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How to put your own ringtone on Android: trimming and setting ringtones for calls and SMS

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Have you ever heard a ringing in a public place and grabbed your smartphone, thinking you are being called or written to? Android phones have one ringtone by default. If you want to be different from others and create your own ringtone, this article is for you. Here we will look at how to set a ringtone on your Android with the help of an audio editor, online service, and mobile application.

Creating a melody in the audio editor

The best way to create ringtones for Android. Windows desktop audio processing programs. This way you don’t depend on your internet speed and get more control over the process. We will consider this option on the example of the program for trimming and processing audio AudioMaster.

This audio editor allows you to trim a song to your Android ringtone, improve the sound of a music track, pull an audio track from a music video or movie, merge several files into one and edit audio. But the most convenient thing about the program is that it already has a built-in ringtone creation function.

Install the program

First you need to download the free distributive of the program to your computer. Double-click on the installation and wait until the software is ready to run.

Add a song or melody

In the start window, tap “Add file”. Find the track you want to set to your Android ringtone on your hard drive and load it into the program.

Run AudioMASTER and download a melody you want to play as a ringtone

Create a ringtone

Select the area from which you want to create a piece of music with your mouse. The maximum length of a melody for a call. 40 seconds. You can listen to the song by pressing the play button. You can change the scale of the sound waveform display for greater accuracy. Then right click on the selection and choose “Save Selected”.

Select the desired part of the track and save it

The program will offer you to choose the format of a melody. Ringtones for Android need to be exported as a MP3 file, but the WAV extension will also work. Specify the folder for the export and the file name.

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MP3. The best audio format for android ringtone

Once the music piece has been saved to your computer, you can further modify the file. To do this, click on the “Edit” button.

Here you can increase the volume of the MP3, add sound effects, connect multiple audio tracks, adjust the fade in or fade out. To apply changes to the created file without re-exporting, click on the diskette icon on the control panel.

Done. you have created your personal ringtone. To download a melody on your phone connect it to your computer via USB-cable. If you are using a laptop with bluetooth, you can send the file with it.

Choice of ringing tone. The second way

If you don’t want to bother with the connection of your smartphone to the PC, it can be simpler. Open the melody you want in the audio player, and then select “Set as Ringtone” in the popup menu.

In older versions of Android was an unpleasant “glitch”, which assigned a melody “fuzzy” after rebooting the phone. But on modern phones I have not seen anything like this.

Setting a personal ringtone for a specific contact

The way of setting a personal melody is slightly different on different smartphone models, but in any case there is nothing complicated about it. To begin, open the phonebook and tap your finger on the desired contact. Among other information, find “Ringtone”, “Ringtone”, or “Ringtone setting.

If there is nothing like that on the screen, then press the “Menu” button. most likely, the item we need is there.

Download a ringtone to your phone

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How to set a melody for each contact?

You can also change the music on a ringtone for a single contact. For this purpose it is necessary to use the following tips:

Note: You can only set a new ringtone for a specific contact if the contact is stored in the phone memory, not on the SIM card. Otherwise you must first copy the data to the local memory of the device.

If for some reason you can not copy the information, and you still want to change the music on the call from a particular subscriber, you need to use third-party applications:

That’s all. With this application, you can change the music for any contacts. You do not need to transfer information from the SIM card to the internal memory of the phone, running on the Android OS, in advance.

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How to download music with a USB cable

Downloading music via USB cable is the easiest and fastest way to download many audio files to your phone at once. You’ll need a USB cable, preferably the one you use to charge your phone, and a computer.

To download music to your phone, connect your smartphone to your PC with a USB cable. You will see that your smartphone starts charging and is detected by your computer. If the PC does not immediately offer to open the folder to view files, then open “Computer” and you will see your smartphone in the list of connected devices. If your smartphone is used with the memory card, it will most likely be detected as a separate drive.

Now open the folder in the smartphone memory (or SD card) where you would like to download the music and copy the audio files or the folder with the audio files there. Once the process is complete, disconnect the smartphone from the PC.

The music is copied to your device. You only need to open your favorite player and enjoy your favorite tracks.

Android ringtone download and listen online

Category: Sounds UI for developers Number of sounds: 47. Quality: High. Average page view time: 6 min. 10 sec. Author of publication: Konderlos. Files format: mp3.

Here you can download and listen online “Ringtones for Android” for free. Use them to edit and insert into your video clips, as soundtrack, or for any other purpose. You can also give a listen to the children.

[188,16 Kb] (download: 3780). File type: mp3.

[272,75 Kb] (download: 1069). File type: mp3.

[118,37 Kb] (download: 1357). File type: mp3.

[248,09 Kb] (download: 2545). File type: mp3.

[552,29 Kb] (download: 1642). File type: mp3.

[482,71 Kb] (download: 2668). File type: mp3.

[942,13 Kb] (downloads: 4084). File type: mp3.

Ringtones from the Soviet movie “Shurik’s Adventures”

[178,27 Kb] (download: 2321). Type of file: mp3.

Beautiful music on the ringtone for a serious person

[451,06 Kb] (download: 2797). File type: mp3.

Music for cell phone without words “Time, go”

[454,78 Kb] (downloads: 1862). File type: mp3.

Russian song “Gorodok” by Angelica Varum

[140,61 Kb] (download: 1430). File type: mp3.

Cool music for the ringtone “weather forecast”

Music that’s good for a ringtone with a simple melody

ringtone, your, phone

Ringtone music for your wife or mother-in-law (pink panther)

Music for your phone ringtone, which is suitable for kids or pediatricians

[135,36 Kb] (download: 1480). File type: mp3.

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Ringtone for the kid (music in Russian about bandits)

[669,12 Kb] (download: 1184). File type: mp3.

Ringtone for grandmother who has poor hearing (ditties)

Ringtone for a factory worker or a simple middle-aged man

[257,67 Kb] (download: 1497). File type: mp3.

Ringtones for mom, such as on Xiaomi or Alcatel

[901,72 Kb] (downloads: 1123). File type: mp3.

Music for ringtone without words for woman (can be installed on Huawei)

[547,84 Kb] (download: 1451). File type: mp3.

[710,29 Kb] (download: 1555). File type: mp3.

Modern music for your ringtone (install on your ZTE or other smartphone)

[918,49 Kb] (download: 1536). File type: mp3.

Ringtone that will suit your smartphone, if the old man has one

Music for your cell phone to set for your ringtone (man and law)

A calm ringtone for successful and beautiful lady

Cool music for a ringtone for a balanced person

[489,36 Kb] (download: 2319). File type: mp3.

Popular music for Android ringtone

Romantic ringtone music for a guy or a young girl

Ringtones for the soul, suitable for sensitive people

Phone ringtone for your son or daughter

[729,95 Kb] (download: 1225). File type: mp3.

Ultrafashionable music with bass for your ringtone

Ringtone for fat man with a good sense of humor

[487,47 Kb] (download: 1240). File type: mp3.

[310,94 Kb] (download: 1045). File type: mp3.

Ringtone to set when the boss calls, the foreman

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