TV Remote Control Broke What To Do

TV Remote Control Broke What To Do

A television remote is almost the most important component of a television. Thanks to its presence, you can switch the channel without getting up from the couch, make the necessary broadcast settings and even just turn the device on or off. However, with prolonged use, the buttons on the remote control may fail, starting to sink, fall off, or simply not work. What is the reason that the buttons start to fail and is it possible to restore their functionality on their own? Let’s figure it out.

You can restore the buttons on the remote control from the TV, of course, you just have to do it correctly, otherwise you can completely break the device.

What to do if the remote control button from the TV does not work

Even one malfunctioning button can make the remote non-functional. Imagine that the on / off button of the TV has broken. the sense of the remaining channel switching buttons will be minimal. And yet, before you think about where to get a new remote control, try to figure out the cause of the breakdown of the old one.

Causes and Symptoms

One of the most common causes of breakdowns is pollution. dust particles falling under a button disrupt its contact with the microcircuit, and it ceases to respond to pressing.

In addition, the causes of malfunctioning buttons can be:

  • Breakdown of internal elements;
  • The end of the charge of the batteries.
  • Failure of quartz.

The cause of the breakdown may be the accumulation of condensation in the housing from the hands. Penetrating inside, it oxidizes the elements located inside, and the buttons stop functioning.

If one button does not work or not a large number of them, then the reason is probably the abrasion of their graphite spraying. If the remote control has fallen and stopped working after a fall, then damage to ceramic quartz in its case can be suspected.

As you can see, there are many causes of the malfunction, and actions to eliminate them can be determined by identifying the one due to which the buttons do not work.

How to fix the buttons on the TV remote

If the buttons do not work after replacing the batteries, you will have to resort to further repairs.

Start by cleaning the remote. Use wet wipes or cotton swabs moistened with alcohol. Such processing is recommended to be carried out regularly to prevent excessive pollution and damage to the device.

After cleaning, check the battery contacts. They can sometimes depart from the microcircuit, and the buttons may not work. If the cause of the breakdown lies in this, then you can fix it quickly enough. just solder the contacts. Some models of remotes are equipped with contacts with graphite spraying, which is gradually erased during operation. If graphite spraying is worn out, it is very easy to deal with this breakdown. just find a piece of foil (say, from a bar of chocolate), cut it into squares and put the paper side to the contacts.

If the remote control often crashes, then the malfunction of its buttons may be due to damage to the quartz. In this case, the repair consists in replacing it. To make sure that the cause of the breakdown is a quartz split, shake the device. If you hear a noise when shaking, then you will have to change the quartz.

How to extend the life of the remote

When repairing the remote control, you should think about how to prevent the further occurrence of its malfunctions.

The basic rule that must be followed in this case is the regular cleaning of the device from dirt and dust. It is recommended to clean it about once every 6 months. And remember, the cleaner your hands are, when you select the remote control with them, the less dirt gets on its buttons and body.

The next rule of use is accuracy. Constant falls absolutely do not need this device. They are able to permanently disable it.

Thus, if the remote control from the TV is broken. do not be upset prematurely. It is likely that the breakdown can easily be fixed by yourself. If you failed to cope on your own, specialists of any service center will always help in solving this problem.