Upgrade iPad 2 To iOS 12.4

Upgrade iPad 2 To iOS 12.4

If for some reason iOS 12 doesn’t load, you still have the option to install the firmware right now.

There are times when the firmware does not appear for a long time when updating “over the air”.

Where to download iOS 12

Keep direct links to download firmware. For all compatible devices.


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The Team app for Siri has been released. Be sure to download

Guys, tell me, is it still not possible to transfer pictures to each other without an Internet and a file network between two iPhones (so that without clouds)? I jumped off iPhones on the 5th model for various reasons, one of them was in the absence of such an opportunity with all the necessary hardware resources on board.

@raveforever, airdrop is our everything

@raveforever, Photos are transferred via airdrop (wifibluetooth), only between Apple devices
or you can create a common photo album, then you don’t have to throw anything, but you need the Internet from the person you want to show them

@raveforever, airdrop same. Or do you mean from iPhone to Android?

@collder, no, there is its own world (for androids). I mean a situation where there is no external WiFi network and the mobile network is not caught. If AirDrop works in such conditions, then it is very cool!

I was in beta
How can I upgrade to a stable version of the OS and get a refresh with everyone?

@ 2bonus, what the hell are you betting? Do you read the consequences and further transitions to the final wasps ?!
Look for the post, and in previous posts comments, either update by deleting the profile, or completely reinstalling the wasps.

@ 2bonus, final version = latest beta version of the OS. Differences 0. The assembly is the same

@ 2bonus, delete profile and restart the phone. He will pull up.

Has anyone updated the iPad Air (just Air. First) from iOS 10 to 12?

It is clear that from 11 you need to be updated. And from 10? Performance drops dramatically?

@Dimaz, updated on the 12th GM. 10ki definitely works better. Honestly, Air is dead at 9k! Subjectively: either as 9ka or 12ka is still better.

@Depeche, that is, you had Air on iOS 10, and you installed GM iOS 12? And it’s immediately immediately noticeable that it has become better? This makes me happy.

And so yes, he was already on the nine with tangible friezes. But it’s still not called dead 🙂

@Dimaz, No. I have air since 7. And then it went: 8ka, 9ka, 10ka and other breakfast feeds and promises to fix bugs and brakes, however. But this sequence gave me to make sure that it was only enough to 8ki.

For me, Apple is associated with technology that works smoothly and impeccably. Therefore, for me, Air has died on the 9th 🙂 In general, the 9th and 11th are terrible axes for optimization 🙁 Nevertheless, the 12th is better than the 10th. IMHO.
P.S: by the way, he needs to change the battery, but it took 1000 cycles, it may well affect performance, contrary to Apple’s words.