Upgrade iPad 1 To iOS 10.3

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In this article, we will tell you how to update your iPhone on iOS 10.3, which was released recently. And also tell you what’s new in this update.
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  • How to update iPhone on iOS 10.3
  • Update to iOS 10.3 via WiFi
  • IOS update by wire
  • What’s New in iOS 10.3
    • Recovering disk space and speeding up the device by using APFS
    • Find my AirPods
    • Improving AppStore Performance
    • Error correction
    • Upgrade iPad 1 To iOS 10.3
    • Should I install the iOS 10.3 update
    • How to update iPhone on iOS 10.3

      To update iOS, there are two ways. Wireless and wired. Before you begin the operation, you need to create a backup copy of the device in the iCloud cloud storage (if an account exists) or using iTunes. This will help in the event of a failure to initialize the new version of the operating system to save personal information: phone numbers, / photos, application data, etc.

      Update to iOS 10.3 via WiFi

      IOS update by wire

      It will be carried out using iPhone synchronization and programs iTunes via computer using a data cable. Before installing, make sure that your PC or laptop is connected to the Internet.

      1. You will need the latest version of iTunes. If an earlier one is installed, then when you start the software will automatically offer to update. We agree.
      2. We connect the iPhone to the computer.
      3. In iTunes, select your device.
      4. Go to the “Overview” tab.
      5. A panel will open where we click the “Update” button.
      6. Click “Download and Update.”
      7. If necessary, enter the password.

      If all the manipulations are performed correctly, then upon completion of the installation, a new iOS 10.3 will be installed on the iPhone.

      What’s New in iOS 10.3

      According to forecasts, the current update will be the last in the iOS 10 branch. It will add some new features to the gadget, albeit minor, but the iPhone will work faster, the user interface will change slightly.

      Recovering disk space and speeding up the device by using APFS

      The main feature of the version is the new file system. Apple File System. APFS, in comparison with the previous software, is much more efficient in managing the distribution of performance and disk space. Beta testers note that the amount of free space, after installing the OS, increased to 5 GB.

      The new file system gives a performance boost. This is especially noticeable on older devices, like the iPhone 5s. After installing the update, the gadget starts to work faster and more smoothly. Without jerking and freezing. When switching to APFS, the user does not lose a single bit of personal data.

      Find my AirPods

      AirPods are wireless headphones developed by Apple. They are distinguished by high sound quality and small size. The latter often leads to the fact that gadgets are lost, even at home. IOS 10.3 has the useful Find my AirPods feature. You can find it by the corresponding plate in the Find my iPhone application. After pressing the search button, the headphones will start to make an increasing high sound, which will help them find. The function is only possible with a Bluetooth connection between AirPods and iPhone. Otherwise, the application will indicate the location when the last time such synchronization was registered.

      Improving AppStore Performance

      This was made possible by the fact that now developers can respond to user reviews. Now that the application is not functioning correctly or needs some kind of improvement, the creators of the software can respond to complaints. This direct link will help improve application quality. For example, earlier, through a torrent program, when searching for and downloading a movie, it was impossible to select a container, namely mp4, which by default is the main one for iPhone, and the format (HD). Therefore, downloading movies on iOS via torrent had directly from sites. Now, thanks to feedback from developers, such incidents can be quickly corrected.

      Error correction

      Here, the Yabloko tried their best. They fixed a large number of errors, which include user interface crashes. The famous vulnerability was also fixed, thanks to which a stranger could cause your iPhone to freeze by sending a text message.

      Should I install the iOS 10.3 update

      Many may be scared off by the Apple File System, the new file system. But these are prejudices. Apple has implemented the software transition perfectly. File conversion takes 10 to 15 minutes. All user data remains intact. There is no risk as such. And the advantages are visible to the naked eye. free disk space and increased performance.

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