Update Firmware Nokia 3310

Update Firmware Nokia 3310

. Recently I discovered a predatory bug: the phone behaves very badly with draft copies. Deletes them without warning. In addition, without an addressee it is impossible to save more than one draft. the previous one is overwritten.

Nokia 220 Dual Sim. What can I say: she has both advantages and annoying shortcomings.

First, the main thing. About what will help you make a choice. Operation manual with of. site. And full specifications. I will repeat the main thing here with comments:

Main camera: 2.0 megapixels (He photographs in a readable way, you can zoom in on the photo. You can’t take a finished photo on the phone anymore. So you need to take the photo immediately in a readable size. As long as I use the phone without a memory card and when connected via a micro-USB cord (which is not included in the package) copying to / from the phone fails).

Screen Size: 2.4 ” (3.5×5 cm). good size. I even read books through the Internet.

Maximum music playback time: 51.5h. sits down in a day or two.

Social Networking Applications: Facebook; Twitter. Icons in the main menu of the phone. Clog it up a bit.

Dual SIM Support: Dual Standby SIM. the bottom line is that you can set up call forwarding from one card to another if one is busy.

RAM: 8 MB – Internet is loading pretty fast (I have Life 🙂

Memory Card Type: MicroSD – Be prepared to have to buy it. There is not enough memory even to store SMS.

what to me like definitely:

  • design. Five colors to choose from. I chose white because it has a matte keyboard and numbers are clearly visible.
  • flashlight. Present. Turned on by two clicks of a key “forward”. Well illuminates potholes)) An irreplaceable thing

If your phone has 2 SIM cards, you can choose which one to use.

2. To select a SIM card for calls, select Call, set Always Ask to Off, then select Prefer. SIM

3. To select a SIM card for messages, select Messages, set Always Ask to Off, then select Prefer. SIM

4. To select a SIM card for mobile data, set Mobile connection to On and select Mobile. dataPreferred SIM. map for mobile internet.

  • using the free add-on (add-on) Savefrom.netdownload c youtube in 3gp 240 format and look at the cell phone. The quality is excellent, loud sound without headphones, you can scroll through the. (after I bought and inserted a card). Mp4 does not read from experience, although the descriptions of the model indicate that it reads

what me definitely annoying:

    SMS organization No inbox / outbox / draft folders. There is one screen on which the mailing list. By clicking on each dialogue opens. It is not possible to delete outgoing messages, only manually one at a time. In view of the small memory. constantly writes that the place for SMS is over (I’ve been using it for less than a month). it causes difficulties. And have to buy him microSD. (I bought him a memory card. SMS does not store a phone on her. Even wrote in support of Nokia. They are like that “Take a look at other models. pah!) I’m used to saving various information in drafts and using them as a notebook. In this case, this is inconvenient, since drafts are lost among the recipients.

Back cover it’s difficult to open for the first time. To open it quickly: place your index fingers on the Nokia sign on the back panel and pull the edges of the lid large. then she will be removed without difficulty.

What many may not like:

  1. one number for one subscriber name. I take it calmly.
  2. weak calculator (plus, minus, divide, multiply).
  3. extra menu icons (facebook, yahoo messenger, twitter)


Click from the desktop:

  • Keyway down. phone book
  • Key to the right. the calendar
  • Keyto the left. create message
  • Twiceup. flashlight
  • key “put the phone down”. sound volume, on / off bluetooth, turn off the phone
  • key “pick up the phone”. Last dialed numbers.
  • upper left. phone menu
  • upper right. camera / camera
  • long press stars. dual sim settings

Finally: Nokia is not the same. This model was created after the purchase of Nokia by Microsoft. The disadvantages are moronic and, in fact, programmatically easy to fix.

I recommend the model to those who, like me, can’t live without a flashlight in a mobile phone, they hate touch (it doesn’t respond to me, p.) And they want a big screen.

So, I was able to successfully update the firmware using Nokia Software Recovery Tool.

For this you need: a usb-cord and an external memory card.

  1. First you need to backup: Options Backup copy.
  2. Install firmware update program [link]
  3. Then connect the phone to the computer (Windows OS) with a usb cord.
  4. Follow the instructions. Please note that most likely you can save only Contacts using the backup and what was stored on the memory card.
  5. Good luck