Update Samsung Tablet Tab 2

Update Samsung Tablet Tab 2

In today’s computer world, everything flows and changes with the speed of a mouse click. Software developers and manufacturers are trying to quickly fix bugs and “bugs”, but unfortunately for the Russian-speaking user, these updates appear (officially) with a long delay.

Tireless computer enthusiasts monitor the release of new versions of computer programs and try to post on the Internet, ready-made instructions and solutions for not yet adapted firmware.

Each of us bought and used some kind of mobile or computer device, and knows that there are software errors, shortcomings, hidden “bugs” and shortcomings that can only be detected using the device for a while.

Having purchased a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 tablet, I was delighted and admired the features and “features” of the device, but after a while, having calmed down from the new toy, I began to notice the “brakes” of the system, the inconvenient location of the operating system elements, the missing functions in some programs and utilities.

As a rule, in subsequent updates, comments and errors have already been eliminated. Therefore, the wishes of those who want to install released updates, patches, “fixes” as soon as possible, I understand and support. However, you must understand that without certain knowledge and skills, the firmware process may end and damage the device.

This step-by-step instruction is intended for those who want to update the firmware as quickly as possible, without particularly understanding the understanding of the process. The rest is a direct path to website and forum.


Update the existing version of the Android 4.0.3 operating system on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 tablet, Model number GT-P5100.

First you need to make a copy of all user data and system software for subsequent recovery on the updated system.

Please note that these instructions and files are intended only for the GT-P5100 (3G and Wi-Fi).

Everything that you do with your device, you do at your own peril and risk!


1. Samsung Kies or SAMSUNG USB Driver for Mobile Phones x86

3. Firmware for getting ROOT access on a tablet

5. Firmware Android 4.1.2. Official Hong Kong for the model GT-P5100. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 (Russian language available)

6. Firmware Android 4.0.4. Official Russian firmware for the model GT-P5100. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1

7. Firmware Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. Official France for the model GT-P5100. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 (the latest at the moment 12/19/2013)


Install the Samsung Kies program or SAMSUNG USB Driver for Mobile Phones x86 drivers on a computer running Windows 7.

In my case, only after installing Samsung Kies, the Odin3 program was able to connect to the tablet. Therefore, I recommend installing the program, and then closing it and completing all processes through the “Windows Task Manager”.

In order to make a copy of user and system data, TitaniumBackup needs to get ROOT access rights to system files. By default, the system works with limited rights to protect it from damage and hacking.

1. Turn off the tablet.

2. Press the “Volume up”And the“Inclusions” The tablet will turn on and go into Download Mode, a warning will appear about possible problems with the manual installation mode of applications and the operating system.

3. To continue, press the “Volume down”, To cancel and restart, click“Volume up

4. Run the program Odin3 on a Windows computer and connect the tablet using a USB cable. In case of successful connection, in the Odin program, the ID: COM cell will turn yellow and the port number will appear.

5. Check only “Auto reboot“And”F. Reset Time“And then click the“PDA”And specify the path to the file CF-Auto-Root-espresso10rf-espresso10rfxx-gtp5100.tar.md5, and then the“Start

Upon completion of the firmware process, a window above the ID: COM cell will turn green and a message will appear in the message logs (succedd 1).

The tablet will restart and automatically set access rights, then reboot again and update the system.

1. Download the TitaniumBackup PRO 6.0.1.apk file and place it on the card or internal memory of the tablet.

2. Install the TitaniumBackup application, after allowing the installation of applications not from the Market. This can be done by checking the box in “Settings. Security. Unknown sources”.

3. Run the program and make a copy of all user data and system software (See step-by-step screenshots 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9).

4. Then save the TitaniumBackup folder to another media (external memory card, hard drive).

To restore data, copy the saved TitaniumBackup folder back to the root of the card. Run the program and select the option to restore all software and data after launch.

If you have nothing to save, then item number 3 can be skipped!

The firmware process is similar to the process of obtaining root-rights, so see the screenshots above!

1. Turn off the tablet.

2. Switch to the update download mode. Press the “Volume up”And the“Inclusions

3. Run the program Odin3 on a personal computer, connect the tablet, install the daws only on “Auto reboot“And”F. Reset Time“And then click the“PDA”And specify the path to the file with necessary firmware, and then the “Start

4. The update process will begin, which will last about 15 minutes, upon completion, the tablet will reboot, after that you can disconnect the cable, the firmware process is completed.

P.S Firmware Android 4.1.2 and Android 4.2.2 installed and checked by me personally!