Unlock Mac Using Apple Watch

When you are wearing an Apple Watch, your Mac can recognize your proximity and log in automatically. You can also use the Apple Watch to confirm other requests for entering an administrator password.

Unlock Mac Using Apple Watch

The Auto Unlock feature works when you are wearing an unlocked watch and when you are near a Mac. Move the clock closer to the computer if necessary.

Auto Sign In

This feature allows you to instantly access your Mac when you are wearing an Apple Watch. Just wake your Mac from sleep. that’s all! You do not need to enter a password.

When you log in for the first time after turning on, restart your Mac or log off. You will need to log in using the password manually. And then the Apple Watch will log in automatically.

Confirm other password requests

You can also use the Apple Watch to confirm requests for an administrator password. WatchOS 6 and macOS Catalina are required to use this feature. It works in situations where you need to enter a Mac password, for example, when viewing passwords in Safari settings, unlocking a locked record, confirming installation of a program, or unlocking parameters in system settings.

For example, when you click on the lock icon to make a change to the system settings on a Mac, you are asked to confirm this action using the Apple Watch or Touch ID:

To enter the password automatically without typing it on the keyboard, just double-click the side button of the Apple Watch:

How to configure the Auto Unlock feature

  1. Make sure your Mac and Apple Watch meet the system requirements for Auto Unlock.
  2. Make sure the devices are configured as follows:
    • Your Mac includes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
    • On Mac and Apple Watch, iCloud is signed in with the same Apple ID, and two-factor authentication is used for the Apple ID.
    • Apple Watch uses a passcode.
    • Choose Apple Menu  System Preferences, and then click Security and Privacy. Select “Use Apple Watch to Unlock Programs on Mac” or “Allow Mac to Unlock with Apple Watch.”

    If you’re not sure if your Mac supports “Auto Unlock,” press and hold the Option key and select “Apple Menu” “System Information.” Select the “Wi-Fi” tab on the side panel and look for the line “Auto Unlock: Supported” on the right.

    Additional Information

    If you have problems with the function “Auto Unlock”, try to use the following solutions:

    • In the security and privacy settings, deselect either Use Apple Watch to Unlock Programs on a Mac or Allow Unlocking a Mac Using Apple Watch. Then restart your Mac and enable this option again.
    • Make sure your Mac is not using Internet sharing or screen sharing.
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