Update iOS 11 Without Wifi

Update iOS 11 Without Wifi

Someday, every user of an iPhone, iPad, or iPod is faced with a software update. Gradually delving into the features of operation, he (the user) understands that installing new versions of games and programs requires fresh iOS firmware, which runs on all Apple devices. If the iPhone firmware is old, then applications may not install due to incompatibilities. But there are no old versions of applications in the App Store, so you have to update iOS firmware.

There are several ways to upgrade firmware. With the wireless method, we have already figured out and updated our iPhone via Wi-Fi without the help of the iTunes program installed on the computer of almost every Apple user. Whoever is not familiar with wireless updates, read the instructions. Updating iOS to iPhone over Wi-Fi.

Unfortunately, the possibility of wireless updates appeared only in iOS firmware version 5 and higher. For owners of Athos, iPads and iPods with firmware below the 5th version, to update you will need a computer with iTunes installed. For those who do not know their firmware version, read. How to find out the version of iOS. If iTunes is already installed on your computer, then you can update iOS:

  • Like from a computer connected to unlimited internet
  • So from a computer with limited access to the network

There is Internet access in our computer today, so we’ll try to tell you how to update iOS on iPad using iTunes and having an Internet connection.

The iPad model is MC770RS, the firmware is iOS 4.3.5, there is no wireless update option in this firmware, so we take our iPad and connect it to the computer using a native USB cable. If you are the owner of an iPhone or iPod, then you can also apply these instructions for updating iOS firmware, the only caveat, in the case of the iPhone, the phone must be officially unlocked. If the iPhone is locked to a specific operator, then after the update the phone will no longer catch the network, and you will not get the phone, but the player, there are no such troubles with updating the iPod and iPad.

IPad firmware update via iTunes
We connected the iPad to the computer and launched iTunes. Prior to the update procedure, the iPad contained music,s, applications, contacts, photos and notes on the calendar, the loss of all this information is not critical for us, so we do not make backups, but on the contrary, see that the firmware update field remains. If the data is important to you, then back up and save other data using our instructions.

1. Let’s start updating iOS, in the Devices section of the iTunes program, select our iPad 2 and in the Overview tab click the Update button. If the interface of your iTunes is different from ours, then turn on the additional panel from the left. Before clicking the Update button, we reviewed the information above, which says that our new firmware will be version 6.1.3, i.E. The latest at the time of the update.

2. ITunes issued a message where we clicked. Continue, notification of the following content:

3. The next message, where we clicked the button. Update, contains the following:

4. A window called “iPad Software Update”, Here you can find the additions and improvements of the new version of iOS. But do not forget that we are upgrading from outdated 4.3.5 to version 6.1.3, so there will be much more new features than in the list presented. Click the button. Next, familiarize yourself with the license agreement, accept it and go about our business.

5. ITunes starts downloading the update from the Apple server, while at the top you can see the download bar and the time remaining until completion. That’s all, we went to fry the pies, let them creep.

Here is such an error when updating the iPad appeared when downloading a new firmware, it is associated either with a heavy load of servers, or with an unstable Internet connection. Click OK, try again, click the Update button in iTunes and perform steps 1 through 5.

An hour later, we again return to the monitor and lo and behold, in the Overview tab of iTunes, we see the already updated version of iOS 6.1.3 and the inscription. “iPad software updated”. Thus, on the second attempt, iTunes was able to download iOS for the iPad and update the tablet software version.

Setting Up Your Updated iPad
After installing iOS on the iPad, you will need to perform several steps to initially configure the tablet, after which you can begin to use it. The first setup reminded activation of iPod touch, approximately the same step-by-step actions.

1. Berm iPad, tap only button. Continue. Next, it is proposed to configure the Internet services of the App Store, iTunes Store and iCloud, but we will not do this for now, since this setting requires a wireless Wi-Fi network, click Continue. Next.

2. Go ahead and set up geolocation services, if you enable them, then navigation programs will be able to determine your approximate geolocation. We don’t need such a function yet, so we select. Disable geolocation services. Continue. Next. We get acquainted with the terms of use of iOS, accept them and move on.

We refuse anonymous sending diagnostic data. Do not send, click Next. “Your iPad is now set up»And we are ready to start working with the most advanced iOS firmware, for this we tap. Start using the iPad.

O-la-la, the working screen with icons starts and among standard applications we see new programs, for example, Clock, KiOSk, Maps, Reminders, separate Music ands, which were not in iOS 4.3.5. Even more all sorts of goodies of the new firmware version 6.1.3 is in Settings.

Well, that’s probably all, now you know how to update iOS firmware on an iPad or iPhone using the Internet and iTunes. And lastly, after updating the firmware, applications, music and were erased from the tablet. But the contacts, notes and captured photos remained in place. Now install a couple of applications and download music, if necessary, you can download.