Update BIOS Asus M5a97 Plus

Traditional BIOS systems in motherboards have been replaced by a modern UEFI system. The interface of the new UEFI BIOS now resembles a regular software application and is more convenient due to the use of a convenient visual interface and the ability to use not only the keyboard, but also the mouse.

In such motherboards for updating the BIOS, it is most convenient to use the special utility ASUS EZ Flash 2 already built into the motherboard.

If your ASUS device is implemented on an older BIOS version (without the ASUS EZ Flash utility), then use the How to flash ASUS BIOS (AFUDOS utility) instruction

Update BIOS Asus M5a97 Plus

Step-by-step instructions for flashing (updating) the BIOS using ASUS EZ Flash 2:

Before flashing, you must take care of the electrical supply of the device. If during the firmware process the system is de-energized, the BIOS will be damaged. Therefore, try to connect the PC to an uninterruptible power supply or fully charge the battery (in case of laptop firmware)

1. First, you need to download the appropriate version of the BIOS firmware from the official ASUS website and save it on an external medium (from which the firmware will be carried out) in unzipped form (often with the extension CAB)

2. Enter the BIOS. To do this, restart the device and when it is turned on, hold down the DEL button (for personal computers) or F2 (for laptops).

3. After checking the current BIOS version, go to the additional properties tab by clicking “Advance mode” (Optional) or F7 button.

4. In the advanced BIOS mode, go to the tab “Tool” (Service)

5. On the service tab, select the utility ASUS EZ Flash 2

6. In the ASUS EZ Flash 2 program interface, check the current BIOS version again and then select the prepared media with firmware. on the left side of the screen. Select the file for the new BIOS version on the right side of the screen.

7. Confirm consent to check the firmware file.

8. After verification, you must agree to the BIOS firmware.

9. Wait for the end of the firmware process (a progress bar is displayed below).

10. After a successful BIOS flashing, a message prompting you to reboot will be displayed. Agree by clicking OK.

11. When starting for the first time after flashing the BIOS, the system will prompt you to perform initial setup. You must check the current BIOS version. It should correspond to the one selected for firmware. Press F1 and make the desired setting or just exit the settings.

On this, the BIOS of the motherboard made by ASUS is completed.


Help solve the problem! A problem of the following nature: a week ago, after turning on the PC, by its own stupidity, I climbed in to stick a wire from the speakers, as I accidentally hit a power cord, a little crack was heard, the computer turned off and turned on again, after which the BIOS logo appeared 3 times in a row. The first lasted a minute, the second 3 seconds and the third 1 second (before the appearance of 3 BIOS pictures, 2 the picture was a bit buggy, parallel rainbow dashes appeared on it) after which a black screen appeared with a command line that was completely unresponsive to any commands. When you select any boot disk, the same situation occurs. I tried to reset BIOS, copy BIOS2 to BIOS1, change the priorities of boot disks, update BIOS using ez flash 2, and also selected optimized BIOS settings, after which the computer turned on and off until you turn it off.

Motherboard: Asus rampage IV extreme rev 1.02
4 HDD Disk
1 SDD Disk oczssdpx-1rvdx0 100 with Windows 10 operating system

Please do not recommend disassembling and reassembling the computer, since it is water-cooled and the disassembly / assembly process will not be easy. These are the most extreme measures.