Unlock Phone Samsung Ce0168

All manufacturers of mobile devices provide the ability to protect user data in a variety of ways. There is no doubt about the usefulness of this function, but there are times when the owner of the smartphone just forgets the unlock code. It is about how to unlock the LG smartphone that we will tell you in this manual.

Unlock Phone Samsung Ce0168

Actually, there are several ways to unlock the screen, one of which, however sad it may be, will lead to the loss of all data located on your device.

When installing the Knock Code, graphic key or face control, it is additionally proposed to enter a PIN code or password to unlock them. If you remember them, then there will be no problems. We strongly recommend not to forget it or just write this set of numbers somewhere in a notebook. If you do not remember it, then unlocking the LG phone if you forget the password will already be more difficult, but still this task is feasible.

Method 1. unlock your LG pattern using your Google Account

If you are unable to enter the lock code and password correctly, but at the same time you perfectly remember the data from the account, then we repeat the attempts to enter until the “forgot ” button appears. We click on this button and the screen for entering data from your Google account will appear on the screen. You must enter an email address and password to enter. This method will allow you to unlock the screen only if the smartphone is actively connected via Wi-Fi or via mobile Internet. If this method does not work, then the most radical method remains, which is described in the next paragraph.

Method 2. a complete reset (Hard Reset)

If you do not remember any data from accounts and passwords, then you can remove any lock by resetting it, referred to as Hard Reset. It is worth noting that when using this solution, all data from the memory of the mobile device will be deleted and the system will be brought to the stock state (with the current version of the operating system preserved). Just in case, remove the SIM card and memory card. The reset procedure is almost the same for all smartphones from LG.

Step by step we perform the following actions:

  1. Turn off the device.
  2. At the same time, hold down the “Power” and “Volume-down” buttons and hold until the company logo appears, then release the “Power” button and immediately clamp it back. (Some models require you to press both buttons and hold them again)
  3. A confirmation window will appear for resetting to factory settings.
  4. Using the volume rocker, select the “Yes” button and confirm the selection with the “Power” button. If a second confirmation message appears on the screen, then we do the same.

That’s all. After resetting the settings, you will need to perform the actions that you performed after purchasing the smartphone.