TV out of a box with his hands

How to make a TV out of a box with your own hands for children

Handmade crafts from boxes. this is a great opportunity to furnish the play space of a child without much financial cost. With this material is easy to work with, it is not difficult to get three-dimensional shapes, so that the boxes are actively used by both adults and children.

What can be made of boxes? A huge variety of things!

For example, it has become traditional to turn a fairly spacious box with a removable lid into a beautiful doll’s house. All that is needed is to cut windows and doors, wallpaper the walls of the house, decorate the front and make cardboard furniture.

You can even make a real school out of a box. just place the blackboard on one of the walls and put students at their desks.

Out of the box, you can make a beautiful frigate for sea voyages.

What a magical journey awaits the child and the dolls on such a ship!

You can also use boxes to create a doll’s interior. For example, one of the options for crafts out of boxes is a handmade stove for a doll’s kitchen. Cute curtains and tiny utensils on the far shelf make it unique.

You can also make a real Russian stove, attaching a chimney to the box.

Or a modern stove with a ceramic hob.

Or a whole kitchen, consisting of a refrigerator, stove and sink.

You can turn a large box into a real TV, comfortably seated in which a child can show you a real performance.

And you can make a brightly colored cash register. Children will love it if an old, unwanted calculator is used as a keypad.

You can make a professional camera. just attach a small decorative candle with a round bottom to a small box.

And those who like cleanliness will like washing machine, especially if its door will be made of transparent foil.

The modern generation can hardly do without a computer. It is also easy to make from a cardboard box, wrapped in foil.

Another achievement of modern science could be cardboard robots that will certainly like the stronger sex.

From a milk carton you can make a very useful aid in studying the traffic rules. traffic lights.

Do not leave them indifferent and real multilevel parking lot.

From a few boxes you can assemble a whole motorcycle.

From the boxes you can make a great toy. a fire engine.

And such a fire truck made of large boxes can become an entire playground for children.

And out of the many boxes you can build a whole megalopolis with lots of parking lots, roads and shopping malls.

Romantic girls will prefer medieval castles that are home to sophisticated princes and princesses.

Cardboard figures of animals can become a highlight for such a castle. horses and even chickens.

With toy animal figures, you can create an entire composition from an ordinary box. for example, a fantastic, fairy-tale, forest.

Or the real aquarium, which will settle multi-colored toy fish.

You can just use the box in the game, marking a specific building with it or dividing the space into two halves.

Check out our wonderful gentle master class “Box with Surprise”

Box House

Of old boxes. For example, you can make a great house out of household appliances. You will need:

IMPORTANT: The most practical thing is that such a house can be easily folded up and down, and will not take up much space!

Well, if you make more effort it is possible to build a castle of cardboard and decorate a room with it for a birthday it will be an excellent and wonderful gift!

How to make a children’s TV with their own hands out of a box

Our project lives and develops for those who seek answers to their questions and strive not to get lost in the stormy sea of often useless information. On this page we told (or rather. showed you How to make a children’s TV with their own hands out of a box. In addition, we have found and added for you thousands of other videos that can answer, it seems, any question you have. However, if the site did not have the information you need. write to us, we will prepare it for you and add it to our site!If you do not mind. please leave your feedback, how complete and useful was the information posted on our site about How to make a children’s TV with their own hands out of a box.

A man without imagination will never guess how to make a desk for dolls or a lounge chair from the usual old wooden clothespins. And it’s very simple.

  • Break out 12 clothespins.
  • Glue the sides of the 6 halves and another 6 halves (seat and backrest). Glue 4 clothespins in pairs, flat sides facing each other (legs).
  • Assemble the chaise longue as shown in the photo. Glue the legs on one side first, fix them with the armrest and crossbar. Then flip it over and do the same on the other side.
  • The lounge chair for the doll is ready.
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SEE: How to make a doll bed

For Barbie

There are diagrams of how to make a TV out of paper. It is enough to cut them out along the contour and glue the parts together.

Coat the model with varnish or PVA glue and leave it to dry for a while.

There is another way to invent a “blue box” for a little princess.

To have a Barbie doll in the house TV, the owner needs to get to work. First, let’s prepare the materials for the work:

Following a simple instruction, even children can make a TV by themselves:

  • From the matchbox you need to cut a window in the middle of the front.
  • Put the lid on the box and paint it in the desired color. It is not necessary to choose a dark color scheme. blue and pink TV will fit perfectly into the bright palette of the doll house.
  • Roll a few small balls of clay. these will be the buttons for the blue screen. Glue them on the side. Using the same principle, make the legs under the TV.
  • For the screen image there are several options: put a certain picture or an animated magnet in the “TV”. But you can also do it in a different way. Cut a long strip, divide it into squares and in each part draw a different story or character that periodically changes its pose.
  • Such a ribbon is inserted into the window of the screen from the “first frame” and slowly pull it towards you. The picture moves, the TV “works”.

Making a fireplace from a TV box with your own hands: step by step instructions

Residents of city apartment buildings do not even think about the fact that you can install a fireplace in the apartment, and for this it is not necessary to master a brick chimney and turn to the fire inspection. Decorative hearth, made with our own hands from a cardboard box. an alternative to the traditional kind of fireplace. To create this piece of interior design does not require construction skills and skills in working with machinery. All that is needed from the master is imagination and fantasy.

Cardboard fireplace with their own hands. For its creation does not require special construction skills

The process of creating a fireplace

Before you start the work on the execution of the conceived, it is necessary to know what is the work process. The main stages:

Read also an article about creating a brick fireplace with their own hands in addition to this material.


To make a fireplace from a cardboard box fit harmoniously into the interior of the house or apartment, it is important to allocate a suitable place for it. Most often a fireplace is placed in a corner or in the middle of an empty wall. After choosing the future location of the “hearth”, decide on the size of the structure. It is recommended to do it directly at the place of the fireplace installation. For the convenience of work, all dimensions are put on paper. It is best to make a small sketch-drawing of the future fireplace, which will be marked all the blanks and details of the object of decoration.

Tip! Prepared in advance a draft of the fireplace will not allow you to be distracted by taking measurements during the work. Also the drawing will help to calculate the amount of material needed.

It is recommended to make a sketch diagram of the future construction in advance. It shows the size of the fireplace and the main details.

Materials and tools

To create a decorative fireplace with your own hands will need the following materials:

  • Cardboard box. Masters recommend making a fireplace out of a box from under the TV, refrigerator or any other household appliance. Corrugated cardboard is ideal for the construction of conceived designs. If you do not have one in the house, you can kindly ask a friend for a box, or ask for help in the store, there are always a couple of unnecessary boxes in retail outlets.

For a fireplace, you can use a cardboard box from under the TV or any other technique.

  • Painting tape for pasting corners.
  • Measuring tape, spirit level, pencil, ruler, utility knife.
  • Decorative elements for the mantel. stucco elements, moldings, frames, columns, colored acrylic paint, wallpaper, etc.п. You can “decorate” the fireplace with any material, it all depends on the flight of fancy of the master.
  • PVA glue. It can be useful for gluing pieces of cardboard.
  • Polymer glue. It is necessary for fixing the finishing and decorative elements.
  • Water based paint for primer and subsequent painting of the construction. Most often white paint is used.
  • Brushes and sponges for applying paint.

We recommend studying the article on making a fireplace from particle board with their own hands.

Advice! In the process you may need other improvised means, it all depends on the project of the fireplace and its design.

Making a wall fireplace

The marking of the future fireplace is transferred from the sketch to a TV box.

A fireplace from a TV box can be made in two ways. place it by the wall (wall-mounted fireplace) or in the corner (corner). The simplest and most common variant. making a wall construction. It is made of three elements. a rigid base, a fireplace portal and a shelf. Manufacturing process:

  • Firstly, prepare the base. It must be strong and rigid to stand firmly on the floor. To prevent the construction from sagging, it is strengthened with the help of stiffeners. They are placed inside a rectangular podium in the form of a grid or in a chaotic order. The base is cut out of a corrugated box with sides. The upper part of the podium is an additional panel of cardboard. The side parts are made of several layers of cardboard, glued together, and glued to the panels with masking tape.
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We advise you to read more about how to make a fireplace on our website.

Important! The width of the base must be 1 cm larger than the fireplace portal.

First of all construct the base for the fireplace. Stiffen the structure with cardboard ribs.

  • The fireplace portal is best made on a frame base. Mark the size of the fireplace window on the cardboard, cut out the upper part with a box cutter. Divide the window plane in half, and wrap the resulting sashes inside. As a result, you get the side walls of the portal.
  • The width of the inner walls of the portal is the same as the width of the ceiling, and the width of the hearth is the length of the ceiling, cut out of cardboard as a rectangle. The cardboard bar is attached with masking tape.

Ready-made cardboard fireplace structure. All joints are glued with tape or PVA glue.

  • Next, the frame panels are made. They can be made of cardboard rectangles glued together, or lattice dividers. They are attached to the front part of the portal and taped together.

An example of a decorative fireplace base made of cardboard.

Advice! Instead of painting tape, where appropriate, you can use PVA glue and paper.

  • The fireplace structure is sealed with paper or painted over. The niches in the frame of the fireplace can become convenient shelves for storing things. To make the walls of the “windows” more rigid, several layers of cardboard glued together are used.

The construction of the fireplace is glued with duct tape. A wide painter’s tape is the best method.

  • The next step is to make and install the top shelf. Without the top panel the mantel will look incomplete, plus you can not put decorations on it. To prevent the construction from falling, the weight of the shelf must be lighter than the base of the fireplace and the portal. It is “planted” on liquid nail or polymer glue.

Advice! It is recommended to make the shelf from a sheet of plywood or other similar dense material (laminate panel, thin board, etc.).).

Making a corner fireplace

Corner decorative fireplace from a cardboard box can be installed in any free corner of the room. In addition, a fireplace can hide an unsightly or empty corner space. Stages of making a decorative “hearth”:

DIY crafts and toys from what’s handy. The second life of things.

In order to come up with a child with a new toy or make a simple craft does not need much. Enough is usually a little free time and our imagination. And of what to make?. on hand. Me and my son already have a whole fleet of yogurt pots, and the best ships we have got out of cans from under the violet and soft butter. This review we will devote to toys and crafts that can be made together with a child out of all kinds of “junk”. boxes and boxes, cardboard, plastic bottles and much more.

Let’s start, perhaps, with crafts from boxes and smaller boxes. Boxes of different sizes regularly appear to all of us (especially during the holidays), but we usually try to get rid of this “happiness” as soon as possible, because it is not convenient to store them at all. But you can put them into action right away

The large-sized boxes make absolutely wonderful toys for children

Mill house. Here is a detailed master class

A pirate treasure chest. Description

how to make





A great storage idea from box and cardboard rolls







ideas from cardboard sheets

Milk (juice, kefir) cardboard boxes – Wonderful material for children’s crafts. They can be used for more than just plant pots. If you show a bit of imagination, the milk cartons can be used to make a number of useful articles, which the child can use in his / her games.




If you glue it with decorative paper and decorate it, it’s not gift wrapping for candy, for example



Or you can make an aquarium like this together with children


Boxes and cardboard. a real room for creativity, if you want you can do anything you want, I think we’ll soon return to this subject, we have saved something interesting

Cardboard rolls from toilet paper and paper towels

Simple do-it-yourself crafts to do with kids






You can see a lot of different animals with patterns here


Binoculars for children or a telescope from a towel roll

TV out of cardboard boxes


Almost all children like putting on plays. precisely, everyone likes it, without exception, it’s just important to find the right company. Be sure to start with making props and decorations: cardboard, thick paper, and just different items from your home are good for this. Props are more fun to make together with children. if, of course, time allows. Also they are terribly fond of painted faces, but be careful with it: some children may be allergic to water makeup or cosmetics. Plays can be shown to parents or younger children, and sometimes children can do just fine even without an audience.

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A glass of “bilboke”

If you read a book about little French people, you want to play something French. Here’s an example of throwing a balloon into a glass. The French call it a bilboquet, and even children can make their own equipment for this game. And an adult can, too.

Journey to a desert island

The school year lasts so long, and not many people manage to go on a real trip during that time. But the heroes of children’s books travel all the time! They land on uninhabited islands, they raft down rivers, they search for uncharted lands When we read about it, it’s impossible to resist building our own uninhabited island and organizing a journey full of dangers and adventures!

Street Quests

When the weather’s nice, “The Bookcase” gets out. Preparing for the quest takes quite a long time, but how much fun brings such a journey with the search for clues, and how much fun to yell, “Here it is, I noticed it first!!”And the reward for completing the quest is ice cream from the local stall!

Photo Installations

I think this game was an invention of The Bookcase. When we’re tired of putting on plays, we turn to this genre: photo installations. The children again make their own sets and props, and then everyone takes turns trying on the roles of different characters from the fairy tale. This game is great for all the classic fairy tales, such as those by Andersen or the Brothers Grimm.

The Japanese game otedama

This is an old game of tossing and picking up bags full of rice, which is best played by Japanese grandmothers (in their childhood, every girl was an expert in this field). To make special otedama bags mom will have to work hard, but they will be useful more than once and will become one of the favorite toys in the house, try. Inspirational book. any Japanese stories and tales.

Bugsy TV | Land of Masters

My son Misha rightly noticed that there is no TV in our dollhouse. What’s the problem?? Will!

As a child I already have experience in television building Once I made these same dolls TV, and now do the same. In 10 minutes!!We’ll need:.speaker box-pen-knife-pencil-pencil-ruler-glue-scissors-cardboard-paint

On the matchbox pencil outline lines. in the form of a rectangle, you can indent from the edge of all sides by half a millimeter.

Carefully cut out a window with a box cutter.

Now, we paint both parts of the box. I painted the outer one in black. And the inside in silver gray, and the ends of the same black (you can take other colors, funnier:))

While the paint dries, cut out cards 3 by 4.5 from cardboard. As many pieces as you want, these are the future TV programs.

And glue on these cards absolutely any pictures! Or paint as you like. I, for example, as a child I drew “news”, “Animal World”, “Santa Barbara” And now my children’s favorite “Smeshariki

The box dried up, assemble it it looks like a TV?

Draw buttons for it, and you can also make a remote control from the same cardboard

Insert our “program” into the window and watch! Oh yes, the antenna well that’s easy, we put painted matches into a piece of plasticine and now our TV gets the best channels!

And you can keep your “DVD collection” in a box where you used to keep the matches.

Cat House

If there are animals in the house, caring owners will make a lot of interesting things for them from boxes. For an indoor dog, a kennel in the room will not be superfluous and will not spoil the interior, if it is done with imagination, humor and taste.

Cats like to hide in houses no less than dogs. Not much time and labor is spent on dwellings for pets: a hole, artistic decoration, bedding inside.

Tunnels, shelves and passages between the cupboards to master the upper tier and mattress-lined cots (cats prefer the rounded ones) will bring much joy to cats.

The turtle will find a comfortable and beautiful home. If you replace the lid or the front wall with a mesh one, you get a decent cage for exotics like lizards or praying mantises.

Cardboard products are functional and economical, and are not difficult to make in a surprisingly pleasant way. In the desire for order and convenience in the house, is it worth buying in the store what you can make out of the box??

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