Tv Doesn’T See Hdmi Ps4

HDMI ports are used in almost all modern technology. laptops, televisions, tablets, car computers and even some smartphones. These ports have advantages over many similar connectors (DVI, VGA). HDMI is capable of transmitting audio and simultaneously, supports high-quality transmission, is more stable, etc. However, he is not immune from various problems.

General summary

HDMI ports have different types and versions, each of which needs a suitable cable. For example, you cannot connect using a standard size cable to a device that uses the C-type port (this is the smallest HDMI port). You will also have difficulty connecting ports with different versions, plus you need to choose the right cable for each version. Fortunately, with this item everything is a little easier, because some versions provide good compatibility with each other. For example, versions 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.4a, 1.4b are fully compatible with each other.

Before connecting, you need to check the ports and cables for various defects. broken contacts, the presence of debris and dust in the connectors, cracks, bare sections on the cable, flimsy fastening of the port to the device. It will be easy enough to get rid of some defects; to eliminate others, you will have to hand over the equipment to a service center or change the cable. Having problems such as bare wires can be dangerous to the health and safety of the owner.

If the versions and types of connectors match each other and the cable, you need to determine the type of problem and solve it in an appropriate way.

Tv DoesnT See Hdmi Ps4

Problem 1: image is not displayed on TV

When you connect a computer and a TV, the image may not always be displayed immediately, sometimes you need to make some settings. Also, the problem may be in the TV, infection of the computer with viruses, outdated card drivers.

Consider the instructions for making standard screen settings for a laptop and computer, which will allow you to configure the image output on TV:

    Right-click on any empty area of ​​the desktop. A special menu will appear, from which you need to go to “Screen Settings” for Windows 10 or “Screen resolution” for earlier OS versions.

Next, you have to click “Discover” or “To find” (depending on OS version) so that the PU detects a TV or monitor that is already connected via HDMI. The desired button is either under the window where the display with the number 1 is schematically shown, or to the right of it.

  • In the window that opens “Display Manager” You need to find and connect a TV (there should be an icon with the signature TV). Click on it. If it does not appear, then check again that the cables are connected correctly. Provided that everything is normal, a similar image of the 2nd will appear next to the schematic image of the 1st screen.
  • Select options for displaying the image on two screens. There are three of them: “Duplication”, that is, the same picture is displayed on the computer display and on the TV; “Extend the desktop”, involves the creation of a single workspace on two screens; “Display desktop 1: 2”, this option involves transferring the image to only one of the monitors.
  • Carrying out display settings does not always guarantee that everything will work 100%, because the problem may lie in other components of the computer or in the TV itself.

    Problem 2: no sound is transmitted

    HDMI integrates ARC technology, which allows you to transfer sound along with content to a TV or monitor. Unfortunately, far from always the sound starts to be transmitted immediately, since to connect it you need to make some settings in the operating system and update the sound card drivers.

    In the first versions of HDMI there was no built-in support for ARC technology, so if you have an outdated cable and / or connector, then to connect the sound you will either have to replace the ports / cables, or buy a special headset. For the first time, audio support was added in HDMI version 1.2. And cables released before 2010 have problems with sound reproduction, that is, it will probably be broadcast, but its quality leaves much to be desired.

    Problems with connecting a laptop to another device via HDMI are common, but many of them are easy to solve. If they cannot be resolved, then most likely you will have to change or repair the ports and / or cables, since there is a high risk that they are damaged.

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