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Having a problem with your Lumia? Solve it with Windows (Nokia) Recovery Tool

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Lumia smartphones running Windows Phone have a proven track record of being stable and reliable. However, problems sometimes arise during their operation. The official recovery tools will help you solve them: Lumia Software Recovery Tool and Windows Phone Recovery Tool.

With the help of these programs, you can solve the problem with “gears” that sometimes freeze after a factory reset or software update. In addition, in some cases, the software will help to cope with the fact that the phone does not turn on or is frozen.

Lumia (Nokia) Software Recovery Tool

Nokia has made a tool for recovering smartphones on Windows Phone 7.5 and 7.8 called Lumia Software Recovery Tool. Please note that this program will only help restore old models of the line: Lumia 610, 710,800 and 900.

  • Download the program from this link
  • Fully charge your smartphone (recommended whenever possible)
  • Launch Lumia Software Recovery Tool and connect your phone to PC with the cord
  • Follow the instructions and prompts of the program

For all “fresh” smartphones on Windows Phone 8 and higher, you need to use:

Windows Recovery Tool

This tool, in its capabilities, is similar to Lumia Recovery Tool, but allows you to restore all smartphones on WP, starting with Lumia 820 and 920.

For it to work, your computer must be running Microsoft Windows 7 or later, and must have 4 GB of free hard disk space.

  • Download and install the program from this link
  • Fully charge your smartphone (recommended whenever possible)
  • Run Windows Phone Recovery Tool
  • Connect your phone using USB to PC
  • Wait while the program detects your smartphone. If the phone is not recognized for more than a minute, you can try to restart it
  • Follow the instructions on the screen.

Update Any Windows Phone 8/8.1 To Windows 10. Offline Method

We hope this tutorial helped you. If you have any questions, ask them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

Option 2. Advanced

We immediately warn you that if you do not have certain skills, then you can easily turn your phone into a brick. Complaints are not accepted, we are not to blame. Let’s get started.

  • We have a phone with a working W8.1, cable, PC with WI-FI.
  • Making a backup.
  • Again, we create an account for testing.
  • Download and install “Windows Insider”, run.
  • We see the settings, remember them (you can take a screenshot, write down, etc.)
  • Download “WPInsidersHacks” from here.
  • We take it out of the archive, run it and give permissions.
  • We connect to Wi-Fi. Important! PC and device must be connected to the same WI-FI!
  • Go to “Network Settings. Proxy”.
  • Enter the IP PC, in the “port” field write 8877.
  • Open IE on the phone, write: https: // [computer IP]: 8877. We press and agree with everything.
  • Launch Insider, select “Get Preview Builds” there. “Set to Lumia [x]”. X. your model number.
  • Accept license.
  • We delete the previously entered data from the “Proxy” menu.
  • Run “Insider” again in the same way and again “Get Preview Builds”.
  • Log in to your Microsoft account, then select Fast branch.
  • We see if there are updates, if so, install it. We do this in the “Settings” of the phone.
  • Reset the smartphone settings, log in again and restore reserves.

Instructions for upgrading Lumia to Windows 10 Mobile

The final release of Windows 10 Mobile has not yet been released, but now you can install its preliminary version on your smartphone and try out the functionality and capabilities of the new system.

How to upgrade Nokia Lumia to Windows 10? Read below.

Important: Please be aware that we are not responsible for any potential problems. Everything that you do, you do at your own peril and risk. So, if you decide, then let’s get started.

Option 1. Painless

Please note that choosing Fast you may encounter all sorts of bugs, it is better not to rush and wait for a normal, working version.

  • Go to the “Settings” phone and check for updates. Profit!


It may seem that this is dancing with a tambourine. But in reality, the process takes no more than 10 minutes, if, of course, you know what you are doing. However, if you are not sure, then refrain from updates and wait for the official release. All models should receive the update from Microsoft: Lumia 535, 635, 640, 430, 435, 532, 735, 830 930 and others.

In addition, remember that unofficial updates have all sorts of bugs that cannot always be fixed, and which can significantly spoil your nerves.

We hope that we have answered the question “How to update Nokia Lumia”. If something is not clear. Комментарии и мнения владельцев are at your service. Write. we will try to help!

“By air”

Important to know: Before updating Windows Phone, you need to clarify whether your model is included in the list of supported devices:

You should also make sure that the smartphone is charged (the update procedure may take about an hour) and has a stable Wi-Fi connection.

How to download updates: official video tutorial from Microsoft

Microsoft understands that the update process can be difficult for many, so corporate employees have created a video that shows the update procedure step by step.

Instructions on how to upgrade to Windows Phone 8.1 smartphone Lumia

Almost all owners of Nokia Lumia smartphones have updated their favorite gadgets to the latest version of the mobile operating system from Microsoft. However, there are also those who have not yet done so for various reasons.

One such reason is that they simply don’t know how to update Windows Phone 8.1 on their Nokia Lumia. And that’s why, I decided to write a short instruction on how to upgrade to WP 8.1.

The first step is to go to the website of the Finnish manufacturer using this link. Then, look for your country and phone model name. Made? Excellent! In the event that opposite your smartphone you see the inscription: Available. this means that the update is available, and you can already download it.

If, however, you see the following inscription: Under testing. this means that the Windows Phone 8.1 Lumia Cyan update is being tested and will soon be available for download, and you need to wait a few days.

So, suppose you saw that the firmware is available, and you can download it right now, what should you do in this case? We turn on the Internet (Wi-Fi), go to the phone settings, then update the phone and click on the button: check for an update. After that, we follow the prompts and update the device. That being said, it is important to remember that your Lumia phone battery must be at least 50% charged.

That’s it. Now you know how to check for an update and how to update your Nokia Lumia to Windows Phone 8.1. And yes, after successfully downloading the update, in order to check if everything worked out for you, go to: settings, then additionally. There you should see the following inscription: Lumia Cyan software version.

If this is not the case, it means that the update has not been fully downloaded, and you need to follow the procedure described by yours again.

How to upgrade nokia lumia 520 to Windows phone 10

Using a computer

To update Windows Background by connecting to a PC, you need to download and install the Windows Device Recovery Tool. After starting the program, the user will be prompted to connect the smartphone to the computer.

Next, a list of connected mobile devices will appear in the application window.

After selecting the device that needs to be updated to Windows 10, the user will see the version of the installed software and a list of available service packs. Here you can reinstall the operating system of the smartphone if any failures and errors occur.

List of phones that can be upgraded to “ten”

  • Lumia 430;
  • Lumia 435;
  • Lumia 532;
  • Lumia 535;
  • Lumia 540;
  • Lumia 635 1GB;
  • Lumia 636 1GB;
  • Lumia 638 1GB;
  • Lumia 640;
  • Lumia 640XL;
  • Lumia 730;
  • Lumia 735;
  • Lumia 830;
  • Lumia 920;
  • Lumia 925;
  • Lumia 930;
  • Lumia 1520;
  • Lumia Icon;
  • Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL;
  • MCJ Madosma Q501;
  • BLU Win HD LTE x150q;
  • BLU Win HD w510u;
  • HTC One (M8) for Windows;
  • Lg lancet.

Helpful advice. To find out which assembly is currently installed on your device, go to: Settings → About device → Information. There you will find all the information you need.

Step 2. Install the Preview for Developers app

By the way, by unchecking the box, you are actually unsubscribing from the program.

Which devices can install Windows Phone 8.1?

The update can be installed on any smartphones with Windows Phone 8. The system version must be at least Update 2.


Another Chinese representative of the category of free web browsers on Windows background. According to the official statements of the developers themselves, Maxthon combines high performance and advanced features that improve the user experience in equal measure. Distinctive features:

  • flexible customization of your own design;
  • cloud sync between different devices;
  • the presence of built-in plugins that facilitate the use of the browser;
  • optimized operation of the device with the application.

Of the developers’ shortcomings, only rare program crashes.

The popularity among users is obvious. This browser perfectly copes with the tasks, and the wide functionality and reliability of Maxthon guarantee the pleasure of surfing the Internet.

On this OS, there are decent options for replacing Microsoft edge, surpassing the capabilities of the standard application. However, programs such as Yandex browser for Windows phone are still expected to be released.

I sat down and I asked where I could stick it. In the corner of the kitchen there was a socket with several chargers, where I plugged in in the twilight, and put the phone in some kind of rack on the windowsill. After some time, Oksana asked:

“Vadik, have you been charging the phone for a long time?” “Half an hour, but what?” “Well, take it out

The smartphone was still alive. it rebooted, wrote something on a white screen, then began to flash brightly, very beautifully. In short, I needed a new phone.

Android dropped out for religious reasons, but I was seriously considering the iPhone 5s. If he had a bigger screen I regularly communicate in mail, social networks, reply to blog Комментарии и мнения владельцев, and the size of the keyboard matters. Phablets are also not an option, because on Lumia 1520 I can’t reach the middle of the keyboard 🙂 In general, I took Lumia 925, preferring its dimensions and weight to wireless charging 920.

Download UC Browser for Nokia Lumia

Installation distribution is available below.

Download it by clicking on the button above. A window will appear in which you need to confirm the download by pressing the “OK” button.

Now you need to copy the file to your phone, and start installing the browser.

If you are using a smartphone from another manufacturer, the following links will come in handy:

By the way, for phones of this model, I recommend installing and using the official application to enter and work on the social network. The instructions can be read at this address.

The standard Microsoft Edge browser in Windows Phone cannot please with great functionality, capabilities and performance. For a modern person, it is necessary to have a fast and reliable program on a mobile phone in order to surf the Internet and exchange information at high speed. The best options to look out for are:

Is it safe to install the update? Will the data from the smartphone be lost??

Windows Phone 8.1 is a regular update of the operating system, and you have already installed similar ones on your smartphone. Therefore, nothing threatens your photos, videos, games and other data. However, since this update is currently being released “for developers only,” Microsoft will not provide official support in the event of a problem. However, nobody canceled the Answers forums.

The device manufacturer’s warranty is another matter. Upgrade not supported until official release.

How developer release differs from official release?

The official release will be paired with an OS and smartphone firmware update. Now you only get an OS update, and the firmware will come after its release by the manufacturer of the device.

In practice, this means that some new features of smartphones (for example, improvements in cameras on Lumia) cannot be used until the firmware is released, despite the support of functions by the operating system.

Step 1. Register for the Developer Program

  • Go to
  • Sign in with the Microsoft account you use with Windows Phone.
  • Allow the app to access your email address.
  • Click the Register button.

Note that at the last step, my form displayed not the mailing address from step 2, but one of the aliases, but this did not affect anything in the end.

Discussion and survey

The discussion of changes in Windows gathered 200 Комментарии и мнения владельцев in a couple of days, and again I want to invite you to talk about new features, but this time on mobile systems. I guess that Windows Phone owners are in the minority here, so I see no reason to limit the discussion only to this operating system.

List in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев a few device, OS or application features that you would like to see on your smartphone, and why they are important to you! Do not forget to indicate your smartphone model.

The survey is traditionally designed to reveal the percentage distribution among regular readers.

To download Windows Phone 10, install the Upgrade Advisor app on your phone, which can be downloaded from the Windows Store or from the official website. Windows Phone firmware can take a long time and a large amount of the Internet used, therefore we recommend you to flash Windows Background only when connected to Wi-Fi due to the large size of the update.

After installation, launch the application and click Next. The app will check if an update is available for your device. After that, it will display the result of the check. If it turns out to be positive, then you will see a similar message on the screen of your smartphone:

Allow the device to update by checking the box next to the corresponding item. Tap on the “Next / Done” button. If there is no such item, then just click “Next / Done”.

In the next window, the process of preparing for flashing the phone on Windows Phone will begin, after which you will see a message with further actions:

  • Go to phone settings
  • To the section “Phone update”

In this section, the automatic download of updates will begin, as the download status bar will tell you about.

Windows Phone firmware may take a while. Wait for the end.

After downloading, the “Install” button will appear, which you need to click. Agree to the license agreement by clicking the “Accept” button. The phone will reboot and start the system update directly.

The update will take a lot of time, so it is better to immediately connect the smart gadget to power. The Windows Phone update process will be completed and a new version of the operating system will be installed on your gadget. Please note that the build version of Windows Phone 10 will not be the latest.

Almost all owners of Nokia Lumia smartphones have updated their favorite gadgets to the latest version of the mobile operating system from Microsoft. However, there are also those who have not yet done so for various reasons.

One such reason is that they simply don’t know how to update Windows Phone 8.1 on their Nokia Lumia. And that’s why, I decided to write a short instruction on how to upgrade to WP 8.1.

The first step is to go to the website of the Finnish manufacturer using this link. Then, look for your country and phone model name. Made? Excellent! In the event that opposite your smartphone you see the inscription: Available. this means that the update is available, and you can already download it.

If, however, you see the following inscription: Under testing. this means that the Windows Phone 8.1 Lumia Cyan update is being tested and will soon be available for download, and you need to wait a few days.

So, suppose you saw that the firmware is available, and you can download it right now, what should you do in this case? We turn on the Internet (Wi-Fi), go to the phone settings, then update the phone and click on the button: check for an update. After that, we follow the prompts and update the device. That being said, it is important to remember that your Lumia phone battery must be at least 50% charged.

That’s it. Now you know how to check for an update and how to update your Nokia Lumia to Windows Phone 8.1. And yes, after successfully downloading the update, in order to check if everything worked out for you, go to: settings, then additionally. There you should see the following inscription: Lumia Cyan software version.

We all remember that last winter, Microsoft introduced a beta version of its new mobile operating system. Windows 10 Mobile. Since then, several builds of this OS have been released, and not a single smartphone has frozen when installing a new system from Microsoft.

Of course, childish errors, such as fonts running around, freezes during installation are over. Very soon, your Windows Phone device will alert you when an update to Windows 10 Mobile is available. Today we will tell you whether it is worth moving to a new OS or not.

The upgrade process from Windows Phone 8.1 to Windows 10, depending on the phone, takes on average about an hour with all applications installed. At this moment the phone gets very hot, my Nokia Lumia 925 had to be cooled on the balcony. I have not experienced any problems with the update, neither on the Lumia 535, nor on the Lumia 925.

After the transition, all applications and settings remain in their places. The basic concept of tiles that was in Windows Phone 7,8,8.1 hasn’t gone anywhere either. There is a main screen, it is also a desktop, and there is a menu that appears on the right. If the concept remains in place, the interface has changed significantly, the distance between tiles has decreased, a background has appeared, tile transparency, icons in the settings menu, a different kind of buttons, notifications and tabs. All this made the new Windows 10 Mobile operating system much nicer than what we saw in Windows Phone 8.1.

The new OS, unlike Windows 8.1, is slower. It feels good when the phone is not on your review, but when you use it on a daily basis. We can assume that this is due to the fact that Windows 10 Mobile is still raw, but perhaps it is simply more demanding on the resources of the smartphone, since similar entries have already appeared on the network about the speed of the new OS.

Most of the apps on Windows 10 Mobile have been rewritten with the new interface in mind. Here we are greeted by a new calendar, a new, much more convenient alarm clock, as well as contacts and messages. The latter have integration with Skype, and if you use it, then this should be a plus for you.

Microsoft is trying to get rid of the Internet Explorer browser by renaming it to Microsoft Edge. Unfortunately, on Windows 10 Mobile, there is practically no difference between the two browsers. The only exception is that on my Lumia 925, Microsoft Edge runs much slower than IE, and even freezes on heavy sites. Unfortunately, in the case of Edge, they did not introduce anything new, people have been waiting for Google Chrome and continue to wait. The Opera browser, which is presented on Windows Phone, is much worse than the same IE in terms of speed, so it does not compete.

Windows Phone 8.1 had a stylish and convenient MP3 player, in the top ten, they cut it out and added a new one. Groove. Here Microsoft is great. the player quickly finds new files, looks great, has no playback delays, and also allows you to easily create playlists. In a word, everything was conveniently done.

Contacts were not spared either. It is now called “People”. This is something like a hub where contacts from all connected accounts go. For example, I have Outlook and Gmail. In addition, Microsoft is following fashion and has made round contact icons, which some people only annoy.

One of the killer features, which has been in Android for a long time, but in a truncated form appeared in WP 8.1. the notification and nafigation panel. Windows 10 has a great redesign, now the notification bar is the same as in desktop Windows 10.

Ability to disable app permissions. This feature was introduced in Android 6 and is now available in Windows 10 Mobile. You can now block applications from accessing certain functions of your smartphone. For example. access to a camera or GPS. This is very convenient, since earlier you either agreed with the rules and installed the application or refused to install.


Should you upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile right now? If you have a powerful smartphone like the Lumia 640 or higher, then you should. If you have a smartphone Lumia 4 or 520, 525,530,535, 620, 630. it is unlikely. The update will not bring you joy, as the system speed will drop by 30%.

Speed ​​issues are the only reason to postpone the update. I hope Microsoft can make the new mobile Windows as fast as 8.1. You just have to wait a little, however, in the case of Windows Phone 8, it had to wait one year for the update to 8.1. Otherwise, 10ka on a smartphone is an excellent system, thanks to which there will be more people on Windows 10 Mobile.

I sold my Lumia 535, Lumia 925. Due to the fact that on the first smartphone Windows 10 Mobile works just disgusting and very slow, and Nokia Lumia 925, Microsoft refused to update. Wait a minute, this smartphone in 2013 cost 20,000 and such spitting is not permissible.

Smartphones are very popular today. Their manufacturers try to constantly supplement the operating systems already in use, and sometimes release new ones. At the same time, the necessary files do not go directly to the device independently, but only at the request of the user. In general, the process differs depending on the new OS. Later in the article I will tell you how to update Windows background with different versions.

Immediately after the presentation of the new operating system from Microsoft, users had the opportunity to install it on their device by installing the NSU program. But soon the developers closed access to it. At the same time, the experts immediately figured out how you can place another version of the system on your smartphone via the Zune.

After the procedure, users will receive a wide range of add-ons:

protection from children and unauthorized unlocking.

At the same time, the owners of the Lumia 800 model from Nokia will also be able to enjoy great opportunities:

there are many tools for processing photographs;

many new applications become available.

During the procedure, all information must be saved, including programs, music, photos. But it’s better to make a backup beforehand.

The process takes about an hour and a half or less in time.

Everything is done through a computer, USB cable, smartphone and Zune.

So, to install a new OS, you need to perform a number of actions:

Then a few success messages will appear, you can happily enjoy the new operating system.

An update package from 7.8 to 8 will allow mobile users to enjoy many previously untested features: notification center, improved calendar, redesigned camera operation, reduced power consumption and much more.

Getting the eighth version directly depends on the country and model of the unit. A list of all supported devices can be found on the official Microsoft website.

To change the OS version from 7.5 to 8, you need to perform a number of actions:

The process lasts from 10 minutes and can take up to half an hour. it all depends on the number of installed applications.

How to upgrade any Lumia smartphone with a memory card to Windows 10

The Windows 10 Technical Preview update released yesterday is not available to all Lumia smartphones, but only to select models: 63x, 730 and 830. Microsoft explains this limitation by some complex manipulations with drive partitions.

Nevertheless, as we remember, at the presentation of the mobile version of Windows 10, Joe Belfiore showed some innovations using the Lumia 1520 smartphone. Today it also became known that an active member of the XDA Developers forum, Jeremy Sinclair, was able to install an update on this smartphone. This means that the restrictions are not at all so strict and there are no technical obstacles to installing Windows 10 on Lumia smartphones. We found the corresponding instruction on one of the Polish sites dedicated to Windows Phone.

Instructions for updating Lumia smartphones to Windows 10.

To install Windows 10, you need any model of Nokia or Microsoft Lumia smartphone that runs on Windows Phone 8 or 8.1 and has a memory card slot. In addition, you need a computer with the Windows Phone 8.0 SDK installed. You can download it from here.

Register as a Windows Phone developer on this site and install the Preview for Developers app on your smartphone’s memory stick. This application will need to be hacked.

Download the CustomPFD application from the XDA Developers forum and install it on the memory card using the Windows Phone Power Tools program.

Download the CustomWPSystem app. install it into the internal memory of your smartphone.

Find the Metro Commander file manager in the Windows Phone market and install it.

Copy the CustomPFD.xap file to any folder on your smartphone’s memory card.

Install the WPSystem Folder Unlocker application to the internal memory of the smartphone.

Open the CustomWPSystem application, select “Preview for Developers” and then “CustomPFD.xap.” and click “apply xap.” You will see an error message, but ignore it. Close CustomWPSystem.

Open WPSystem Folder Unlocker and unlock access to the WPSystem folder.

Install the File Manager application from the Windows Phone market and open it. Find the Apps directory in the D: / WPSystem folder and rename it whatever you like (for example, in Appx).

Close File Manager and launch Metro Commander.

Now that the Preview for Developers application has been jailbroken, you need to go to the registry edit, which will trick the system and allow the smartphone to disguise itself as a Nokia Lumia 630.

Launch Preview for Developers and edit the registry. To do this: change the value of the PhoneManufactrerModelName key in the HKLM \ SYSTEM \ Platform \ DeviceTargetingInfo branch to RM-976_1161; PhoneFirmwareRevision at HKLM \ SYSTEM \ Platform \ DeviceTargetingInfo at 02040.00019.14484.24002; PhoneMobileOperatorName at HKLM \ SYSTEM \ Platform \ DeviceTargetingInfo at 000-PL.

Restart your smartphone, open the Windows Insider app, if you have it installed. If not, install it and register as a Windows Insider. After that, check in the application if the Windows 10 update is available to you. If everything was done correctly, the update will be downloaded and installed.

You can rollback from Windows 10 back to Windows Phone 8.1 using the Windows Phone Recovery Tool, which is available on the Microsoft website.

For experts

If you. expert, you can use the keys of other supported smartphones for spoofing. We provide them below.


  • PhoneManufacturer: MicrosoftMDG
  • PhoneManufacturerModelName: RM-1116_11258
  • PhoneModelName: Lumia 950 XL Dual SIM
  • PhoneHardwareVariant: RM-1116

How to install Windows 10 Mobile on unsupported Lumia

How to change the values ​​in the registry to install the Fall Creators Update (1709)

It depends on what kind of smartphone you have: single-SIM or dual-SIM.

Brief characteristics of these devices

  • Lumia 550: Snapdragon 210; 1/8 GB; 4.7 ” IPS HD.
  • Lumia 650: Snapdragon 212; 1/16 GB; 5 ” AMOLED HD.
  • Lumia 950: Snapdragon 808; 3/32 GB; 5.2 ” AMOLED QHD.
  • Lumia 950 XL: Snapdragon 810; 3/32 GB; 5.7 ” AMOLED QHD.

Lumia 950

  • PhoneHardwareVariant: RM-1104
  • PhoneManufacturer: MicrosoftMDG
  • PhoneManufacturerModelName: RM-1104_15218
  • PhoneModelName: Lumia 950

Upgrading smartphones from Windows Phone 8.1 to Windows 10 Mobile


NOTE: Before following the instructions below, I highly recommend going to the Store and updating all apps. If this is not done, problems may arise later. Also, if you are experiencing any issues using Windows Phone 8.1, you should try to fix them. Otherwise, all errors will carry over to Windows 10 Mobile, where it will be more difficult to get rid of them.

At the moment, the update is performed using a special program from Microsoft. Update Assistant. To install it, go to this discussion from your smartphone via Internet Explorer and follow this link. You can also find the app by searching in the Store.

in the window that opens, check the Allow upgrade to Windows 10 box, and then click Next.

Follow the instructions of the update assistant.

After a successful download, you can start the installation of the system update. It will last approximately 1 hour. During the update, two gears will first rotate on the screen, then a progress bar of information transfer will appear.

Ignore the bar displayed under the gears, it often incorrectly displays the installation time and status.

  • Wi-Fi connection required to update.
  • The size of the updates is approximately 1.5-2 GB.
  • The phone must be connected to a charger.
  • Do not touch your smartphone until the Windows 10 Mobile screen turns on.
  • If the gears have been spinning for more than 2 hours, you are in trouble. Remove the battery from the smartphone, then the SD card, insert the battery back and connect the device back to the charger. If you do not comply with these conditions, the consequences may be irreversible.

Further steps for the update are as follows

1) Wait until all applications from the application list become available (Waiting will not be displayed below them).

2) Go to Settings, then to the Update and Security section, select the Update phone item. After that, click the Check for Updates button. The phone will find update 14393.1066, download and install it. When downloading the update and installing it, the conditions are the same as when upgrading from Windows Phone 8.1 to Windows 10 Mobile. In general, do not touch your smartphone.

3) Wait until the update process finishes (until all applications are available), go to Settings. Update and security. Phone update again, click Check for updates. All smartphones that support a maximum of Windows 10 Mobile 1607 will receive the latest build 14393.xxxx. The rest of the devices will be updated to build 15063.xxxx, on which you will need to check the updates again and install the latest build.

4) After installing this update, wait until all applications are available, then go to the Store application. Click on the 3 mowing lines on the top left, in the menu that opens, select Downloads and Updates. Click Check for updates, wait until the end of the check, and then start downloading and installing updates for all applications. Do not use your smartphone when doing this.

If the applications on the smartphone do not work correctly, a factory reset is recommended.

After installing all application updates, restart your smartphone and enjoy the new OS.


  • Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL
  • BLU Win HD W510U
  • Lumia 430
  • Lumia 435
  • Lumia 532
  • Lumia 535
  • Lumia 540
  • Lumia 635 (1GB)
  • Lumia 636 (1GB)
  • Lumia 638 (1GB)
  • Lumia 640
  • Lumia 640 XL
  • Lumia 730
  • Lumia 735
  • Lumia 830
  • Lumia 930
  • Lumia icon
  • Lumia 1520
  • MCJ Madosma Q501

According to Microsoft’s website, different smartphones support different versions of Windows 10 Mobile. You need to check your Windows version

All devices from the list above are up to date and running Windows 10 Mobile 1607 (Anniversary Update, Build 14393.xxxx).

Lumia 640, Lumia 640 XL and Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL are available in Windows 10 Mobile 1703 (Creators Update Build 15063.xxxx).

Only Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL can run the latest version of Windows 10 Mobile 1709 (Fall Creators Update Build

As of 2017, all officially supported smartphones on all versions of Windows 10 Mobile receive monthly security updates and bug fixes.

If your device is not on the list, it will not receive updates.

News, reviews, comparisons. Applications. Nokia Lumia. Windows 8 tablets.


What if you are the owner of one of the unsupported smartphone models (Lumia 520/525, 620/625, 720, 820, 920/925, 1020, 1320)? You have to stay on Windows Phone 8.1. This system will work stably on your device.

On July 29, 2016, the ability to install Windows 10 Mobile on unsupported devices was closed! Now the official way to get Windows 10 Mobile on these smartphones will not work.

To date, the following is also known about unsupported Lumia:

  • These devices are not supported, as insiders testing the new OS on these devices constantly reported various and numerous problems. It is not possible to fix all of them due to the outdated hardware of smartphones.
  • After July 29, 2016, support for assemblies that could have been installed on these devices earlier (using one of the Windows Insider Release Preview circles) was no longer supported. If you have such an assembly installed, then you will not receive any updates. You can rollback to WP 8.1 using Windows Device Recovery Tool.
  • It is impossible to install the Anniversary Update and all subsequent ones on these devices. It was not even developed or tested for them.

How to download the app

There are no difficulties with downloading the program to Nokia phones. You can download Viber in two ways:

Before downloading the program to your phone, be sure to check the compliance with the system requirements.

Both the first and the second method are free and safe for your phone. It only takes a few seconds to download the app. If you download the installation file through our website, then you do not need to additionally register or search for a software package for your operating system yourself. Just click on the link below and specify the folder to save the file.

Technical requirements

The main condition for the successful operation of any application or program is its full compatibility with the device. For Nokia Lumia phones, the corresponding requirements are also set:

  • First, the Windows Phone platform must be at least version 7.5.
  • Secondly, the phone must have at least 50 MB of free memory.

If you get acquainted with the line of Lumia phones and compare them with the basic technical requirements for installing the Viber application, then users of models 530, 630, 720, etc. can safely download the application. Viber also works fine on all smartphones with Windows Phone 10. Before installing, be sure to double-check compliance with technical regulations.

How to update the app on your phone

Program installation

After you have downloaded the installation file, you run it and wait for it to install. Next, the Viber window will appear on the screen, in which you need:

  • indicate your country;
  • enter your mobile phone number;
  • confirm it via SMS or phone call from support.

If you entered the code correctly, then Viber will start in the main menu. You will see empty chats on the screen. At the bottom of the panel, you can see all your contacts who also have this program installed, and you can communicate with them for free. Also, through the toolbar at the bottom, you can configure Viber. set a photo to your profile, add new contacts, change the sound, and improve security.

Viber version for Nokia Lumia

The Viber version for the Nokia Lumia phone is standard and no different from other versions that are installed on Android or iOS. By downloading Viber on your Lumia phone, you can take advantage of the following application features:

  • make free calls, correspond and send any files;
  • create communities of interest for an unlimited number of people;
  • save received videos, pictures, photos, documents on your phone;
  • share various publications and links from social networks and other Internet platforms;
  • decorate your correspondence with interesting emoticons, stickers, gifs.

Viber’s interface is very simple and straightforward, and is also presented in all languages, so there will be no difficulties in working with it.

You can also get more opportunities if you connect yourself to additional paid services. This can be done after installing the application and registering in the system. One of the popular and convenient paid features is the ability to communicate with your friends, even in the absence of a stable Internet connection.

Download Viber for smartphones Nokia Lumia

Viber is a popular application, the function of which is to make calls and exchange other information through correspondence with subscribers all over the world. This messenger program is absolutely free and easy to use. The Viber app has a number of additional benefits that are sure to be useful to you. The developers are constantly trying to improve the application and at the same time made it compatible with all operating systems, including for Nokia Lumia phones. How to download and install Viber on a Nokia Lumia smartphone for its subsequent correct operation?

Installing Windows 10 on Android

Before a full reinstallation of the operating system, it is strongly recommended to determine the tasks that the updated device should perform:

Installing Windows on Android can also be done using emulators or launchers that duplicate some of the functions of the original system

In case you still need to have a full-fledged “top ten” on board, before installing a new OS, make sure that your device has enough space for a new heavy system. Pay attention to the characteristics of the processor of the device. Installing Windows is only feasible on ARM architecture processors (does not support Windows 7) and i386 (supports Windows 7 and above).

Now let’s go directly to the installation:

  • Download the archive and the special sdlapp program in.APK format.
  • Install the application on your smartphone, and extract the archive data to the SDL folder.
  • Copy the same directory to the system image file (usually c.img).
  • Run the installation utility and wait for the process to complete.

How To Upgrade Any Windows Phone To Windows Phone 10 (New)

Install Windows 10 Mobile in a few easy steps

In February 2015, Microsoft officially announced the release of a new version of its mobile operating system. Windows 10. To date, the new “operating system” has already received several global updates. However, with each major addition, more and more old devices become outsiders and cease to receive official “recharge” from developers.

Official installation of Windows 10 Mobile

Officially, this OS can be installed only on a limited list of smartphones with an earlier version of the operating system. However, in practice, the list of gadgets that can take Windows 10 on board is much wider. Not only Nokia Lumia owners can rejoice, but also users of devices with a different operating system, for example, Android.

Windows Phone models that will receive the official update to Windows 10 Mobile:

If your device is on this list, updating to a new version of the OS will not be difficult. However, it is worth taking a close look at this issue.

With the “Upgrade Assistant” you can officially upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile

Unofficial installation of Windows 10 Mobile on Lumia

If your device is not already receiving official updates, you can still install a later version of the OS on it. This method is relevant for the following models:

The new version of Windows is not optimized for these models. You take full responsibility for the incorrect operation of the system.

In the Interop Unlock section, enable the Restore NDTKSvc function

Run Interop Tools again, select This Device, go to the Interop Unlock tab. Activate the checkboxes Interop / Cap Unlock and New Capability Engine Unlock. The third checkbox, Full Filesystem Access, is designed to enable full access to the file system. Don’t touch it unnecessarily.

Activate the checkboxes in the items Interop / Cap Unlock and New Capability Engine Unlock

Disabling automatic updates can be done in the “Store”

You can install Windows 10 Mobile on unsupported Lumia using the Interop Tools app

If your smartphone receives official updates, there will be no problems installing the new version of the OS. Users of earlier Lumia models will also be able to update their smartphone without too much trouble. The situation is much worse for Android users, because their smartphone is simply not designed to install Windows, which means that when a new OS is forcibly installed, the owner of the phone runs the risk of getting a fashionable, but very useless “brick”.