Update Samsung Tablet

Automatic update

There are several ways to update android on a tablet. First of all, let’s talk about automatic updates. Over, this is the most common option for changing the firmware.

Typically, when a new version of Android OS is released, a notification appears on the tablet screen. Most often, it looks like a pop-up window, in which, in addition to information about the possibility of changing the firmware, a request for permission to update the system is displayed. In this case, click yes, allow, update, etc.

As a result, the latest available firmware version is downloaded directly to the tablet and automatically installed. The maximum that will be required from you several times to agree with what will appear on the display.

However, keep in mind that you need a reliable WIFI internet connection to automatically update your Android OS on your tablet. It’s just that the size of the installation package for the new firmware sometimes exceeds 500 MB. Downloading such a large file via a 3g or 4g connection is rather difficult. Also, make sure the battery has at least 40% charge. After all, if the tablet turns off during the update, then this is fraught with serious consequences.

On average, it takes 5 to 20 minutes to update an android os to the latest version (up to 6 or 7, depending on the gadget itself). In this case, it is recommended to close all applications before starting the update procedure. Do not be alarmed if your tablet turns off and on again several times. This is done in order not only to correctly install the new firmware, but also to optimize the applications in the device’s memory. Otherwise, they may stop working correctly with the installed updates.

Updating through a special utility

A special utility will help in updating the android version on your tablet. It is called AnyCut. Using this program is easy. Over, with the help of this utility, the process of updating the system is as simple as possible. Let’s tell you more:

First you need to download AnyCut to your device. For example, through the Play Store.

  • Next, you need to install the program.
  • Then open the utility and activate the System Information item.
  • Click on Check for Updates.
  • The program will check if new firmware is available. If so, it will offer to install them.

The advantage of AnyCut is its simple and intuitive interface (even for a beginner). At the same time, you can check for updates through this utility in a few seconds.

How to check if an updated version of the OS is available for the tablet?

To do this, go to the Settings section. Then scroll down the list almost completely. There should be an item called About the tablet or About the device. Go to it. In addition to various information about the model itself, you will also find an indication of the current version of android. There will also be a System Update button. If it is active, then after clicking on it, the download of the new firmware will start. If you have the latest version of android installed, then nothing will happen.

Update via PC

How to update android via computer? It’s not that difficult. You will need to connect your tablet via a cable to your PC or laptop. Then you need special software. For example, the Kies application from Samsung (each vendor has its own similar software: Lenovo Downloader Lenovo, Huawei HiSuite, LG PC Suite, etc.).

This utility, when connecting the tablet to the computer, will check if the latest firmware version is available on the manufacturer’s servers. The result will come to the user in the form of a corresponding window. If an update is available, the Update button will appear. Click it, read the user agreement and study all the necessary information. Where necessary, do not forget to put a tick in front of the items agree, allow, etc.

After that, the download of the latest version of the android OS will start.

Is it possible to return the old firmware version?

It is quite difficult. Indeed, on many devices, there is no official option to roll back to the previous version. Of course, some craftsmen offer to download from the Internet and use various programs that return most of the functions and capabilities that were relevant with the old firmware. But all this is non-original software, often harming the entire system.

Therefore, it is best to take a closer look at the new version of android and use it for at least a few days. Most likely, you will get used to the different interface and appreciate the new possibilities. After which the desire to return, as it was with you, will disappear.

If, after a couple of days, you are still not used to updating the OS, then you can return the basic factory firmware. That is, the one that was installed on the tablet when you buy it. To do this, go to the settings and find the Reset settings item. Mostly it is located in the sections Confidentiality or Restore and Reset.

All the nuances of updating Android on a tablet

Today, many of us actively use tablets with the Android operating system (OS), which needs to be updated periodically. How to do it? There are several ways, which we will discuss below.

2. Getting ROOT rights in the tablet.

In order to make a copy of user and system data, TitaniumBackup must obtain ROOT access rights to system files. By default, the system works with limited rights to protect against damage and hacking.

1. Turn off your tablet.

2. Press simultaneously the button “Volume up” and the button “Inclusions”. The tablet will turn on and go into Download Mode, a warning will appear about possible problems during manual installation of applications and operating system.

3. Press the button to continue. “Volume quieter”, to cancel and reboot press “Volume up”.

4. Run the Odin3 program on a Windows computer and connect the tablet using a USB cable. In case of successful connection, in the Odin program, the ID: COM cell will light up yellow and the port number will appear.

Update Samsung Tablet

5. Check the boxes only for Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time, and then click “PDA” and specify the path to the CF-Auto-Root-espresso10rf-espresso10rfxx-gtp5100.Tar.Md5 file and then the button “Start”.

Upon completion of the firmware process, the window above the ID: COM cell will turn green and the text (succedd 1) will appear in the message logs.

The tablet will start to reboot and automatically set permissions, then reboot again and update the system.

Decision:. A TASK:

Update existing version of Android 4.0.3 operating system on Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, Model number GT-P5100.

You must first make a copy of all user data and system software for subsequent recovery on the updated system.

I draw your attention that these instructions and files are intended only for the GT-P5100 model (3G and Wi-Fi).

Everything you do with your device, you do at your own peril and risk!


1. Samsung Kies program or SAMSUNG USB Driver for Mobile Phones x86

3. Firmware for getting ROOT access on the tablet

5. Android 4.1.2 firmware Official Hong Kong for model GT-P5100 Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 (Russian language available)

6. Firmware Android 4.0.4 Official Russian firmware for model GT-P5100 Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1

7. Firmware Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean Official France for model GT-P5100 Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 (the latest at the moment 12/19/2013)

How to manually update Android version on a Samsung tablet

In today’s computing world, everything flows and changes with the speed of a mouse click. Software developers and manufacturers are trying to quickly fix bugs and bugs, but unfortunately for the Russian-speaking user, these updates appear (officially) with a long delay.

Tireless computer enthusiasts follow the release of new versions of computer programs and try to upload ready-made instructions and solutions for not yet adapted firmware to the Internet.

Each of us has bought and used any mobile or computer device, and knows that there are software errors, shortcomings, hidden bugs and shortcomings that can only be identified by using the device for a while.

Having purchased a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 tablet, I was delighted and admired the possibilities and “features” devices, but after a while, having calmed down from the new toy, began to notice “brakes” systems, inconvenient arrangement of operating system elements, missing functions in some programs and utilities.

As a rule, in subsequent updates, comments and errors have already been eliminated. Therefore, the desires of those who want to install the released updates, patches as soon as possible, “fixes”, I understand and support. However, you need to understand that without certain knowledge and skills, the firmware process can end with damage to the device.

This step-by-step guide is intended for those who want to update the firmware as quickly as possible without really understanding the process. For everyone else, a direct path to w3bsit3-dns.com.Ru website and forum.

1. Installing drivers.

Install Samsung Kies or SAMSUNG USB Driver for Mobile Phones x86 on a Windows 7 computer.

In my case, only after installing Samsung Kies, Odin3 was able to connect to the tablet. Therefore, I recommend installing the program, and then closing it and ending all processes through “Windows task manager”.

How to reflash a Samsung tablet

If you only need to update your tablet to the latest version of Android, you do not need to download additional firmware to your computer. It is enough to install the file saved from the official Samsung portal. This is the safest and most reliable way to update your old Galaxy Note or other device that has begun to malfunction.

Without a computer

If it is not possible to connect to a computer and update Android, you can flash the tablet without a PC. Standard preparation, we charge at least up to 80% and connect to a stable router that provides 5 Mbps.

Next, we follow a simple algorithm:

Open the tablet settings.

  • Go to the section “About device”.
  • We choose “Software Update”.

Next, see if the button below is active “Refresh”. If the system allows you to tap on it, then a new version has been released, which can be installed on the device right now. Click, agree to download, wait for the installation to finish, during which we do not use the tablet. Upon completion of the installation, it is recommended to reset the system to avoid malfunctions of the gadget.

What you need to flash a Samsung tablet

Before flashing a Chinese tablet samsung galaxy or an original Samsung device, you need to carry out preparatory manipulations. Make sure the network signal is stable and arriving without interruption, charge the device, and decide on the update method. Additional components will depend on the last factor.

So, if you decide to download a new version of the OS through a computer, take care of the presence of the original cord. You can also use Chinese, but in this case, the data transfer can go through with fatal failures. You will also need to download drivers for the tablet on your PC to ensure communication between the device and the computer, you can find them on the manufacturer’s website.

How to reflash a Samsung tablet

How to reflash a Samsung tablet? The question is puzzled by those owners of devices who do not automatically update the operating system. In the meantime, past versions may malfunction or be poorly protected. Updating the OS allows you to avoid shortcomings in the tablet and significantly extend its life.

Using a computer

The procedure for flashing a Samsung tablet does not differ from the manipulation of updating the OS version on the manufacturer’s smartphones. When using a computer to achieve the goal, you will need to download a small-weight Smart Switch program from the manufacturer’s website. It is safe and is needed to automatically and correctly search for operating system versions suitable for the tablet model.

After successful installation of Smart Switch, connect the charged tablet to the PC with the original cable and wait for the notification that a new device has been found and is ready to work:

We launch Smart Switch and wait for the program to do its job and give out Android update options suitable for a particular model.

  • We choose the most “fresh” version and click “Refresh”.
  • During the download, you can not turn off the power or use the tablet for chatting on social networks or checking mail.

When a notification appears on the screen that the updates have been successfully installed, restart the tablet. Further, the manufacturer recommends doing a reset in order to update those third-party programs and applications that are used on the device and are associated with the previous version of the OS. If you do not do this, the tablet may malfunction.


There are many tips and instructions on the Internet for flashing a tablet using third-party programs, for example, Odin. It is recommended to download them to your computer, and then find a utility that is suitable for your requests. Such manipulations with multi-file firmware are illegal and void your manufacturer’s warranty. In addition, it is not recommended for an ignorant person to engage in complex manipulations with software, the slightest mistake will lead to the transformation of an expensive gadget into a dead brick.

How to flash Android tablet, Samsung smartphone

Android users are well aware that over time, the manufacturer ceases to support outdated devices and their owners cannot enjoy the new version of the OS. Fortunately, for most devices, craftsmen create firmware, thanks to which you can update your gadgets.

This article will show you how to flash Android tablets and Samsung smartphones. For this we need the Odin program. The latest version can be downloaded from the official website.

Also, you need to install the proprietary Kies utility. In this case, we will not use it, it is only needed to get drivers for your device. In this case, it itself must be closed. You can also find drivers on the Internet yourself, then Kies will not be needed.

As for the firmware, it can be easily downloaded from numerous sites. The path to the firmware should not contain Russian-language folders. It is important!

We also advise you to read the previous articles on the topic:

I note right away that the firmware can be single-file or multi-file. Single file has the extension.Tar or.Tar.Md5. If the firmware consists of several files, then you should know their classification:

  • Pda is the core of the system, the main firmware file
  • Phone telephone part
  • Csc is the part of the firmware that is responsible for language settings and various applications tied to a specific region

If you downloaded a multi-file firmware, then you can flash either individual components or all at once.

Firmware for Android tablet, Samsung smartphone

If you follow these instructions, you will be able to flash your device normally. But if suddenly something goes wrong (for example, an eternal download occurs), then you can reset the settings (make a Hard Reset).

1. You need to put your Samsung device into Download Mode. To do this, turn off your smartphone or tablet and then simultaneously hold and hold:

  • Power / Lock Button and Volume Down (on older devices manufactured before mid 2011)
  • Power / Lock Button, Home and Volume Down (all other devices)

In the menu that appears, press the volume up button to confirm the entry into this mode.

2. Now connect your device to your computer via USB and open Odin on your computer. The ID: COM field should turn yellow. Check only the Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time boxes.

3. If you have a multi-file firmware, then load the files into the required fields. They can be signed accordingly: PDA, PHONE, CSC, or maybe abbreviated.

To download files, you need to check the box next to the corresponding item, press the button and select the desired firmware file as follows:

  • Pit field of the PIT file (if any)
  • Bootloader field APBOOT file
  • Ap file PDA (CODE)
  • Cp field PHONE (MODEM)
  • Csc field CSC file

If you have a single-file firmware, then load its file into the PDA field (aka AP).

4. Press the Start button and wait for the firmware to finish. Never disconnect the device from the computer.

As a result, your Samsung smartphone or tablet will reboot and the firmware process can be considered complete. Now you can disconnect your device from your computer.

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How to install custom firmware on a tablet from an sd card

Installing custom firmware is relatively easier than installing the official one.

1. Download any custom firmware you want and Google apps (gapps.Zip). These applications are needed for the device to work correctly. Some programs do not work without Google applications, in particular without the Play Market. It is better to download those Google applications that come with the firmware (as a rule, gapps.Zip is also laid out with it) so that there are no conflicts.

2. Copy the archive with the software and gapps.Zip to the tablet memory. You can also use a memory card, but better for internal memory.

3. Download ClockWorkMod if not already installed. How to install ClockWorkMod on a tablet

4. Go to Recovery mode, for this press the Volume and the Power button

5. Do Wipe data / factory reset, how to do it is written above, point 10 from the instructions for installing the official firmware.

6. Select the Install zip from sdcard item there with the volume and power buttons. Then Chooze zip from sdcard, and choose your firmware. After it is installed, restart the tablet by selecting Reboot system now.

7. Now you need to install Google programs. We do the same as in the previous paragraph, only select gapps.Zip. Reboot again.

8. And again we do Wipe data / factory reset. And now that’s it, you managed to successfully reflash the device.

How to flash a tablet via Odin and ClockWorkMod

From this guide, you will learn how to install all kinds of firmware for Android devices (official factory / stock and custom / modified ones) yourself, at home, in various ways: via Recovery (any tablet) and using Odin (only Samsung devices). Some of them you can find and download on the same site, here.

How to install factory (stock) official firmware

How to flash a Chinese tablet (Armix, ZTE, Prestigio, Ritmix)

Now let’s tell you how to flash a Chinese tablet. First of all, look for firmware for your tablet model. It is corny to ask the firmware search engine for the full_name_ of the tablet. It is advisable to indicate the exact name of the device, otherwise there is a fatal difference in a couple of numbers. After finding them, we read carefully the description of the firmware. If you are convinced that this is what you need download. If you cannot find it, try searching the English-speaking Internet by entering firmware for full_tablet_name.

Next, we format the memory card, just in case, in the FAT32 system and copy what we downloaded to it. Most likely it will be an archive, so you will have to unpack it, but how exactly is it better to read in the attached file.

We turn off the Chinese friend, check that the battery charge is sufficient and turn it on. The tablet will do everything itself. At least should.

Firmware programs:

Drivers for Android tablet. Installed automatically when installing the bundled software, for example Kies from Samsung. If you are not sure that they are on your computer, download them to a USB flash drive from the Internet, simply by entering something like the Galaxy Tab 2 driver in the search terms on Yandex or Google. Or search on the manufacturer’s website. I would gladly give you direct links to download drivers, but I can’t. There are a lot of android tablets, and it is unrealistic to post a link for everyone. If you have Windows 7, install the drivers as administrator. Right mouse button on the driver file. Run as administrator).

The official firmware itself. Download it yourself, too, by entering similar queries into search engines, the official firmware of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. Well, or also download it to a USB flash drive from the manufacturer’s website.

Odin program. Download it from wherever you want. It does not require installation, just unzip it somewhere (for example, on the same USB flash drive) so that it is at hand. Once again I warn you that this program can only flash android tablets from Samsung.

The preparation is complete. Let’s consider that the firmware has been downloaded from us, the Odin program is also downloaded, and the drivers are installed. We proceed with the installation according to the following instructions:

1. Turn off the antivirus and all third-party background programs on the computer, it is advisable to turn off the Internet.

2. Copy the archive with the firmware to a folder with an English name!

3. Run Odin.

Further actions depend on the type of your firmware. If it is one archive, proceed according to point 4.1, if it is three files, then follow point 4.2. Most likely you will come across a single-file, they are more modern than three-file.

4.1. Press the PDA button in Odin and select the firmware.

4.2. Press the PDA (system), PHONE (modem), CSC (region) buttons and select the necessary files, it will be clear what corresponds to what.

5. Turn off the tablet completely, wait a little, and then press the Volume buttons, and then quickly the Power button (other combinations are possible, they depend on the tablet model, for some you need to press not Volume, but Volume-), hold until the text menu appears.

6. Press Volume. To confirm (depending on the model, this action can be performed differently).

7. We connect the tablet to the computer (it is better to use the original cable), Odin will detect the COM port and the green square will light up.

8. Press Start in Odin, the firmware process has begun.

9. With a beep and a PASS message in the green window, Odin will tell us that the installation is complete. The tablet will reboot itself, you can disconnect the cable.

10. I recommend doing a wipe (data reset) after you manage to reflash the device. To do this, press the Volume. And the Power button, wait without releasing the buttons of another text menu. In it, select Wipe data / factory reset with the volume buttons, and confirm the selection with the Power key. After the process is complete, select the Reboot system now item, the tablet will reboot. Now everything is ready.

Here is a small one, better look at it, it will become clearer.

How to flash a regular tablet

You can also flash and reflash the tablet yourself, at home, in several ways. For the simplest, there is already an instruction, it can be found in the article How to update android on a tablet, it uses the ability of Android to automatically find updates itself. Suitable for any manufacturer. If you don’t want to bother and do everything as quickly and safely as possible, I recommend this method. The rest are harder.

Update Samsung tablet

By releasing the camera Nikon D810, Nikon has updated its line of cameras Nikon D800 and Nikon D800E. Its predecessors were the embodiment of photographic excellence, and it seemed that it could not be better, but nevertheless, a number of improvements were made in the Nikon D810, which made the camera unattainable for competitors, at least for the next two or three years.

D810 received a new powerful processor, a new matrix, a new screen, increased the speed of serial shooting, expanded the range of operating ISO values. You can go on and on, but hardly worth it. Check out the photos taken with the new camera Nikon D810 in the gallery presented on our website. We also left the previously received Nikon D800 and Nikon D800E, since their quality is timeless and unrivaled, but after looking at the ones made by the new camera D810, you will see that they have become even more perfect, the palette of colors has become richer and cleaner, tonal transitions have acquired a refined plasticity.

We update the firmware Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 GT-P7500

Enough time has passed since our last publication on how to update the Galaxy Tab 10.1 GT-P7500 firmware, and during this time not only new firmware for this device appeared, but also new, more advanced models from Samsung with a diagonal of 10.1 inches. But will the latest models differ so much from our GT-P7500 if we update its firmware and dig into the settings a little. I dare to assure you that your GT-P7500 will gain a rebirth and still be able to give odds to the latest newly-minted tablets. Since a person is always very busy, and also lazy, it would at least be unethical to send a respected reader to the previous article, where the previous firmware of this device is described in detail. Still, why burden you with a couple of extra mouse clicks: it is better to read here and now and all at once.

The first thing is to download the necessary files:

Odin program

  • Drivers so your laptop or PC can see the connected tablet
  • Recovery two files. Recovery6.0.1.3.Tar.Md5.7z and twrp2323-3G
  • The file needed to be able to make calls Voice_Call_EnableStockICS_4.0.4_rom_build_1.Zip, since the phone part will be unlocked on the tablet.

A little explanation of the downloaded files before you start working with them:

Odin. Open archive.
Drivers. Exe file install.
Recovery6.0.1.3.Tar.Md5.7z. Open archive
twrp2323-3G. Do not open the archive
Voice_Call_EnableStockICS_4.0.4_rom_build_1.Zip. Do not open the archive
GT-P7500 XXLQ8. Open archive

Firmware GT-P7500 XXLQ8 Now you need to fully charge the battery and do the following:

1. Install the necessary drivers that you downloaded in step 2.

2. Next, you need to connect your tablet to your PC and copy the downloaded GT-P7500 XXLQ8 firmware to the built-in memory. Copy the file twrp2323-3G there.

3. Next, turn off the tablet. We are waiting for the screen to go out, and another couple of seconds until the tablet informs by vibration of a complete shutdown.

4. Now simultaneously hold down the power key and the volume key (the closest end of the volume key is near the off button, which corresponds to a decrease in volume). As soon as appears on the screen: Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, release the On / Off key, but continue to hold down the Volume key. The image shown in the figure below will appear on the tablet screen.

There are two options to choose from. If you select a box, then you will enter RECOVERY, but if a robot, you can flash the tablet using the Odin program. You can see how to flash a tablet using the Odin utility program in the article on our website, and now, since we do not know which RECOVERY is installed on your tablet, it is better to flash the 6th version. You can choose between these two options by pressing the volume down, but to confirm your choice, you must press the volume up. Choosing a robot and confirming the choice made.

5. Run the Odin program and get the same on the PC screen as shown in the screenshot. Put a check mark in front of the PDA, then click on the PDA key and select the recovery6.0.1.3.Tar.Md5.7z file saved on your PC. Click Start and wait for the end of the new recovery firmware.

6. When the image shown on the screen below appears on the PC screen, disconnect the tablet from the PC, wait for the download to finish and turn off the tablet again.

7. After the tablet informs you of its complete shutdown by vibration, we will repeat the procedure described above (point 4) and enter the menu for choosing between RECOVERY and the Robot, to flash the tablet through Odin.

Now we select RECOVERY (box), confirm the choice made by pressing the enable / disable button, and then, following the screenshots and the sequence of steps given below, we will flash the twrp2323-3G file.

Use the volume key to select the install zip from sd card item and confirm the selection by pressing the enable / disable key. In the menu that opens, select the item choose zip from sd card. A list of files on your tablet will open. Select twrp2323-3G.Zip and confirm your choice. On the next screen, select Yes Install twrp2323-3G.Zip. When the installation is finished, select GoBack and Reboot System Now twice in sequence.

That’s it, the preparatory stage is over, and now you can reflash the tablet.

8. Please note that during the firmware process there is a choice of what exactly you want to install on the tablet. Accordingly, if you plan to use the tablet as a phone and make voice calls, then you need to select the appropriate modem during the firmware, as it is done on the screenshots.

Turn off the tablet and enter the selection menu again. Select RECOVERY (box) Confirm your choice with the on / off key. This time you will see a completely new recovery interface. Further, following the screenshots, you can easily flash the new GT-P7500 XXLQ8 firmware to your tablet.

9. At the end of the firmware, restart the tablet. All.

10. This can be done, but, unfortunately, there will not be a program for making voice calls. Therefore, enter recovery again and flash the Voice_Call_EnableStockICS_4.0.4_rom_build_1.Zip file. Everything is intuitive and everything is exactly the same as described above for the firmware. When finished, restart the tablet again, and you will be happy. Your GT-P7500 will be reborn and will be no worse than its newfound and more advanced counterparts. Good luck.