places of the Earth. The program lets you download photos to your iPhone and adjust them to the scale you want, like cropping. Thanks to the frequent updates you can often change the old wallpaper and “travel” around the world.

Wlppr. Background Wallpapers

Service with geographical and astronomical wallpaper. This is a collection of photos not only of our planet, but also others. from satellites. The app is highly specialized, and this is the difference.

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How to automatically change the wallpaper on your iPhone or iPad depending on time, location, etc.д.

Setting the automatic change of wallpaper involves the implementation of preliminary actions, and in a strictly specified order. It takes a few minutes. It is necessary:

  • Allow the execution of third-party commands.
  • Create your own album with your wallpaper in the Photos app.
  • Import your own command to the Commands app.
  • Give this team access rights to the photos and customize it.
  • Set the wallpaper to change automatically, or add a special shortcut button on the home screen for changing.

Let’s dwell on each item in more detail.

Where in the iPhone screen lock?

The iOS operating system has a function for this, designed to automatically lock the screen. To turn it on and configure it, you should launch the Settings app, and then go to “Screen and brightness” and select the “Autolock” menu here.

On your iPhone or iPad, go to Settings Universal Access. Swipe down and select Guide Access. Turn the function onEnable feature.

Locking your screen when talking

Another big problem is locking the screen while talking. I think everyone knows that when you put your iPhone to your ear during a call, the screen dims. But sometimes there are problems with this feature. This is relevant when you call to the bank or other services and the voice asks to press any key, and you just can not do it. Or, on the contrary, you put the phone to your ear and accidentally press the keys.

Often users see a black screen instead of this picture.

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Here are a few recommendations on how to fix it:

  • Reboot your smartphone.
  • Remove or disable caller ID.
  • Remove third-party keyboards if you’ve installed them.
  • Remove the case and glass from your smartphone.

I was once faced with such a problem when enabled caller ID from Yandex. Then I had already linked the screen lock when talking to downloading this app, but it took quite a while before that. Be careful.

In addition, two other functions can affect the operation of the screen lock when talking. Raising to activate, which we wrote about above, it is better to disable.

How to download the wallpaper from the network

If for some reason you are not satisfied with the selected application, you can download the background animation from the Internet:

Next, install Live Wallpaper through the Photos app or through your phone settings. How to do this was told earlier in the material.

When downloading background images from the web, be aware of your iPhone screen resolution. It is different for each model.

How to enable Live Wallpaper?

You can put the picture on the wallpaper in two ways. Through the menu of the photo: open the photo, click on “Share” (bottom left corner) and find the item “Set as wallpaper”. Once the settings window opens, notice the bar with three options “static”, “perspective” and “Live Photos”.

  • Open the “Settings” menu on your iPhone. Go to the “Settings” menu, select “Wallpaper” and then click on “Select New Wallpaper”
  • Image selection.
  • Moving the image and selecting a display option.
  • Set up the wallpaper and choose where it should be displayed

How to play YouTube on the locked screen

Important: After you minimize Safari or lock your device, the playback pauses. So to continue it, you need to initiate the playback again.

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The live wallpaper on the iPhone lock screen

Cool live wallpaper app for lock screen

The previous apps are good for everything except having a demo mode, and the paid subscription spoils the whole mood. Want a cool live wallpaper for iPhone for free? Download Live Wallpapers HD for iPhone: it has ads, but they do not interfere with the use of the application. Among the wallpapers you will find:

The app is constantly updated and receives new collections, including themed ones: such as those related to the holidays. The app itself offers you a set of wallpapers, and you can get stuck in endless collections for a long time. Be sure to try it.

How to activate video recording on your iPhone with the display off

On the lock screen, slide the camera curtain halfway down the screen and hold it there.

Switch the shooting mode to video recording.

Continuing to hold the camera curtain, press the Home button twice, then again and again. That is, you make two quick taps three times at short intervals.

Wait a few seconds for the iPhone display to turn off. Even if the display goes out, the picture will continue to be taken.

To end the capture, unlock the device and start the camera.

For more clarity we recommend to watch the video tutorial from the discoverer of such a nice bug:

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