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The Best Tripods for Smartphones

Rating of quality tripods for a smartphone

A phone holder is almost a must-have gadget for video bloggers and photo lovers. Since most of the tripods and monopods still come from China, it is easier and more profitable to buy them directly from Ali Express.

It is only important to figure out what to look for when choosing a product. Below are the top of the best tripods for smartphones. The models were selected based on the following parameters:

  • Height;
  • The presence of telescopic legs;
  • Weight and dimensions;
  • Fasteners;
  • Frame dimensions;
  • The possibility of causing damage to the gadget;
  • The quality of the device;
  • Head mobility;
  • With control panel included;
  • Can be used as a selfie stick.

What is it for?

In recent years, research advances have taken mobile devices to an unprecedented level, as the field of using an ordinary phone now goes far beyond the original goal of ordinary interaction between people via the cellular network. This especially applies to photo and video shooting. photographic modules of innovative gadgets are much more powerful when compared with cameras that came out 5-7 years ago.

3 Best Smartphone Tripod Mounts

It is worth noting that the improvement of social networks and universal low-cost access to the World Wide Web has influenced an unprecedented increase in the popularity of video and photography on mobile devices. People began to call their acquaintances less often to chat and learn about the news. from now on, every user knows everything about a friend through his publications on the Internet. In addition, most posts are just images or videos with any Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

The holder has several areas of application, video and photography are the main ones. Despite the popularity of selfie monopods, tripods for mobile gadgets are also often used in the shooting process.

The key advantage of a tripod, when compared to a monopod, is that it is placed on any plane and directed towards the subject. Simply put, there is no need to constantly hold it in your hands, which cannot be said about the monopod.

This is a very relevant issue in the process of shooting videos, since there are no vibrations in the camera, but it is also relevant for photographic shooting, since an unconditionally fixed camera, even in auto mode without a custom configuration, will give a good shot. By the way, when it comes to night or macro photography, then the images from the tripod will be incomparably better when compared with the picture taken “by hand”.

However, this area of ​​use is not limited. Considering the functionality of the phones, the holder can be used for more than just taking pictures. It will be advisable to list a few main uses.

  • Video call. When communicating via Skype, Viber and other applications, it is much more convenient to install your mobile on a tripod and place it next to it on any plane, for example, on a table, than to constantly hold it in your hands.
  • Reading books. It is much more comfortable to read books from the display of the gadget by placing it on the holder if there is a proper base nearby for attaching the tripod itself.
  • To watch videos. Regardless of the resource (video in the device’s memory or YouTube), it is much more comfortable to watch the video if the smartphone is on the table, and its display “looks” clearly at the user.
  • Work in low-initiative programs. Due to the many programs, phones are often used for various purposes (office programs, network monitoring of some information, for games, etc.), some of which do not need non-stop activity, but only require viewing content on the display. Of course, the use of the holder makes such an activity much more convenient and effective.

Possibly the Best Tripod for iPhone Product Photography! ESDDI Camera Tripod TP-80

The best classic tripods

A classic tripod is a stripped-down version of a regular SLR tripod. Often, the maximum height of these devices is no more than 40 cm, but there are also models with telescopic legs that increase this figure to 105 cm.Ideally, they are placed on a straight plane, and mini-accessories are often installed on a cabinet or table.

Classical tripods will be a good solution for shooting in a room, and also for use as an ordinary stand. Therefore, if the user needs, for example, to record a video in the studio or watch a favorite movie during breakfast without a smartphone in his hands, then devices from this group will be an ideal option.

This model was made by the best manufacturer NganSek. The presence of sliding legs gives it the ability to adjust the height from 14 to 20 cm, but no more, and therefore this tripod fell into the group of classic.

The device is small, nice and easy to use. The springs on its clip are quite strong, so the smartphone does not fall out of the clip. But there is one drawback: due to its own lightness (only 200 g) in the folded state, the accessory cannot withstand the installation of the device in a vertical position, which is why it turns over. It is for this reason that the model will be a good buy mainly for creating pictures in a horizontal position.

The tripod needs to be handled with extreme care. Legs made of aluminum materials break easily, and the attachment point of the “head” and the device cannot be called strong. But at the price the manufacturer offers, these cons are forgivable.

Made of durable and pleasant to the touch plastic materials, the model belongs to the group of classic mini-tripods: its maximum height is only 13 cm, but its weight is only 160 g. than 2.5kg.

The tripod legs are made of rubberized materials, which makes it possible to avoid falling out even on a polished surface. The “head” rotates at a fairly serious angle (360 degrees in a horizontal position and 70 degrees in a vertical position), but in order to change the angle of rotation of the smartphone, you need to press a round button, which is not so easy to find right away.

The only drawback of the model is that the smartphone takes a photo with a 1 second delay after pressing on the remote control. But, first of all, most likely, the problem here lies in the software side of the phone itself, and also, it is quite easy to get used to this minor feature, so working with this gadget evokes extremely positive emotions.

What is a tripod?

This is a stand, which is a mobile stand that serves for error-free aiming and fixing in the installed position of various devices. Most often used in cinema, TV and photography, however, they are widespread for optical devices, lighting equipment, certain types of weapons and trigonometric equipment.

Among the colossal variety of models, there is an area as a separate sphere. smartphone tripods. Depending on the gadget, it can have a completely different device, dimensions and type of fastener, however, they are all similar in application and are a lock for the phone in the installed position.

Best smartphone tripods in 2021

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  • As photographic camera modules of phones become more advanced, most users no longer need budget digital cameras for everyday shooting. But in order for the pictures taken with a mobile device to be of the highest quality, you need a stand that guarantees stabilization. This article presents a rating of the best tripods for a smartphone in 2021, which will make it possible to determine the choice of a quality gadget.

    Best table tripods

    Tabletop tripods are compact and easy to take with you. They are aimed at video and photography in small rooms.

    A practical tripod can be easily placed on a windowsill or a table to eliminate confusion in the frame. In addition, this is the best way to take a photo of your own family or friends and stay in the frame yourself.

    This model is one of the best in terms of flexibility and versatility from the point of view of buyers. 3 legs have a resilient structure that allows them to bend and reshape.

    It is widely used to mount a smartphone not only on a table, but also on a tree or other curved surface. The legs are allowed to be adjusted in height, used as hooks. In addition, it can act as a stand even for a tablet PC.

    • Small height;
    • After repeated bending, it is necessary to spend a certain amount of time to give the legs a smooth shape when folding.

    This is the best table-top model, the legs of which have ergonomic grooves for a comfortable grip. In the assembled state, they properly duplicate the flexion of the clenched palm.

    The tripod has a main and 2 additional legs, which do not recline, but rotate on a single axis. The unique device is complemented by a 90-degree rotation of the platform for top-down shooting.

    • Lightness;
    • The comfortable handle copes with the grip efficiently when working in extreme conditions;
    • Ordinary fixing screw ¼ fits all fixing elements;
    • An eyelet and a strap are provided to hang the bracket on the wrist;
    • The surface in contact with the table is rubberized to prevent slipping;
    • Rotation of the platform by 90 degrees in relation to the horizontal. the tilt angle is easily locked with a button;
    • The sliding handle fixes the device qualitatively. it will be a good purchase for gadgets, the width of which varies within 55-85 mm;
    • The soft pads in the pliers do not scratch the shell of the mobile device.

    Best Floor Stands

    Floor-standing tripods are useful in large rooms (sports grounds, dance halls, studios), where there is little furniture, for installing a stand with small legs. In addition, they are convenient to carry with you, for example, during a picnic trip.

    It can be easily installed on the parquet floor, and its height is enough to take pictures from the desired position. These devices are very useful for taking photographs with shutter speeds at night or for taking a photo with a group of friends.

    This is one of the tallest smartphone models, and folds out to 1060 mm. The phone holder is a full-fledged wide bracket that is equipped with soft pads on three sides.

    The device will not fall out if you shake it or if you accidentally touch the device. The weight of the model is 420 g, which is comfortable to carry. A case is provided in the package. Folded length is 350 mm.

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