Unlock Iphone 5 How Sberbank Works

Unlock Iphone 5 How Sberbank Works

Attention: The article is strictly recommendatory in nature. All actions described below are carried out at your own risk.

Before performing any method, make sure that the Sberbank Online application has never started after installation. Protection should not work!

Method number 1. Hide root privileges with Magisk Hide

Detailed instructions for installing and using Magisk Manager can be found in a separate article. I only note that to hide the root of rights, a built-in privilege administrator MagiskSU is required.

To unlock the full functionality of Sberbank Online, do the following:

    Activate “Magisk Hide” in the settings of Magisk Manager.

  • Reboot the device.
  • The application is ready to work, the verification will be successful.
  • This method is relevant only for official rooted firmware. Custom LineageOS, Resurrection Remix and the like come with their own superuser administrator, this method is not suitable for them.

    Method number 2. Special Modules for Xposed

    In addition, there is a module for hiding superuser rights. RootCloak, which works by analogy with Magisk Hide. For its application it is necessary:

      Install and activate RootCloak from the Xposed modules boot menu.

    Method number 3. Unlocking functionality with My Android Tools

  • Upon launch, the bank’s client will notify you of the elimination of the threat, then re-enter your account
  • Each time, Sberbank Online will report limited functionality, notifications can be ignored, the application will work fine.

    Method number 4. Patching with Lucky Patcher

    Modification of applications using Lucky Patcher. unwanted procedure. At the same time, this method is compatible with absolutely all firmware and is easy to perform. After applying the modification, Lucky Patcher can be removed.

    There are also pre-modified apk files. However, the modified file may contain both useful innovations and all kinds of viruses, trojans of which you can not even guess. The mod will not be updated via Google Play, each time you need to search and download the updated version manually. Use this method at your own risk!

    Which way to choose?

    Whatever restrictions the developers may impose, getting a fully functional Sberbank from root to Android is not a problem.

    If you are using official firmware with superuser and TWRP privileges, you should take a closer look at method # 1 and Magisk Hide.

    For fans of Xposed it will not be difficult to add another module to the existing ones. Method number 2 and BankShmut or RootCloak. for you.

    The most universal method No. 3 using My Android Tools contains the inconvenience. a message about incomplete functionality. At the same time, it is easy to use and suitable in the vast majority of cases.

    Method number 4. modifying the client using Lucky Patcher, or using ready-made mods is also a universal solution. But I do not consider it safe, therefore, it is relevant in the last turn, if other methods did not work.

    For firmware like: CyanogenMod, LineageOS, BlissPOP, any method except Magisk Hide and RootCloak will do.

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