Tv Doesn’T See Set-Top Box Via Hdmi

In the era of the development of high digital technologies, we can get the best from TV and computer through their connected connection. Creating such a special connection between technical devices is possible with the help of DVI, HDMI or VGA connectors. But, often and for various reasons, these devices do not want to make contact with each other. You can always fix existing problems if you know what lies at the basis of their occurrence. A rough description of common problems will help you navigate in a difficult situation and open up new ways to eliminate them.

What is this HDMI?

HDMI is a multimedia interface that transmits high-resolution and digital audio signals. This type of cable is widely used to connect TVs, game consoles, standalone players, as well as audio receivers to mobile devices and computer equipment. If you have a desire to play a or show photos on a large screen, then you can not do without such a device.

Manufacturers of modern multimedia technology now by default add HDMI-connectors to the standard equipment. There are five main types of such ports, which are marked with Latin letters from A to D and differ in size. In addition, each type of HDMI cable differs from another in functionality and scope.

It is also worth noting that recently the possibilities and advantages of wireless connection when connected via HDMI adapters have been widely discussed. Outwardly, they resemble USB-Bluetooth and differ only in connectors.

We connect the TV

Watching movies, amateur and photos is much more convenient on the big screen, especially since almost all modern cards allow you to connect to a TV. The image quality and playback sound on a computer is significantly different from what you see and hear if you connect a blue screen to it.

There are such basic ways to connect a TV to a monitor:

  • connection via VGA interface, which are equipped with almost all modern cards;
  • HDMI cable connection (this method is widely used for transmitting high-definition signals);

Connection can be realized without using different types of wires. Connection via WIFI allows you to quickly establish contact between the monitor and the screen, and in addition, frees the house from the web of cables.

Turn on devices

You can always transform a TV into a powerful multimedia platform if you turn on all devices in the correct sequence.

The connection algorithm is as follows:

  1. initially you need to disconnect the computer and the TV from the network;
  2. turn off the antenna and other peripheral devices of the TV;
Tv DoesnT See Set-Top Box Via Hdmi

In no case should the sequence of operations be changed. After connecting devices, they need to be configured.

How to set up the display

Windows 8 and 7 operating systems themselves determine the device and configure the connection if an HDMI cable is used. If you use other connection methods, you need to know how to configure the image output to the display yourself.

The algorithm for displaying a picture on a display on Windows7 and 8 systems is as follows:

    call the context menu with the right mouse button and find the item “Screen Resolution”;

Display settings in the WindowsXP operating system are always carried out in manual mode. You have to push the buttons a bit and switch the TV to AV mode.

Graphics card setup

After the connection is made correctly, a picture from the computer should appear on the TV screen. If the image does not appear, you need to configure the inputs and outputs and adjust the resolution.

For all the visual effects and demonstration of multimedia files in the computer, the card is responsible. Each of its models has its own characteristics that should be considered when setting up.

But the general algorithm of actions will always be unchanged:

  • Before setting it is advisable to download and install the latest drivers for your card model;
  • we right-click on the screen and select the “Properties” item in the menu that appears;
  • we go to the tab “Parameters” and select the item “Advanced”;
  • the “Properties: monitor connection module.” window appears in which you need to open the “Monitors” tab;

The successful completion of the connection of two devices will be marked by a system message about the use of an additional screen.

We output sound to the TV

The playback of multimedia files will be complete only after setting up the sound card. If you do not, then the era of silent films awaits you.

The sound output to the TV is carried out according to the following plan:

  1. check the resolution of sound transit in the settings of the card;
  2. Update audio codecs
  3. configure digital audio on the card (go to the “Sound” menu and configure the audio output of the system);

If after making all the settings nothing is reproduced, you need to pay attention to whether the card generally supports your way of outputting sound.

What to do if the computer does not see the TV via HDMI?

Almost every model of a modern TV is equipped with an HDMI connector. Most cards support multimedia output in this way. But if the computer does not see the hdmi TV, you need to find out what prevents the connection of the two devices.

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Diagnosing problems includes the following steps:

  • Step one: check the HDMI cable for proper operation and connection;
  • second step: check the system settings and work with the computer via the HDMI cable in the TV menu;
  • Step Three: Reinstall the graphics card driver.

Some types of TVs simply do not support HDMI-connection and you should not forget about it. We are talking (mostly) about outdated models that are not equipped with a special connector. In such cases, you can try other connection methods. For example, via DVI or VGA.

Possible reasons

A disease can be cured if you know the causes of its occurrence. Problems connecting the TV to the computer can be fixed if you know what triggered their appearance.

The main reasons why the computer does not see the TV:

  • the connection cable is damaged, improperly connected or defective;
  • the computer does not detect the TV;
  • the TV does not support the selected connection method;
  • card drivers or their absence;
  • interface port corruption;
  • a removable card is installed on the computer;
  • burning internal parts of the TV or computer.

The causes of problems in the coordinated operation of the two devices can be many. If you are not an expert, then with confidence you can only diagnose external cable problems.

Solve the problem

Knowing the causes of the main violations in the symbiosis of the computer and the TV, any problem can be eliminated.

Troubleshooting Algorithm:

  1. if your computer has stopped seeing the TV, check the connection and condition of the cables, connectors;
  2. Be sure to configure your computer system correctly. There is a possibility of incorrect choice of options in the menu settings. Remember that some TVs do not provide work with HDMI and VGA-connections;
  3. check the availability and “freshness” of drivers;

It’s not worth it yourself to take on the elimination of problems that only a professional can handle. But elementary mechanical restorations are in the competence of any PC user. Is it necessary to contact the master in order to correct the position of the cable?

No signal from computer to TV

The absence of a signal most often indicates that there is no way to connect this TV model via HDMI. It is possible that the connection type is incorrectly marked in the options. In this case, it is worth trying other connection methods.

The reason for the lack of a signal in the TV can be viruses, outdated drivers for the card and cable breakage. Be sure to check the settings of the card and select the correct type of information display. Finally, look in the BIOS and check the activity of the connection elements.

Checking the signal through different connections

Through trial and error, truth can be achieved. If, after all the efforts, it was not possible to resolve the connection problems, you can check the signal using different connection methods.

The integrated verification process is as follows:

  • To study the health of the system through different connection methods, you first need to determine the connectors available for use; perhaps the technique simply does not support a particular type of connection;
  • disconnect the TV and PC from the network;
  • if you find the corresponding connectors, connect the HDMI cable to two devices;
  • turn on the TV, press the “Sourse” button; in the window that appears, select the operating mode (HDMI connection) and click OK;
  • we turn on the laptop: when the operating system boots, if everything is connected correctly, the TV display will display information similar to the monitor;
  • if the signal doesn’t appear, go to the “Device Manager” and see what other ports are available for connection;

If the work done does not make any changes to the current state of affairs, then, most likely, the cause of the lack of a signal is some kind of internal breakdown or a defect in the robot cables and I / O ports.

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The development of digital and multimedia technologies has given us the opportunity to enjoy watching photos, amateur and professionals on a large screen TV. It is for this purpose that TVs are connected to telephones and computers. The connection between two pieces of equipment, if done correctly, is established as soon as possible.

But it happens that the image or sound does not play on the TV screen. There can be many reasons for this. It is important to establish them so that the problem can be eradicated in the future. Only a specialist can conduct a detailed diagnosis of problems and eliminate them. Himself for serious restoration work is not worth it. But this rule does not apply to the elimination of small and primitive defects.